Friday, December 9, 2016

Mug Shots?/Reformed?

There’s a mini controversy raging over a mug shot. It depicts a woman arrested in a prostitution sting in South Carolina.

First we’ll say in the past we’ve posted mug shots for humorous value; however, the humor was the work of the arrestees themselves: a man who grew a white beard and looked like Santa, a woman making a face during a DUI arrest, another who dyed her hair a vibrant orange. We’ve seen similar postings on such sites as PNS when perps made faces or dressed in drag. These are all conscious choices of the individuals themselves.

So what’s odd about the woman arrested for prostitution? She has a cloudy eye that is almost completely white; now she’s being called the “zombie hooker.” We don’t know this woman’s back story, but we doubt she entered the shady world of prostitution by choice…or damaged her eye for shock value.

Welcome to the Internet…



Tomorrow is a special day for one of our perennial bad boys. For the first time in almost seven years, he won’t be in the county/state penal system.

Statistics tell us at least six out of ten convicted for drug crimes will return to prison within five years. Over seven out of ten property offenders will return. If it’s a drug/property offender? Nine out of ten will return.

We wish this man well. He says he’s attempting to do the right thing. Let’s hope he does.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Frontier Justice at UNA?

We’ve joked on here about frontier justice. Our friend the Midnight Rider has similarly mentioned that particular method of taking care of miscreants who cross the paths of those able to defend themselves. Do we actually support a type of vigilantism? No. While we think it may be deserved, we do not support the public taking the law into its own hands and reaping legal charges themselves.

There was recently an alleged rape on the UNA campus. Tyre Pickett was accused of attacking a young woman in his dorm room. Later the same night, Pickett was allegedly attacked near the UNA parking deck by four men seeking justice for the victim.

After Pickett was arrested by UNA police, the arrest warrant was revoked, and he was freed. The case will be presented to the next Lauderdale County grand jury. 

Pickett with Injured Arm & Black Eye

Obviously, there is a great deal more to this story. What was the gap in evidence that led to Pickett being freed? Who is the fourth man who attacked Pickett? Was UNA in any way to blame for losing evidence in the case?

We hope these questions will be answered soon. At this time, we can only say the moral of this lurid tale is not to take justice into your own hands. These four men acted in the heat of the moment and may have severely damaged their future in doing so.



We’ve just seen the first criticism of the new Florence City Council. Goodness, you say, what has happened? Don’t worry, it’s nothing that can’t be remedied.

Florence hasn’t decorated properly for Christmas. Shame, shame! We don’t know who is in charge of changing out flags and other decorations or if the council has dropped the ball on this. We are happy to mention this for those who are concerned.

So let’s get with it, Florence. No “Bah, humbug” allowed!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Blogger & the Sheriff

There’s been an interesting story out of Morgan County. It seems there’s a blogger in Falkville who, along with others, writes the Morgan County Whistleblower. A favorite target of the blog is the sheriff who isn’t amused by the whole thing.

Now the Morgan County sheriff has been accused of having a keystroke reader program placed on the blogger’s computers (a member of the main blogger’s family was paid 500.00 to perform the nefarious little task). The sheriff has also terminated a jailer who is thought to be a major informant and has stated she has immunity from criminal charges in the matter. The whole debacle promises a drawn out court battle and is well worth watching.

It’s interesting to us since we have informants of different ilks in most police departments. Several who worked in the previous Lauderale sheriff’s administration regularly informed us of his malfeasance. We want to commend Sheriff Rick Singleton for cleaning up the sheriff’s department and making it something we can look up to and trust.



From J. Redmon:

Shoals Area gas retailers ALL raised their prices by 10-12-cents/gallon last week. THEN they raised them AGAIN ANOTHER 10-cents/gallon. Meanwhile, retailers in Town Creek and Decatur continue with the SAME prices they had 2 weeks ago. Gasoline in Decatur is STILL $1.89/gallon as of today. I think the Shoals has a 'robber baron' or two in its midst..


Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

And the Community Said "Meh"

It's now official that the University of North Alabama will be a Division I institution. Steve Pierce is happy. Ken Kitts is relieved. Mark Linder got a chance to speak at a news conference without really saying anything (his specialty). The only person in the whole kerfuffle who appeared competent was Marty Abroms--at least that's something. 

So whom will UNA now play in football? Here's the current Big South members list: Charleston Southern, Gardner-Webb, Liberty, Kennesaw State, Presbyterian, and Monmouth. It's bad enough when UNA plays Christian Brothers; now we'll have to yell "Kill the Presbyterians." 



Drive-Thru Story of the Day:

Cashier - Oh, I'm so sorry. I did that wrong. I'm so sorry.
Customer - That's fine. No harm done.
Cashier - No. Really, I am just so sorry.
Customer - You must have to deal with some very rude people.
Cashier - Oh, you know my manager...

Monday, December 5, 2016

Florence Plaza Sex Abuse Lawsuits

There were at least five reported victims of a Jungle Safari petting zoo employee last April. Now the families of three of the victims have filed suit against the owners of the traveling petting zoo and Florence Plaza. It's a safe bet there will be more suits forthcoming.

It was reported that Jungle Safari stopped traveling around the country after the incident, but such endeavors usually resurface. Has anyone ever really thought about this type of animal show?

Sure, you know the owners gull the public in with claims of how good it is for children to see these animals close up; you probably even know it's the 15.00 a pop charge to hold the baby cats that makes the owners the money. Now continue thinking along that line. Think how that works...we never had:

These babies aren't small for very long. A new nursery of infant cats has to be brought in every six weeks or so. That means breeding.

We have no problem with rescuing cats from disreputable breeders and giving them a home in captivity. These animals would be lost in Africa or India. We have a big problem with encouraging breeding in this country to make a profit. 

Let's hope the Shoals and the rest of the country has seen the last of these traveling pockets of abuse. Let's hope the families of these victims take every penny Jungle Safari has ever made.



Readers have been sending us horror tales of their experiences at drive-thru windows. If you have an interesting anecdote, e-mail us; we'll publish them later in the week.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Midnight Rider on Tuscumbia Shooting

Minimum Wage part 2 & The Officer Involved Shooting
By: The Midnight Rider

Minimum Wage
Some months ago, the Midnight Rider wrote an article for Shoalanda Speaks about raising the minimum wage and some of our misadventures. Well, I hate to do it, but I must share two misadventures from this past week. Makes you wonder if these people deserve a raise.
We went to Kentucky Fried Chicken in Muscle Shoals on Thursday night around 6:40 PM. We were told that they were out of Original as well as Crispy Chicken. All they had was Grilled. Hmmm, okay. I will take Chicken Tenders with Mashed Potatoes and Corn. We were then told that they were out of Gravy for the Mashed Potatoes.
KFC doesn’t close to 10:00 PM on Thursday nights, but at 6:40 PM they basically have no chicken or gravy. How does a Chicken place run out of Chicken?
My second misadventure was at McDonald's in Muscle Shoals. I went through the drive through and ordered Breakfast. I decided I wanted something sweet so I asked what type of pies they had. Here is how the conversation went:
Me: “What kind of pies do you have?”
Them: “Apple and Holiday”
Me: ”What flavors are in the Holiday Pie?”
Them: ”                 “  ‘Crickets Chirping’
The silence was about 2 minutes when I said “just give me an apple pie.” If you are going to sell something, at least know something about it or ask someone.
Should incompetence be rewarded with a raise?

Officer Involved Shooting
There was an Officer Involved Shooting this week in Tuscumbia. Luckily, the Police Officers and Deputy were unhurt. The subject that pulled the gun is no longer with us. It is a sad state in the world today where Law Enforcement Officers are targeted, ambushed and killed trying to protect us.
We have to give kudos to Tuscumbia Chief of Police Tony Logan. He held a Press Conference later that morning to release information to the public. While the investigation is being done by the ABI, Logan told as much as he was allowed. That shows integrity on his part to show that nothing is trying to be hid with the investigation.
Until next time, I am and always will be, the midnight rider
We'll add our kudos to Tuscumbia Chief Tony Logan as well. We'll also add that the situation could have turned out much differently; while it was still a horrible ending at best, we're thankful the Tuscumbia officers and Colbert deputy ended their shifts by going home to their families.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Rob Carnegie Scores One for Canada

Today Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Director (and CEO!) Rob Carnegie scored a direct hit on North Florence when he encouraged residents to try Sunshine Barbecue. Next week he’ll finish off the economy in the northern part of the city by directing hapless grocery shoppers to the Homefront Market. Then it’s on to East Florence where he’ll promote Bucks Grocery.

A few choice words about the wonderful facilities of the Expresso Health Group in West Florence, and the local economy will be a goner. While Robbie Baby is working his magic in Alabama, other Canandian agents are similarly undermining the economy in other states, paving the way for Justin Turdeau to wade triumphantly across Niagara and proclaim himself emperor of the U.S. while simultaneously praising Fidel Castro.

After setting up his cabinet with the McKenzie Brothers, William Shatner, and Michael J. Fox, Trudeau will then throw Robbie the bone of the governorship of Alabama where he can proceed to nauseate more citizens than the Luv Guv himself and the Florence Tourism Board combined.


We predict Carnegie will shortly hold a news conference at which he’ll either:

a) Disavow all knowledge of the pathetic Tweet, or 

b) Proclaim the word “Southern” is spelled “Sunshine” in Canada.



It seems that Sebastian DeVaughn is suing the Sheffield Police Department, Greg Ray, Sam Garrison, and the department’s “governing body” for a violation of her civil rights. Citizens of Sheffield have civil rights?