Monday, June 21, 2010

All Shook Up?

On June 20, 2010, Chasity Shook, 22, shot and killed her husband Randall Scott Shook, a man with a lengthy assault record. Scott, the son of Gregory Scott and Blanche Annette Shook of Killen, also had a history of domestic violence.The shooting occurred after a night of drinking in celebration of Scott's 27th birthday.

What, besides alcohol, brought this marriage to such a violent end? According to family sources, Scott had recently told Chasity he was again to become a father--with a single woman he knew from work. After weeks of arguing, Chasity had decided to forgive her roving man and planned a romantic outing for his birthday.

However, once at the bar, the evening began to prove a little too romantic, when Scott ran into still another girlfriend. Already inebriated, Scott made no attempt to hide his interest in this old flame, and Chasity demanded the evening be cut short.

Once home, Scott berated his young wife for spoiling his birthday celebration, picked up a rifle, and walked towards her. Unfortunately for Scott, the alcohol had taken a toll on his balance, and he tripped, dropping the gun in the process. Chasity retrieved the weapon and pointed it at her wayward husband, who then lunged. Firing once, Chasity struck Scott in the torso--a wound that would prove fatal.

Now, Chasity Shook is charged with manslaughter, and her children are without a father. Judging from Randall Scott Shook's track record, they may be better off.

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