Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Slugo" Craig Won't Be Slugging Anyone Else

Douglas Laverne Craig was universally called "Slugo." The 42 year-old Russellville man won't be slugging anyone else; this particular infamous felon has been brought down by one the many women he abused over the years.

Just last year, Craig was arrested for a carjacking/kidnapping involving his then girlfriend. Despite the numerous charges precipitated by that crime, Craig was soon free to walk the streets of Russellville where, with his reed-thin frame and striking goatee, the black man projected a memorable presence. Not given to work, Craig was often seen with with items he attempted to sell for quick cash, including live chickens he had appropriated from the poultry plant where his father Douglas Craig Sr. worked. Like his son, the elder Craig is also well known to Franklin County authorities for various crimes, usually involving harassment.

Sources say that after breaking into the apartment of a sometime girlfriend last night, Slugo Craig was stabbed as many as 13 times, with at least one wound severing his spine. Russellville police have not as yet charged either Craig's erstwhile girlfriend or her roommate. We're sure many in Russellville will wish to give both women a medal.

What's up with this: Sheffield's population is shrinking? Well, it's hardly news, but what of the River Walk/Golf Course project?