Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sympathy for Rapists/Abusers/Child Molesters?

It always astounds us that anyone has sympathy for men who commit crimes against women and others who are weaker than they, sometimes even children. Yesterday we published a communication from an individual who defended Douglas "Slugo" Craig, the man recently stabbed to death while beating a woman whose apartment he broke into.

We will not identify the sender of that e-mail, but say that she is a woman and has sent a second communication in which she stated: Go find some other...innocent to write about. Yes, apparently Craig with a a rap sheet as long the Alabama State Constitution was innocent to this woman.

This is not a unique case; whenever a woman/teenager/child is raped or beaten or just abused emotionally, there are always those who take to the local forums and proclaim the guilt of the victims. After all, they were asking for it, they weren't virgins, they're lying, ad nauseum. Certainly some who press charges lie--most don't, and we feel we can safely rule out as liars those victims who lost their lives to their attackers.

Yet we have those who defend these men and even go as far as to initiate Facebook pages in their honor, telling bits and pieces of their stories and requesting "fans." No, we don't expect the families of such men to condemn them; we do expect disinterested parties to recognize their guilt. Unfortunately, in today's world many choose to laud the perpetrator instead--a sad commentary on the human race.


The subject of race arose after our blog on Slugo Craig. We've been publishing now for approximately 20 months and have written many columns on those who physically and emotionally abuse women. Let's see how they break out by race.

Andrew Daniel (Hottie Scottie) Scott - white
Charles Sennett - white
David Saccocci - white
Delmer Duboise - white
Derek (The Rogue) Logue - white
Greg Brewer - white
James Roy Sibley - white
Jason Bart Naylor - white
Jason Lyn Gasque - white
Keith McGuire - white
Kenneth Dyar Wood - white
Lawayne Harrison - white
Mark Anthony Hurley (The Reedtown Rapist) - black
Randall Scott Shook - white
Russell Hough - white
Shaun Shapley - white
Slugo Craig - black
Tommy Arthur - white
Valentino Vasquez Miranda - Hispanic Indian
Zachary W. Mullins - white

Interesting, out of 21 miscreants, only three were non-white. Yes, we can see how that's extremely racist...