Friday, June 25, 2010

Justin (the Wrong) Cummings...Again

Justin Earl Wayne Cummings, aka Bo, has been in trouble all his adult life. Since the age of 22, Cummings has averaged at least one burglary arrest each year. Now he's charged with instigating his second standoff with Russellville police.

Cummings' first standoff began around 5:00 a.m. on August 15, 2007; it ended when authorities decided to rush Fred's Discount Store ten hours later, only to find Cummings lying in the middle of the store, his body covered in morphine patches. That little bit of theatrics sent Cummings to the Intensive Care Unit of Russellville Hospital for several days, but apparently didn't deter his life of crime.

Later the same year, Cummings was charged along with two other men in connection with break-ins at Hibbett Sporting Goods and Fred's Discount Store. Yes, he actually went back to Fred's a second time--guess there is something to be said for repeat business.

Now after several arrests in the interim, Cummings is charged with threatening to take not only his own life, but that of any police officers who tried to interfere. The 27 year-old lives with
his parents Justin W., 53, and Regina Ann, 49; let's hope Mr. and Mrs. Cummings get their son some help this time.


This is the second high profile crime in Russellville in as many days. Perhaps there's something in the water, but we're sure Roger Bedford can throw some tax dollars at it.

As for any updates on the stabbing death of Douglas "Slugo" Craig, the Russellville authorities have been strangely quiet. Perhaps they're having to tend to Slugo's stash of chickens as they investigate.