Monday, May 31, 2010

Tim Milam - Pro & Con (A Special Report)

Note: We published at 12:45 p.m. on Sunday, indicating that it would be our last political column before the election. At 11:48 Sunday night we received a guest commentary that was favorable to Tim Milam, candidate for Colbert County District Judge. We believe strongly that Memorial Day should be just that--a day to honor those who have given their lives for our country; however, when we informed the guest blog's author that her column would not be published until Tuesday, she implied we were dishonest in our request for blogs espousing a differing view from ours. Therefore, we are publishing a special blog for this pro-Milam article and including another recent submission that takes the opposite view.


Time for a Leader in Colbert County

By Concerned Colbert County Mom

I fully support Tim Milam as being the next Colbert County Judge. He is an honest, hard working, Christian man that believes in obeying the law and doing whats right. So many have slandered this man, made false accusations, and told lies to try to discredit him personally. It has been brought out about Dallas, the truth has NOT been told about this situation. Dallas has no hard feelings toward the Milam's, he loves them and stays in contact with them regularly. The situation of Dallas no longer living with Tim Milam was not a decision of Tim making him leave, or "kicking him out", Dallas left on his own to explore life to his liking. During this campaign, people have gotten so ugly and nasty, without knowing the facts. It doesn't matter who gets hurt, whose reputation gets destroyed, or the impact these lies have played on the life of these candidates. It has all been about winning a vote. People I ask you to please stop the rumors, the lies, the hear say: If there is something you want to know about any of the candidates, by all means go to them and ask them. Don't listen to the garbage that is spreading on the forums, radio, papers. Pray and ask God to guide you in the right direction as you go to the polls Tuesday. And May God be with each of these candidates and see them through this election. I have made my choice, that's my right. Now you make yours, its your choice.


The Devil Made Him Do It

By Chief Tuscumbia

Tomorrow: It's been suggested that because of apathy in the governor's race, there will be a low voter turn-out tomorrow. We sincerely hope that each registered voter in the Shoals will exercise his or her right and duty on Tuesday.