Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sexual Morality? Let's Talk about Ethics

Sexual Morality? Let's Talk about Ethics

A Guest Commentary by

Bailey Quarters

Let's bring (sexual) morality back to the Lauderdale County Courts? Shoalanda, I agree with your statement, but let's address an issue everyone can and should get on board with. Let's address Ethics.

I pay taxes because I work. This is what a responsible citizen does. Do I pay too much? I'm not sure what would be too much, but I pay a lot. I expect my tax dollars to keep Lauderdale County and the State of Alabama running. I do not expect my tax dollars to create a job for a judge's girlfriend.

I'm not sure why the taxpayers of this county have not rioted in the streets about this. I'm not sure why Stan Dean supports this man, this now-divorced judge.

So, let's leave the morality out of it and talk about an actual crime that took place. Rhonda Bogus is gone now, but CITY still has offices in Lauderdale County. What started out as a good idea became an excuse to waste taxpayer money. That's what you need to talk about, Shoalanda, the legal issues, not the morals.


And now another guest commentary from Wayne Nix:


Just a thought: Do you think when God handed out brains and common sense, he did it in reverse alphabetical order for the 50 states and ran short on the last one? (Translation: At his point we'll take either Artur Davis or Bradley Byrne.)