Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jason Bart Naylor: Preying on His Own Family

It's difficult to quantify rape. Is one rape worse than another? If the answer to that question is yes, then the rape of a family member has to be among the worst offenses. Jason Bart Naylor of East Lawrence should be numbered among those who have preyed on members of their own family.

In April 2008, Naylor twice raped a then 15 year-old girl. It was not until the next year that the victim informed family members who reported Naylor to the county sheriff's department in September. On October 6, 2009, Naylor was arrested on four counts of rape (two in the first degree and two in the second), but was later released on $95,000.00 bond.

Naylor, the son of Roger D. and Elizabeth T. Naylor of Hartselle, was living in the small Northwest Alabama community near Moulton at the time of his first arrest. The former Gulf Shores resident shared a home with his wife Melonie Jackson Jeffreys Naylor and their son Bart. It's believed the victim was a relative of Melonie Naylor and not genetically related to her attacker.

Now, the 39 year-old Naylor has been charged with rape and sodomy after he attacked a young family member at his home last Tuesday. Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell states that Naylor's previous bond should be revoked after a hearing next week.

We realize that, due to its small size, Lawrence County doesn't conduct grand jury hearings each month; however, we hope the district attorney's office now places Naylor's case on the fast track. We're sure there's a special cell block just waiting for him down south.


Coker v. Ruggles - Could Polly have beaten Chad in the July 13th runoff? We've seen some speculation that she could have; however, assuming Coker and Ruggles each kept their original votes in tact, Chad needed to glean only 9% from the other three candidates' supporters in order to win. We won't say it was a complete impossibility for Polly to have pulled it off, but it would have been highly unlikely.


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