Thursday, September 18, 2014

Once a Playah?

Don't you just love Bob Eubanks? He's such a class act!

Wonder if Anyone Chose Augie?

BTW, if you lie on your marriage license application, you may be fined up to one thousand dollars. Tut, tut.


It seems some are saying Colbert County candidate for sheriff Frank Williamson was once served a protection from abuse order by an ex-wife. There's NO record of this. Why lie? Just move to Lauderdale where almost anything goes...


Someone has spray painted the new UNA science building. Shades of Blackberries!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Fed Up Muscle Shoals Citizen

This blog is being published with the writer's name and his blessing. From Mr. Donald Brown:

Forget the support I voiced for the muscle shoals city councilmen in the past. I was told they are throwing money in that football field and stuff at that high school. One man said Joe Pampinto and Mr. Lockhard were the ring leaders in setting that whole deal up and those other councilmen went along with it. It seems Mr. Lockhard has a wife that works at the school and she runs the show and him.

Where are they getting all this money? Is it true that the taxpayers are going to pay almost 8 million dollars for a high school football field. the rumor is the press box cost 1 million dollars. That coach won't get anywhere near a state championship and us poor suckers will be paying for their ego trips for 30 years of more.
Vote 'em all out. I won't support one single person that is in office or none of those people in that school. Someone needs to stop that crap now. I' don't want anyone to know I live in a town that doesn't teach our kids values and educate them to be the smartest kids in the country. At least my daughter in law went to Sheffield and learned how to do graphics. I'm showing her artwork to everyone - you included.
Muscle Shoals can bad mouth Sheffield about how run down and poor they are - but she learned more at Sheffield than any of us learned at Muscle Shoals. What a shame.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Notes from Blog Team Members...

From J. Redmond: Your observations are dead on the money. If you will recall, I said pretty much the same thing a few months ago.  I believe Andrews to be the BEST candidate for Colbert County Sheriff. HOWEVER....IF he expects to win, he MUST CAMPAIGN! He needs to go door-to-door and put up MANY MORE signs.  He needs to attend public functions. He needs to PUBLICLY DEBATE Williamson. He needs to do A LOT of things that he ISN'T.  He's making the same mistakes that Terry Holden made when he ran against Ronnie Willis.....and we know how THAT played out for the citizens of Lauderdale County.

From Bailey Quarters: I've blogged here for some years. Not much maybe, but for a while. Crazies don't phase me and neither do their even crazier pol friends. If you want a story on handicapped child abandonment, we can oblige. Didn't I say I might not be as nice as SS?

From Cherry Pitts: Hi. I'm new on the Shoals Cuisine blog. Keep reading. Send us your suggestions for eateries to reviews.

From a Friend: Stay tuned in Lauderdale County. It's deja vu all over again in the Lauderdale County Court system.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Separating the Crazies/Big Colbert Announcment

1. First, this blog has not endorsed in the Colbert Sheriff's race. It has published letters from both sides.

2. As far as we know, if Frank Williamson has been married 27 times, he is still not campaigning on family values as is the five time married Augie Hendershot.

3. Shoalanda does endorse. PNS does not, but will be happy to interview any candidates.

4. SS and PNS are connected only via an advertising compact. For instance, Mr. Williamson wanted to advertise on PNS, but not SS. If he had chosen both, he would have been given a discount.

5. The crazies? A bi-polar woman, to put it nicely, highly criticized us for using the term "Lexington" in a title of a blog by "Charger Dodge." Mr. Dodge may not represent everyone, but he definitely represents many.

6. Mr. Dodge is working on a blog about the missing Lexington Water Department funds. This blog should offer facts never before published.

7. The bi-polar woman who criticized Mr. Dodge? Well, you know how it many criticize anyone from drug dealers to those who abandon their handicapped children. We prefer to overlook them.


That big surprise from Colbert County? Here it is:


Look for another huge surprise out of Lauderdale County coming soon!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Comparing Augie Hendershot to Frank Williamson?

Editor's Note:

Mr. Williamson has purchased advertising at PNS. Neither he nor Hendershot have purchased advertising at SS.

From a reader:

Advertising dollars that Frank Williamson’s outlaw friend is donating to his campaign is important for your blog to survive, but there ought to be some contrast and similarities between Lauderdale and Colbert County sheriff races pointed out.
Exposing the Lauderdale County sheriff candidate Augie Hendershot for his multiple marriages, should also be shown as the same blaring issues that surround Frank Williamson and his many marriages (and those who know him will tell about a protection from abuse order served on him by one of those ex wives.)

The article on the debate between Singleton and Hendershot easily describes the Colbert County Sheriff candidates too:

It could certainly be billed as a comedy show and charge admission. 

Frank Williamson will tap dance. Frank will laugh and guffaw. Frank will mention all his training...none in the form of any real degrees.

Phil Andrews, who is no grandstander, will calmly present his plans for Colbert County. Phil will most certainly also mention how many employees have been under his leadership at one time. Frank will try to sidetrack that question, but the answer is yes, but he was “released” or as he would say “quit” his last job before Colbert County Sheriff Ronnie May gave him a break and hired him as a deputy.

I’ll take a guess no one will ask about the number of wives each man has had, but the answer for Phil is only one. Frank doesn’t publicize his,  while the correct answer is four, no matter, unless he ventures into the territory of “family values,” which we hope he does.

Want a liar and a hypocrite for your next sheriff? Then vote for Frank. Otherwise, a vote for Phil Andrews will bring honesty and respect to the Colbert County Sheriff’s Department.
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hendershot/Singleton Debate at UNA

Rick Singleton is to debate Augie Hendershot at UNA on Tuesday, September 23. Admission is free, but they certainly could bill it as a comedy show and charge admission. Augie will tap dance. Augie will laugh and guffaw. Augie will mention all his training...none in the form of any real degrees.

Rick, who is no grandstander, will calmly present his plans for Lauderdale County. Rick will most certainly also mention how many officers have been under his leadership at one time. Augie will try to sidetrack that question, but the answer is no more than two paid officers.

I’ll take a guess no one will ask about the number of wives each man has had, but the answer for Rick is only one. Augie claims three or four, while the the correct answer is five. No matter, unless he ventures into the territory of “family values,” which we hope he does.

Want a liar and a hypocrite for your next sheriff? Then vote for Augie. Otherwise, a vote for Rick Singleton will bring back honesty and respect to the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.

I read a lot of comments on divorce and how large a sin it is or isn’t. The problem seems to be Christ commanded a man to love his wife enough to give his life for her. I don’t recall any exceptions if she’s (maybe) neglient, or if she’s on drugs, or if she’s an embezzler.

Just something to think about whenever anyone mentions “family values” again.


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Shoals Insider & Busted N the Shoals

First: Attention Colbert County. There will be an important announcement coming for all Colbert Citizens no later than Monday. It's going to be a whole new ball game in one election!


When the Shoals Insider came on the local scene around 2006 or 2007, there had previously been nothing like it in the area. The SI was begun by a local man using the pen name Larry Baker; I know his identity, but Shoalanda wouldn’t want it published it here.

The SI created quite a sensation and for a while flourished. For whatever reason, posts slackened and never picked up. Some days, the site was down altogether due to non-payment of site hosting. Two individuals who at one time helped blog here decided to start up a real online news magazine. Pen N Sword debuted and a short time later, another enterprising pair began the Quad Cities Daily, an online daily newspaper. Perhaps Mr. Baker saw the handwriting on the wall and his site went months without new posts.

Finally, a local writer who sometimes worked with Baker began making a few posts a week, most culled from WAFF News which the SI called a “partner.” As I’m typing this, the SI site is down. So why am I writing this?

Shoalanda has previously done a blog on the site Busted N the Shoals stealing material from the QCD in the form of mug shots for which the QCD had paid and enhanced and...watermarked. Yes, the QCD watermark was even left intact when Busted published the mugshots. Lazy or just didn’t care?

A few days ago we read a PNS article on a local woman who had at one time been on the area’s most wanted list. The young woman had been encouraged by her family to turn herself in; in fact, the family had given PNS an exclusive in hope of finding their daughter.

Now the young woman is on the ropes again and facing serious charges. PNS apparently had discarded their original article, but went to Busted to retrieve their copy. Why? You guessed it. Busted had stolen their original article word for word. 

How is this relevant to SI? It seems Busted also calls itself a “partner” to WAFF. Hmm.

You might not like what you read on Shoalanda, or PNS, or the QCD, but except for the common press releases, all material is composed by us, all of whom are such excellent writers we don’t need to steal. Ahem!

While I’m on the subject, and while Shoalanda has already felt a disturbance in the force, I’ll relate another little story about the Shoals Insider. A few years ago, a local man was arrested for what I’ll just call disorderly conduct. The SI was the first to report on the arrest and went into detail to add that the man, quite in his cups, had exposed himself to children.

The next day, the story was picked up by WAFF (SI’s news partner?). There was a little added, but the details about the indecent exposure were taken almost verbatim from SI. The next day, Shoalanda mentioned the incident. I’m sure she fully believed since WAFF had reported facts gathered from the incident report and not just taken the SI article at face value.

A few months pass, and the arrested man hires an attorney. The original report does not mention any indecent exposure. Both WAFF and Shoalanda removed their articles. The Shoals Insider? The article was still up the last time I looked. Since this is a blog, there’s no real “journalism” involved, but I know WAFF obviously practices a high degree of journalistic responsibility. So why didn’t the SI remove the article when it was pointed out that most of it wasn’t true? I sense a personal vendetta.