Monday, May 3, 2010

Tim Milam Gives 30K to His Campaign

While other Democratic candidates for the Colbert County District Judgeship have given their campaigns between one and three thousand dollars, the ShoalsInsider is reporting that Tim Milam has bankrolled his attempt to succeed Judge George Carpenter with thirty thousand of his own bucks. Perhaps this is why Milam is so sure of a place in the run-off that his campaign is sponsoring at least one event after the June 1st primary.

Our sources show Chad Coker and Tina Parker as the front-runners, but the election is still four weeks away. We're looking for an expensive media blitz from Milam. Wonder if his ads will mention that he had the forethought to have children?


Apparently family members of those currently housed in Sheffield City Jail have complained about the lack of three meals a day. While penal institutions in the State of Alabama are required to furnish only two meals per day, all other jails in the area manage to offer the standard three.

A spokesman for the city states that the diminished number of meals is due to the high census of prisoners currently incarcerated in Sheffield. We doubt that this city has more prisoners than any other jail in the Shoals; perhaps the dietitian needs a few pointers on stretching food dollars?

More to the point, do prisoners deserve three meals a day? There's a great variety of inmates in local jails. We personally feel that child molesters should be beaten every hour on the hour for the duration of their stay, and that's just for starters.

Yet not all prisoners are on the same illegal and immoral plane as those who use children for their personal perverted pleasure. Many who are incarcerated have made a mistake--a mistake they will never make again. These people do not deserve to be starved just because they're at the mercy of the state, county, or city. We suggest that Sheffield City Jail administrators rethink their policy.

Tomorrow: More on the race for Alabama Senate Place 1