Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

This is a special Memorial Day; this year we officially celebrate the United State's entry into what is now known as World War I. Unlike Armistice/Veteran's Day where we celebrate both living and deceased veterans, Memorial Day is a time to remember exclusively those who gave their lives for our country.

The war memorial at Veterans Park in Florence is not in good condition. Who's fault is it? It's ours if we don't insist on the proper renovations. Let's demand better.  

All of Us at Shoalanda Speaks 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Muscle Shoals Wins...or Do We Mean Sheffield?

The U.S. Census Bureau released new estimated data on May 25th, and there were only a few surprises:

* Florence has been boasting for some time that it has over 40K residents, but the latest from the census bureau indicates it still lacks 41 individuals having attained that milestone - something the town has been touting as just around the corner since the 60s.

* 22 Alabama towns with a population over 10K lost residents - none of them in the Shoals.

* Only one Shoals area town placed among the fastest growing 25 Alabama cities - Muscle Shoals which came in at 24th.

So that makes Muscle Shoals a winner in the census sweepstakes. Alas, the town lost in an article which posted a photo of a Sheffield landmark under Muscle Shoals' name. Is that Ian Sanford we hear laughing?


Above is the seal of Muscle Shoals. We've always been amused that it includes an airplane. We infer it's in reference to the area's largest airport located in that city. Yet even that wide place in the road Toonerville has an airport...

Photo by H. Green


Since Ups & Downs Thrift Store officially closed last week, an announced picket/protest didn't take place this weekend. There are all sorts of rumors of a new thrift store for the Shoals Area Families Foundation, not to mention lawsuits filed by the owner against various individuals, but nothing has yet been verified. We'll update the legal status of this organization when more information is made public.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Colbert Tourism/Midnight Rider

Friday, May 26, 2017

Update on Christie Michelle Bray Scott

For those who came in late:


Earlier today, the murderer of Christie Michelle Bray Scott's aunt was put to death by the State of Alabama. As for Christie herself? She's in her ninth year of incarceration, with over seven of those years having been spent in an isolation cell identical to that of Tommy Arthur.

Will we now be forced to watch Christie grow old in photographs, forced to wonder if every execution date will be her last...or simply a routine milestone on her long journey to punishment? Scott is one of many whose jury recommended life in prison, but whose judge pronounced a death sentence.


It would appear that Scott's family is sending her money for food. It would also appear that she hasn't taken the time to have her rosacea treated with a laser. Oh, sorry, just a little death row humor there. 


Above is the tombstone of Scott's younger brother Lonnie. These dates indicate the infamous Russellville child killer was only four when her younger brother died. If Scott was responsible for his death, she would have been much too young to prosecute. She would not have been too young to be presenting sociopathic tendencies. How much has Scott's family had to endure because of her?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Revisiting Tommy Arthur's First Victim

There's been a great deal of talk about justice for Troy Wicker; we've seen none about similar justice for Arthur's first (known) victim, Eloise Bray West. Surely her family must also feel some relief that a nightmare lasting over a generation may now be ending:


Eloise Bray West's niece is Christie Bray Scott. She remains on death row as we write this. We have no doubt that like her aunt's killer, she's manipulating whomever she comes in contact with. 

During Christie's trial there was a great deal of gossip that as a child she had killed her brother and that her family had convinced authorities it was a tragic accident. We've never seen any details and have no idea if this tale could indeed be true. If any of our readers have inside knowledge of this incident, please contact us. 


Just think, for the next 30 or so years, Shoals area residents may have an Erica Fox, etal., circus to look forward to...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Deeply Disappointed in Kyle Whitmire

If you don't know who Kyle Whitmire is, you apparently don't read News, the online presence of what's left of the once great print giant the Birmingham News. Kyle is married to Elizabeth Hoekenga who at one time lived in Florence while working as the Internet editor at what was then the TimesDaily truly and not the TotallyDecatur.

Kyle is intelligent, witty, and generally right on the mark. Earlier today he really missed that mark when he Tweeted an ad hominem attack on the U.S. Attorney General. 

We don't claim to know what Jeff Sessions knew about a current probe or when he knew it. (Apparently it's not just "IT" that comes around every 30 or so years.) We do know if he's guilty of wrong-doing, it's not because of his name. 

For those who may not know, Sessions was named for his father, who was named for his father, who was named...we infer...for a Confederate States general. We really don't expect better from the likes of Nancy Worley; we did expect better from Kyle Whitmire.


It's only been two or so days since we blogged on the importance of checking the accuracy of your online presence. We had to laugh earlier today at some Colbert County folk who are fighting over ownership of a small nondescript business. It seems it's not owned by a pistol-whipping robber who's claiming it, or perhaps it will later come to light that it really is. It hardly matters who owns a hole in the wall endeavor. What we find amazing is that no one cared if this man claimed to own something so "valuable" until he was arrested. Then of course, it's all the news outlet's fault? Uh, no...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Educational?/Attorney Envy?

From Sunday's TimesDaily: 

Does anyone think this might be why Alabama is 51st in many areas of education?


On the West Irvine Student Housing front, here's a link to the company seeking to purchase property from Hensley-Graves if it can be rezoned:

Now that doesn't look too shady, does it?


From a reader on the American Dream:
The American Dream gone wrong sounds just like an Alabama family court child custody divorce situation. Ha! For certain people, sometimes it would just be best to leave Alabama and start another life elsewhere. 


From a local attorney: 

I primarily practice in Florence, but I do frequent the Colbert County Court House regularly. I have no objection to wearing a badge identifying me as a member of the bar. I do have a problem with removing my belt every time I enter the court house. Of the six county commissioners, only David Black opposes the option of providing badges for local attorneys. Why, Mr. Black? Attorney envy? 


The Colbert County Commission has been working on kinks in its new security system for approximately six months. Apparently the end is not in sight. Oh, wait! It may be if enough attorneys are forced to remove their belts.