Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Case & Logan Don't Know?

Those who have been following the ongoing alcohol fueled antics of Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan are aware that the long-time officer has asked for a trial in Lauderdale County Circuit Court to determine guilt or innocence in his DUI arrest. Unfortunately, the Chief and his defense attorney Tim Case don't seem to know as much as the lay people keeping tabs on the situation. Quoted in Today's TimesDaily, Case offered these words in Judge Gil Self's courtroom:

Defense attorney Tim Case declined to enter a plea for Logan during an arraignment hearing Tuesday, arguing the charges against the police chief are vague. “We don’t know what we are charged with at this time,” Case said.

Sad, isn't it, when a veteran law enforcement officer and a juris doctor can't fathom simple DUI charges. Perhaps Case's strategy may get Logan off, but this prolonged theatre of the absurd isn't garnering any respect for Tony Logan. If Logan should win his case, just imagine the resulting chaos in Florence Municipal Court for all future DUI trials.


Sources tell us that Randall Scott Shook was a second cousin to Kenny Strickland, convicted murderer of Rusty Earnest. According to other sources, Shook had approximately 15 felony convictions, as well as an extensive juvenile record. He was also awaiting trial for a recent assault conviction.

We suspect, like Tony Logan, Scott Shook had a serious problem with alcohol. While we have heard rumors that responsible drinkers are out there, they don't seem to live in the Shoals.


Apparently, the e-mail sent to Colbert County Bar Association members concerning Tim Milam's move back to Mississippi was all in fun. Milam has a new Facebook page where he touts his expertise. A reader tells us one post on DUI defense was hastily removed.

See the last statement in the Scott Shook update...