Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More, More, More (Sans Rebel Yell)

More on Charles Sennett: Since our Friday blog, we've received several communications regarding the killer/minister. One source, that we were unable to verify, stated that Sennett's first wife was alive in Florida--hence, no investigation into her supposed death. Several sources have mentioned that Sennett had lived in the Tampa area, so we find this report plausible.

An impeccable source has told us that Sennett was for many years on lithium, having abruptly discontinued the medication three months before his wife's murder. We stated earlier that we believed the preacher to have been a sociopath; however, bi-polar disorder would also explain the excessive spending, huge sexual appetites, and violent mood swings.

One source believes the alleged suicide note may still be locked away in records located in the Colbert County District Attorney's office. If so, perhaps some decades from now a remodeling project will bring the questionable document to light.


More on James Roy Sibley: According to a former co-worker of Sibley, the pipe fitter known to his friends as Jimmy was indeed a Viet Nam veteran, and one of seemingly normal intelligence. Known as a "Tunnel Rat," Sibley crawled through man-made excavations in search of Viet Kong soldiers. Certainly something went very wrong with Sibley; while we appreciate his service to our country, we feel that his persistent pedophilia can't be explained away with the words "post-traumatic stress disorder."

Our source further tells us that Sibley was married and had children at one time. While working at Brown's Ferry, he was reprimanded for his incessant preaching and distribution of religious pamphlets, on which he often spent his entire income. It's not unusual for some pedophiles to present a veneer of religiosity to the public, while secretly abusing those who are too young or incapacitated to defend themselves.

Our main concern has to be with his victims. We hope any who have not come forward already will do so now. James Roy Sibley is a menace to the society he once defended and needs to be placed where he will never hurt another child.


More on Ron Sparks: A member of our blogging group felt we were too hard on Ron Sparks. Maybe yes, maybe no. No matter, we do want to say something positive about Ron Sparks. Hmmm, about as close as we can come would be accolades for Ron (Mael of the group) Sparks. Here for your listening enjoyment are Ron and Russell Mael, aka Sparks: