Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sheffield: Sexual Predator Central?

Many in the Colbert County town of Sheffield have made it no secret that they worry about the large number of sexual offenders living close to the downtown area. The Alabama Department of Public Safety site currently lists 26 offenders in Sheffield--one of them the late Rudy Stanback who made the list due to a conviction of second degree (statutory) rape.

Apparently among their number is an activist of sorts, one Derek Warren Logue, whose crime took place in Franklin County. Logue, a former Moulton resident, calls himself a civil rights advocate and is the author of Once Fallen, a book that advocates the forgiveness of sex offenders based on Biblical principals. We certainly believe in forgiving all who sin against us, but we also understand the difference between honest and trustworthy.

Logue, pictured at his 1996 wedding, was 24 in 2000 when he had sexual relations with an 11 year-old girl. In almost all of Logue's writings, he blames his victim. The above link is the least salacious website to feature Logue, either as hero or villain. In fact, the content of most of these websites is so disturbing that we suggest you Google them at your own risk.

Logue would like us to believe that he and others like him are changed. What his writings actually do is portray such a twisted individual that we can't blame those who live nearby this Sheffield "activist" for wanting rid of him. We hope that everyone from Turtle Point Village to Manning Homes, from Wilson Lake Shores to Little Guatemala in Russellville, teach their children about sexual predators. After all, they don't wear it stamped on their foreheads...but they should.


Those who knew Tim Yeager during his tenure at Brooks High School in Killen are having some interesting things to say about the former coach. Yeager is currently awaiting a Tishomingo County Grand Jury hearing on charges of sexual improprieties with a 14 year-old student at Iuka Middle School.

* ...
one of my closest friends told me that Coach Yeager did this to her as well. He made some extremely inappropriate advances several times and she would laugh them off. Then the final time, he actually touched her and she made it very clear for him to never do that again and it stopped then.

* ...Yeager back then was making advances to some of the girls (cheerleaders I think). I remember hearing through grapevine that he called one or two of them at home and told them to come to his house and he would supply alcohol, etc.


Daniel Horton of Dirrty Apple Films tell us that we can look forward to a new Belgreen Cops video in the near future. In the meantime, here's our favorite: