Monday, February 17, 2020

No One Accused This Man of Threats of Violence/Vendetta?

A reader sent us this from Mr. B's Facebook page: Yes I was Banned from Sholanda Speak’s . The accused me of threats of violence? And then say that the truth is at their side? I simply called them out by name ,and said if they didn’t have anything to hide why use the name Sholanda Speaks. I have never or will ever use threats of Violence. And they said I threatened them 3 times that is a lie. They simply can’t stand someone telling the truth on their page.

First, Mr. B was not banned for three reasons. He had asked about banning and we had replied that there were three infractions that would cause someone to be banned. He committed only one, and that was possibly libeling two individuals by claiming they were part of our team.

We have known both women for quite some time, and both have reported to us that they simply laugh at such rumors and go on with their own projects. The problem is that not everyone is able to do that. What if someone used the name of a totally innocent person who did care? Who might be in danger of physical attack? See yesterday's blog about threats to the couple who run Stolen Stuff of the Tennessee Valley.

Second, as we published yesterday, only one person has ever been banned from this blog for using threats against anyone. That was Ryan Kent Pollard, currently a wanted man in both Florence and Lauderdale County. A 100% fool proof way to be banned is to make a threat of violence against a woman whom you've already physically attacked once. For some strange reason, many individuals don't like grown men who beat up women and will do all in their power to see them brought to justice.

Third, we've recently been told that an East Lauderdale "celebrity" has been brought into this. This is a man who has accomplished something for his community. Does that bother some so much that they disparage him in any way they can? Think about that and how sad that is. Instead of wanting to help their community as he has, they want to bring him down in some manner. Not a very good reflection on the community, is it?

No, we've never seen any indication that anyone has a vendetta against Rogersville, Lauderdale County High School, or any other nearby community or facility. Another reader mentioned upset parents causing these issues to be presented. This is an extremely valid statement.

It was only a few years ago that many parents in Sheffield contacted us about the tee-shirt dress code in that system. We were glad to present it to the public, but we were also quick to remind them that four years of high school would soon be over and the dress code quickly a memory. In other words, don't sweat the small stuff.

If parents or any concerned citizens feel that there are real problems in any school system, we're here to publish those problems. Some are obviously more serious than others. We let the public judge. We are concerned with waste of taxpayer funds since over half of us here live and pay taxes in Lauderdale.

Finally, back to our three automatic outs: 1. All words that are considered rude or ill-advised are clearly published. Don't use them; it simply makes you look like an ill-educated thug. 2. Don't mention names of people not in public office or in the legal system. 3. Don't threaten anyone. Period.

Not On Our Blog...Not Ever

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Bad Boy Bullies "Stolen Stuff"

If you're like us, you frequently read Stolen Stuff of the Tennessee Valley. It's the go to place to report stolen items or to look for them. The Facebook page currently has over 28,000 members and is still growing. In short, if you haven't been reading, you've been missing something.

Obviously, the main thrust of the page is theft. Besides reporting on actual stolen items, the page features videos of these crimes and reports on the bad boys wanted in these thefts. They recently reported on Ryan Kent Pollard.

Wanted in Florence

If you're familiar at all with our blog, you know that we'll ban anyone who uses abusive language, libels another person, or who threatens someone. In over 11 years of this blog, we've had to ban only one person for the latter, and that was Pollard. The Killen man actually posted a threat to a young woman who had made a post concerning a crime he committed against her. Let's just say that the bloggers here think the safest place for Ryan is away from anyone who values their property or their safety.

After posting the wanted article on Pollard, the admins were bombarded with some very nasty comments from another local bad boy, one we have never associated with Pollard and his Killen group of druggies/abusers. The harassing posts continued until this very sick young man physically threatened the two admins, after which he was banned.

We understand that the owners of the Stolen Stuff page are turning the threats over to authorities. While we hope that local law enforcement is able to arrest this career felon for harassment and make it stick, we realistically know that may not be the outcome. 

We're not identifying the young man here until he's arrested; however, you can find a photo of him on Stolen Stuff's page. Always living up to his family name...

Saturday, February 15, 2020

State Needs Custody Laws Revamped - See Julye Cassie Fugate

When the two Hartline children were killed while in the custody of a Franklin County foster home, many were quick to defend DHR as having little control over severing parental rights. The law in Alabama is on the side of any biological parent who is breathing and has an attorney. If you think the attorney part is hard, remember that most of these so-called parents have a court appointed lawyer due to their criminal cases, a lawyer who may be coaxed into helping file other standard motions to hold off on permanent seizure of the client's children. 

That brings us to Julye Cassie Fugate, allegedly found wandering from home at least five times in the past two years. The Colbert County girl was four years old on January 7th. According to records, her parents have been the object of DHR investigations in both Colbert and Franklin Counties. Last year, Julye's mother Ashley Mayfield was arrested for child abuse/torture in Franklin County. She apparently received probation.

Julye isn't the only child of Mayfield and her long term boyfriend Eric Scott Fugate. Julye has both an older and a younger brother. Until this week, all three children have remained in the home of Ashley and Eric and extended family. All that has been officially stated is that the three siblings are now in custody of DHR.

Under current law, and considering plea bargains, just how long do you think it will be until these three little ones are back with their parents outside Littleville? If anyone thinks that's in the best interest of these children, please e-mail us your rationale and we'll publish it.

We feel it's in the worst interest of Julye and her brothers to be returned to their parents...ever. Children need a real home, not foster parents. Is there one legislator out there who will introduce a law to overhaul current regulations for severing custody rights?

Friday, February 14, 2020

A Tale of Two Polls

Internet polls are anything but scientific. Non-voters can cast votes in an online poll; if they know how to manipulate cookies, they can cast more than one. Therefore, we're offering up these results in two local polls in the For What It's Worth Department.

First, a local news site currently has a poll featuring the Colbert County Commission seat held by David Black. According to current results, if the election were held today, Tyrus Mansell would defeat Black by a 4 to 1 margin. Interesting to say the least.

Second, another local news magazine is currently running a poll on the Lauderdale County Superintendent's race. As we write this, Jerry Hill is leading with 44%. A runoff between Hill and Gary Dan Williams seems like a given, at least if this poll is close to actual voter views. Jon Hatton is third in the poll, with Scott Jones bringing up the rear. 

As for the Lauderdale primary, it is 18 days away, and much could change between now and then. We suggest that everyone pray that the best candidate wins.

Everyone at Shoalanda Wishes Our Readers a Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Gary Dan Williams Accused of Ethics/Campaign Violation

Under Alabama law, candidates for office cannot use media at their taxpayer funded work place to campaign. This includes anything from posters on bulletin boards to using official e-mail accounts to utilizing official websites. Anyone doing so would have committed a campaign ethics violation. 

This week, two readers have contacted us concerning what they believe is a violation of ethics or campaign law by Gary Dan Williams, candidate for Lauderdale County school superintendent. Both feel that Williams' news release on the Allen Thornton School site is thinly veiled campaign advertising:

While Mr. Williams did not overtly state that he had been responsible for these accomplishments, he does say that these changes came about in the past two years since he has been over the school. So, is this campaigning? 

Since we believe this has been turned over to Secretary of State John Merrill, we will leave it to him to decide if Williams committed a violation. We're fairly sure that no answer will be forthcoming before the election. Even if Merrill's office decides the advertising is not cricket, the Williams campaign will probably receive a warning and and not an actual "violation" requiring payment of a fine. 

No matter the outcome, this blurb on a taxpayer website does smack of campaigning. Did we say smack; we meant reeks of it. Welcome to Alabama where politicians put the down in dirty. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Moore Blames Shelby for Loss of Senate Seat

Yesterday was Roy Moore's 73rd birthday. He celebrated by moving his famous Ten Commandments monument to his downtown Montgomery office. After the massive rock was in place, he held a news conference - not very surprising for a senatorial candidate.

During his latest posturing session, Moore stated: “Doug Jones was elected because of Richard Shelby.” Presumably, Moore was referring to the fact that Sen. Shelby openly refused to endorse him and suggested writing in the name of a more moral Republican. 

The primary is fast approaching. How will Moore fare against Sessions, Tuberville, and Byrne? We're predicting he'll be fourth in the voting, third tops. For whom should you vote? 

To be continued...

Moving to the Lauderdale County race for school superintendent, we've heard from Scott Jones and Jerry Hill, but not from Williams or Hatton. If the candidates answer only one of the questions put to them, we fervently believe the public needs to know where each stands on the school consolidation issue.

"Did You Just Say Consolidation?"

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Sixty Years Ago Today: Death at the Post Office

February 11, 1960, fell on a Thursday. Downtown Florence was bustling with families making last minute purchases for the parties that would end the school week on Friday. Others were preparing for a fun Valentine's Day weekend, but it was not to be for one Florence family.

Capt. James E. Isley, a member of the Florence Fire Department, had picked up his son Bobby Wayne from school that afternoon. Accompanying Bobby were two of his classmates from a fourth grade class at Appleby Elementary School on Hermitage Drive. 

The boys had asked to stop at the Florence Post Office on Seminary Street. A Navy recruiting office was located on the third floor of the local landmark, and boys often visited to receive complimentary posters and bookmarks. 

While Capt. Isley waited outside the post office for the youths, the three boys decided to leave the recruiting office in a manner that until that day had failed to draw public attention. Sliding down the bannisters from the third to the first floor had seemed like a fun way to end the recruiting office visit, but it proved fatal to Bobby Wayne Isley.

Only one of Bobby's companions saw the fall. The youth stated that Bobby had leaned over the bannister, lost his balance, and fell two floors, striking his head on a first floor radiator before hitting the marble floor. 

An ambulance rushed the North Florence boy to Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, where physicians decided to transfer him to Nashville. A second ambulance transported Bobby to Vanderbilt Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival at 6:00 p.m.

An only child, the young Boy Scout was survived by his father James and mother, Velma R. Isley. Mrs. Isley died a short four years later. Bobby Wayne Isley, born on Christmas Day ten years before his death, is buried in Tri-Cities Memorial Gardens in the Garden of the Christus.

Thanks to J.S. for this historical account.