Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wash Your Mouth Out Or...

...killing two vivisectionists with one stone.

Certain words have always been unacceptable in polite society. We have it on good authority that they still are; it's just that less and less of society is polite these days.

Does anyone care? It seems some sites do have language filters, and that brings us to the TimesDaily forum. One can't post the word "fag" as a colloquialism for a cigarette. In fact, one can't even post the word Glucophage, since that's so obviously a way to call someone a homosexual. I trust you're following the TimesDaily's reasoning, since we aren't. What you can say is p*ssed off, or t**d, or several similar words that don't convey a strong anathema or social condemnation.

Are filters even the answer to this problem, or is it even a problem? We're not going to attempt to answer that question since our blog today is not about vulgarities, but the misuse and misspelling or common words--even if it took us two paragraphs to get there. There is logic to this approach; if the average person will strive to use words correctly, perhaps he or she will not feel the need to curse in order to express themselves. Let's look at some horrible and very public gaffes.

The Praisin' Cajun - We've all seen his online ads, but would you buy a car from someone who thinks "y'all" is spelled "ya'll?"

Bernie Delinski - This TimesDaily staffer once admitted he'd never heard the work "fob" and today suggested that inmate "trustees" perform work at the old Tuscumbia Post Office. We're pretty sure once they've been convicted, they're no longer trustees of any organization. Could Bernie have meant "trusties?"

Billy Jackson - Yes, we do think he will make a fantastic Lauderdale Circuit Court Judge, but we're also pretty sure he's not an "alumni" of UNA as his website informs us. Mr. Jackson is an "alumnus."


Now, for that second vivisectionist... OB's Corner recently featured a blurb for handmade specialty soaps. If you've never used any of these luxurious highly-scented soaps, you've been missing a real treat. Patricia Daniel sells her Daniel Tradition soaps at First Fridays in downtown Florence.

If you can't wait until the next First Friday, K's Cove in Elgin has a large selection of handmade soaps in a variety of fragrances, plus other handmade gifts and a huge selection of used paperbacks.

Between Patricia and K, we should have enough soap for the political name-calling season.


We may have to apologize to Quinton Hanson for stating he hasn't taken a real stand on any issues. We see where he recently Tweeted about the security dangers of the office copy machine. Well, we didn't say it was a logical stand.