Monday, May 10, 2010

Lauderdale Circuit Judge Place 1 - Not a Hard Choice

It is an honor and the fulfillment of a life-long dream to serve as your Family Court Judge. My heart and passion has always been for this Court. It is here that I can best apply my experience and background to make a difference in individual lives. - Jimmy Sandlin

Jimmy Sandlin
has certainly changed many lives during his present term as Place 1 Circuit Court Judge in Lauderdale County--just ask his wife and children how their lives have changed. Or perhaps you could ask the taxpayers how they feel concerning those who benefited from the new jobs Sandlin created in the legal and social systems revolving around family court.

Just say no to Jimmy Sandlin, but if not Sandlin, who? Former District Attorney Billy Jackson and Florence attorney Willson Jenkins are opposing Sandlin in the June 1st Democratic primary. Jackson has previously run as a Republican, but now wears the mantle of the Democratic Party--quite a change in political direction. Jackson's website offers little but the basic rhetoric associated with campaigns of this nature, leaving the voter to wonder what Jackson actually brings to the race other than a moral compass not seemingly in Sandlin's possession.

We invite our readers to look closely at Willson Jenkins, a candidate with a vision for Lauderdale County and its courts. No, it's not a hard choice; we're happy to endorse Willson Jenkins for Circuit Court Judge Place 1.


Today is Mother's Day. We know that we have friends who have recently lost their mothers, and even for those whose mothers have been absent for some time, the day is always difficult. If you still have your mother, we hope you will make every day Mother's Day.


We recently added Coffee with Cathy to our blog links. Cathy Wood is a freelance writer for the TotallyDecatur, uh, TimesDaily, and we think you'll enjoy her witty work. Today we're adding a new blog, OB's Corner. OB is responsible for the Shoals Trivia Contest and is also a fixture at many Shoals area forums.