Friday, October 20, 2017

Our Ninth Anniversary!

From our first blog on the Tuscumbia dog ordinance until yesterday's on a fatal Killen police chase, we've been here (most days) to offer up fodder for criticism, thought, and political change. We're sincerely hoping to see you here for at least another nine years.



Thursday, October 19, 2017

Truth Behind Fatal Killen Chase?/Voting ID

Here is a link to an interesting article concerning voters whose ballots didn't count in the last presidential election in Wisconsin. 

What the author of the article didn't address is that you also need a current driver license to return merchandise at Walmart or Hobby Lobby and probably many more such retail outlets. We feel for the lady whose provisional ballot was not counted, but she lost her license, not because of theft, but because of what we may at least partially assume was carelessness. 

After reading the article in full, we're wondering how race was involved. Was the district highlighted overwhelmingly black or perhaps just disproportionately careless?

That being said, in a city the size of Milwaukee, there should have been satellite offices nearby where a non-driver state ID could be purchased cheaply and with little documentation. The disenfranchised voter may have had a difficult time replacing her license, but she should not have had a problem obtaining a valid ID.

There are several rumors floating around concerning the fatal Killen police chase from earlier this week. For right now, we're going to address three of them.

The driver was at the wheel of a stolen 2017 Lincoln? This is false. According to Larissa Bowlin's FB page, she's had the luxury SUV for quite some time, and it is a 2007, not the most current model as originally reported.

Killen police gave chase when the driver refused to stop? This could be considered partially true. Bowlin stopped, but then refused to exit her vehicle and "bumped" the officer who was speaking to her as she sped off. Miss Bowlin may be severely injured, but she may also be lucky she wasn't shot six times like our girl Poodles.

The driver had just been released from jail on drug charges? True. Bowlin had been arrested in late September and, according to her FB page, had lost her job over her stay in the detention center.

Obviously, there will be more on this later. For right now, we're simply glad no police or innocent civilians were hurt in this escapade.


You can cut the preliminaries by going directly to the 15:30 mark. Stephen Fry! Enjoy! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Roy Moore & Some Common Sense

Are you embarrassed that Roy Moore has been elected to state office not once, but twice? We are. His latest faux pas is telling Time magazine that it's a federal law to stand for the national anthem.

While we admit that our nation, state, and even county governments have some flaky laws from time to time, how could Moore even suggest such a thing? If, under the First Amendment, it's legal to burn, tread on, or expectorate on the U.S. flag, why would it be against a federal law to remain sitting during the national anthem?

Also, all law is codified with punishments for the breaking thereof. Where is the punishment for such an act written? 

Remember, Roy Moore has a juris doctorate. He constantly refers to the Second Amendment, while espousing abuse of the First. Moore also continues to assume the title "judge" even though he's no longer entitled to it. 

Send Moore to the Senate? Why don't we send him to "Illinois, Indiana -- up there" where he can defend the country from Sharia law.



Great turn by Louis Armstrong:

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Body Is Not That of Shawn Childers

A body found earlier this week is not that of missing Florence man Robert DeShawn Childers. Authorities are not publicly releasing the name of the man they believe was found in a field in Tuscumbia, but sources have indicated privately that they are awaiting confirmation of DNA, and the case has nothing to do with Mr. Childers.

Therefore, Shawn is still missing and his family is still hurting. We believe at least one person knows where he is, a person who has lied repeatedly to law enforcement. Why lie if you don't have something to hide?



Besides publishing links to our own blogs, we also use our Facebook page to publish other interesting articles of local or state import. Looking back over the last two days, we've published links from at least four other sources: one local, two state, and one national. 

We encourage readers to comment on these articles, but if anyone wants to discuss a topic with the author or to make a correction, please contact the original site directly. That not only saves you time, it ensures you get your point across to the right people.


A former Shoals resident has promised us an article on UNA-community relations which we hope to publish soon. If you want to submit an article, the ideal format is .doc (so that it can be opened in Google editing), and our e-mail address is:


If you loved yesterday's mummy movie, here's its sequel:

Monday, October 16, 2017

Count Down to Shelter/Hackers?

We want to give three rousing cheers to Mayor Steve Holt along with new Florence council members Kaytrina Simmons, David Bradley, and Michelle Eubanks for their efforts to kick start the work on the new Florence animal shelter. They've done more work in one year than the previous administration did in four. We'll also add that this group had to undo some of the things the previous administration had done, presenting even further delays in getting things on track.

A sincere thanks to you all!



It's no secret that several months ago a hacker from eastern Europe gained access to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We believe that these platforms are now secure. 

Now  Blogger tells us that someone has been attempting to enter our blogging accounts; they have been unsuccessful. The interesting thing is that according to Google, we are still connected to two blogs owned by individuals who used to blog here, but moved on. We have no need for access to anyone else's blogs and will be attempting to remedy this. 

The sad thing is that we're also, for whatever reason, connected to a blog belonging to a woman who used to provide us with material quite frequently. We have not given her access to this blog, nor have we sought access to hers, which hasn't been active since 2011. 

We doubt that this woman is at fault; we surmise someone thought we were the same person and somehow attempted to use her blog to get to this one. So to you in eastern Lauderdale County, you may wish to check with Google to see if anyone but you can access your old blog. 

And to hackers? They're hard to catch, but if we do identify you, we will take you to court. You may not have any money, but we'll be happy to use the judgment to confiscate your lawn mower, work tools, etc., plus post your name for all to see. 



Sunday, October 15, 2017

Did Roy Moore Buy Those, Tweeters?

Look to our left sidebar and you'll see how to follow us on Twitter...or not; we're not going to pay you. Yet perhaps someone will.

The Alabama political world is buzzing over Roy Moore's Russian followers on the social medium platform Twitter. Are they real, or did he purchase them? In order to put things in perspective, let's look at his two known social platforms.

Moore's FB campaign has 65,000 followers; his Twitter account currently has 47,500 followers. On the surface, this sounds on the high end of normal since more individuals use FB than Twitter. How many Russian followers does our blog have? Sorry, we're totally bereft of Russians at the moment, although we did have a Balkan hacker. 

Two days ago the Moore campaign had 27,000 followers. Now a mere 48 hours later it has 47,000. So how does purchasing followers work? Just checking one company's ad, we see we can purchase 500 for 6.00. For 50.00, we can buy 10,000. In other words, these 20,000 new followers would have set Roy back only 100.00 or even less.

Twitter is great for documenting a ballgame or public meeting as it happens. We, and a great many others, say things a little more directly on Twitter than we do on FB. Face it, it would be pretty hard for Moore to get much more direct than he has in his public statements to the press.

Both Moore and his minions deny purchasing the new followers, which are almost assuredly robot accounts. We're tending to believe Moore on this one. If Moore didn't purchase the followers, who did purchase them or at least sic them on Moore's Twitter feed? 

It's been said that both Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner abhor the former Alabama judge. That in itself is no proof of dirty tricks on their part, but it is interesting.

No, you can be sure Roy Moore is doing enough on his own to alienate any honest, intelligent voters in Alabama.



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Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Foundation for Moral Law Does What?

It's easy to say that all laws are based on morals, but of course they aren't. Many of our laws, and in our drug ridden culture perhaps most of them, are based on public safety. Think Trump's travel ban on some nations; its basic premise is to keep American citizens safe. The fact that most of the countries in this ban are predominately Muslim is related to the terrorist actions of some Muslims, not in any attempt to keep the Muslim religion from spreading in the United States. Yet, the Foundation for Moral Law considers it one of its causes.

The past few weeks, many have been looking at Roy Moore's Foundation for Moral Law. If you go the FB page of that group, you'll see it's listed as a "Just for Fun" page - we assume to make sure the IRS knows the group doesn't endorse political candidates. It also has a store where you can shop. Yes, really; however, if you click on the link, you're simply directed to a page where you can donate. Apparently you won't even get a complimentary bookmark for you cold, hard cash. 

The group, which has about 3,200 followers, calls founder Roy Moore "the Chief Justice." He hasn't been that in some time, but why should that stop them? A recent press statement from Moore's wife Kayla calls him "the Judge." That must make for great dinner table conversation: "Caleb, pass the Judge the mashed potatoes." 

Moore's most recent legal effort concerns preventing a large cross being removed from a Florida city. The cross has historic value, and we have no doubt is inspirational. Yet how long until a Muslim group wants a symbol of their religion erected next to the cross? Florida already has atheist monuments in place in several cities, so don't say you didn't see it coming.

Ah, yes, Roy Moore. Here to serve the people...unless they're atheists, Muslims, Jews, or Druids. We can hardly wait until he starts in on the Baptists.



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