Sunday, June 13, 2010

James Roy Sibley: Mentally Incapacitated?

James Roy Sibley was 50 years old when he lured three boys to a secluded location in Lauderdale County and sexually abused the five, six, and nine year-olds. After a 1996 conviction for his crimes, Sibley spent four years in prison, being released in January of 2000. Ten years later, the now 65 year-old Sibley has been arrested again. Florence Police have charged Sibley with non-compliance of the sex-offender laws and the enticement of three boys aged eight, ten, and twelve.

Sibley's registered address was a cheap motel in Sheffield, sometimes referred to as Sexual Predator Central. When arrested in May, Sibley was squatting in the back of a Weeden Heights business on Huntsville Road--both without the knowledge or permission of the business owner. Sources report to us that Sibley was illegally gaining entrance to Nichols Heating and Air Conditioning, located near Weeden Elementary School.

A second source reports that Sibley is a Viet Nam veteran who receives monthly VA benefits, but who has the cognitive and emotional age of a five year-old. We have to ask how such a person ever served in the United States military to start with. If this is indeed Sibley's current mental condition, he should be placed in a suitable Veteran's Administration facility for the remainder of his life.

Whether a veteran or not, James Roy Sibley is a threat to our children. Yes, we have to ask where were the parents of these three boys, but we cannot logically or legally control the upbringing of these children. We can as tax payers, and should, control what happens to Sibley.


Update on Jason Bart Naylor: Yesterday we identified Elizabeth T. Naylor as Jason Naylor's mother. She is actually the stepmother of the accused rapist; Naylor's mother has been identified as Billie Jo Livingston of Moulton, from whom he has been estranged since September 2005.

Naylor lived with his father and stepmother from the age of 11 until he was 18. According to family sources, both father and stepmother attempted to instill proper values in Jason and are appalled at his current actions, in no way supporting him at this time.

Naylor has a long arrest record in both Moulton and Lawrence County, with more charges coming in his latest arrest. According to a reliable source, rather than four initial charges of rape, there were actually six. There will also be several more charges in the current rape case when presented to a grand jury. Naylor is expected to refuse any plea and will demand a jury trial. His attorney is Chris Malcolm, current candidate for Lawrence County Circuit Judge.

As for Naylor's wife, she initially refused to believe the charges against her husband--one reason for other family members supporting the accused rapist and posting his bond. Now, Melonie Naylor is divorcing her husband and will testify against him at all future trials.

As with James Roy Sibley, Jason Bart Naylor is a man who should be put away as a habitual offender. We pay tax dollars for prisons--let's use them.