Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shoalanda: Slightly Racist?

While we're sure that Shoalanda, both in real life and in her blogger persona, has been called many things, racist has never been one of them--until now. After our blog on Douglas "Slugo" Craig two days ago, we received the following communication:

Your very coldhearted story on Douglas Craig is greatly unappreciated!!!In comes off slightly racist!!!the nerve of some people...i am certain you're white n obviously ignorant also!!!No matter the circumstance this man had children and was someone's child!!!Thanks so much for your thought and consideration for his grieving family and fyi she killed him but i'm sure she misses him jus tha same!!!Black white r watever!!!Pain has no color n it pains me 2 think that simple minded people like you choose not to open your minds to change!!!Which is so evident in your decision to jump on this tragic situation DAY OF and play the color card...pathetic cause like it or not the white suspect chose douglas craig!!!And i pray the day that we as the human race honor the senseless killing of another with a medal NEVA COMES!!!N u would call yourself a christian hmm i'd say u need 2 fall on your knees in search your heart!!!God is love miss and your story drips with hate!!!!God bless you!!!I am not angry just thought i'd return my raw ,uncensored opinion with you!!!One thing we will all do-is stand before Christ in account of our actions on judgement day!!!I pray u b ready!!!

Let's analyze what this anonymous reader has to say...

1. I'm white - guilty as charged
2. I'm simple and ignorant - I've probably been called worse
3. Craig's white girlfriend chose him - First, we didn't know she was white; second, she may have chosen him once, but after he beat her up last June and attempted to steal her car, we're pretty sure she un-chose him; third, men don't usually have to break in to their girlfriend's apartments if they're "chosen."
4. Senseless killing - Craig was beating her roommate to a pulp, so how was it "senseless?"
5. Our account drips with hate - No one here hates anyone. I do personally hate the actions of those who choose violence--especially against those who are weaker.
6. I played the color card - Yes, we mentioned that Craig was black. In a county where whites and Hispanic Indians dominate the population and almost all blacks live in the segregated Reedtown; this was deemed pertinent and was included in the information given us by our contact on the Russellville police force.

Still think we're racist here at Shoalanda? Tomorrow, let's review our blogs on men who have emotionally and physically abused women, classifying them by race--it should be interesting.