Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get to Know Terrell Potter

If anything surprised us about the Franklin County Sheriff's race, it was the fact Terrell Potter came in a very close second--we felt he could carry Franklin County with at least 90% of the vote. We assume those who did not vote for Mr. Potter did not know him.

We hope everyone who has not met Mr. Potter will take the time to learn about this icon of Franklin County law enforcement before the runoff. For too long this Northwest Alabama county has suffered from mediocre law enforcement, from apathetic officers who don't really care about the citizens or their welfare.

We can't promise you that Mr. Potter will be perfect. We can promise you he is honest and will put the good of Franklin County first. Vote for Terrell Potter on July 13th.


Kudos to Brad Holmes for running a clean and thoughtful campaign. We hope Brad will become a driving force in local politics for many years to come. As with Mr. Potter, we can only assume that those who didn't vote for Brad had not met him. It's the Shoals Area's loss.


We hope the Cherokee golf cart issue is finally behind that small Colbert County town. Now, if Tina Lansdell could just decide from which disease she suffers...