Monday, May 17, 2010

Where Did the Money Go?

Where Did the Money Go?

A Guest Commentary by

Nicholas James

Recently Tim Milam disclosed that he gave $30,000 to his own campaign. The other candidates are running on budgets that are, on average, under $5,000. Milam has a lot more.

That $30,000 he gave to himself....where is it going? He seems to have more signs than the other candidates, but not $30,000 worth.

He could get a TV ad made and shown on Comcast for $5,000 to $10,000, but I haven't seen one. He could get lots of radio ads.... has anyone heard one? With that kind of money he could blanket Shoals radio with ads. But he hasn't. The Times-Daily charges $520 for a full page, full color ad. At that price Milam could run 57 pages. So he could either buy every page in the Sunday paper or a full page ad every day for two months. Has he run any full page ads? I don't get the paper, so I don't know.

If he hired people to go door to door, with $30,000 he could pay 93 people $8.00 an hour to work a 40 hour week to tell people about his qualifications for District Judge. Or he could pay one person the same amount to knock on doors for 21 months.

So what is Tim Milam spending $30,000 dollars on? Does he have any left?


What's up with this: If you're short on work in the office, it might not be the best idea to Tweet about it. Just a thought...