Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lexington Mayor Bobby McGuire Doesn't Know?

Lexington has water troubles...again. Now, the small Lauderdale County town is searching for a new well, but Mayor Bobby McGuire doesn't know why. It seems the Alabama Department of Environmental Management has informed the town's water department that it must find a new source of water by the end of December. From Saturday's TimesDaily:

McGuire said he's unsure exactly why they must find another water supply, but he is following ADEM's guidance.

Well, McGuire could form a committee and hold some town meetings and perhaps consult one of the local psychics in order to find out why the town needs a new water source. Or...he could just ask ADEM, but perhaps that would take more intellect and common sense than the current mayor can muster.

We understand that a very politically savvy, forward-thinking candidate will be in the running for mayor in two more years. Perhaps then Lexington will no longer be the laughing stock it was made to appear in this situation.


Carlton Utley is the current Colbert County Coroner. Mr. Utley has performed his duties well--duties that are always unpleasant at best and which require him to leave the comfort of his home or office at all hours. We'll further add that Alabama coroners are grossly underpaid.

We're happy to endorse Carlton Utley in the Democratic Primary.


The Colbert County School Board Place 6 race is hotly contested. Dr. Freda Daily, a denizen of that infamous town of Cherokee, has spent quite a few bucks on her campaign to win this election. Is she the most qualified?

Even though she possesses a doctorate, Daily is lacking in vision for the Colbert County system. Her opponent's ideas outshine the good doctor's in every area. Therefore, we endorse Nancy Bishop Parker. Good luck, Ms. Parker.

What's up with this: It seems another Sheffield sexual predator is in the news--living in an unauthorized area and attempting to "befriend" three young boys. Thanks to the TimesDaily for bringing this growing problem to the attention of its readers.