Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jennifer Hampton Deserves More from the State of Tennessee

Charles Dick put a glass of whiskey to his lips, set it on the bar of the Ponderosa Night Club just north of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, and looked at the man to his right, "I think we should take this outside." As Dick and the second man moved toward the door, both checked their pockets for knives.

Once in the parking lot, the two long-time alcoholics began first to push each other; then the pushes turned to punches. Dick was not a violent drunk, but the first blow to his face angered him. He reached for this knife just as the second middle-aged man reached for his. Both stepped back and began to swing. Dick's knife reached its target first, cutting an artery in the man he had once called a drinking buddy.

The State of Tennessee charged Charles Dick with First Degree Murder. The married father of two teen-aged girls hadn't held a steady job in years, and he certainly didn't have funds to secure a defense attorney. Dick's family was surprised when told the State would ask for the death sentence.

The fact that Dick's victim was an alcoholic with a long criminal history came into play, and Tennessee allowed him to plead to a lesser charge. He's currently serving his sentence in a Tennessee prison.

We ask you, if a such a man as Charles Dick can be charged with First Degree Murder and face the death penalty, why can not the State of Tennessee go forward with such charges against Valentino Vasquez Miranda (pictured), an illegal immigrant who brutally raped and murdered a productive citizen?

Jennifer Hampton deserves more from everyone.

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