Friday, June 18, 2010

Let's All Thank the Mexican Consulate

Two shocking reports came out of a Knoxville court room yesterday. One--there was an accomplice in the brutal rape and murder of Jennifer Lee Hampton. The good news is that Valentino Vasquez Miranda has promised to identify the second male involved in the homecoming queen's murder.

Two--according to the Mexican Consulate, since there are no birth certificates issued in Mexico, there's a possibility that Miranda was not 19 at the time of the slaying. He could have been as young as 17, too young to execute under Federal and Tennessee laws.

The plea bargain calls for this grease ball, uh, Miranda to be repatriated to Mexico if he should ever be paroled. Let's just hope he never makes parole. Whether he's 70 or 72 in 51 years, that's years of life and freedom that Jennifer Lee Hampton will never enjoy.

What's up with this: No birth certificates issued in Mexico? So that's why all of them think this is their home...