Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Titanic Tuesday

No, we don't think the state is sinking like a certain ocean liner from the last century; we feel this is one of the largest and most important elections for Alabama and its Northwest counties in many years, if not decades. We urge everyone to vote today. It's your future--take control.


Good luck to all those whom we endorsed. We also wish the best to Chad Coker, James Hall II, John Odem, and Billy Jackson--all fine candidates who, if they should be chosen by the electorate, would make great District and Circuit judges.


Our poll in the Colbert County District Judge's race closed at 1:59 this morning. With 549 votes cast, the results were as follows:

Parker - 198
Coker - 187
Ruggles - 70
Milam - 51
Johnson -43

We look forward to comparing our results with tonight's actual tabulations.


In the next few days we will be launching a blog directory for the Shoals Area. If you have a blog not currently listed with us, please email us the pertinent data. All listings are free.