Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Agee & Scott: Long-Term Guests of the State

Richard Eugene Agee Jr., of Tuscumbia, was arrested in 2010 for shaking a two year old child that belonged to his then girlfriend, a young woman who obviously makes the UNA terrorist look like Einstein. Perhaps she falls into the category of having a man at any price?

If you missed it, Agee has just been convicted of First Degree Rape in Franklin County. When publishing an article about the conviction, another local site mentioned his previous conviction for Aggravated Child Abuse.

Guess what? The current girlfriend is upset that anyone would be so unfair. Let’s see…she’s dating a man who abused a two-year old physically and three years later raped a woman. Yes, we can see how mentioning anything about these crimes is so unfair.

Note to this girlfriend: Get a cat. When Agee finally gets out of prison, you may have matured enough to realize there are much worse things in life than being sans a boyfriend.

Now, from baby shaker to baby snatcher. We’ve had another person contact us regarding Andrew Daniel Scott. We recently blogged on Scott and listed his release date as December of this year. The reader corrected us and stated his end of sentence date is December 2016.

This reader, another victim of Scott, has asked us more questions than we can answer by looking at only his Department of Corrections online info. We will attempt to get some answers for Scott’s victims, but we doubt that Hottie Scottie has been in any real trouble since his incarceration as he apparently has had no correctional incentive time revoked. Maybe he had his head shaved to look a little less hot in prison?

To be continued…

Note to anyone: If anyone feels sympathy for either Agee or Scott, simply stop to think about the children and other victims involved in their ongoing sagas. If you don’t feel more sympathy for these innocents, there’s something wrong with you. Period.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Bubba on Quittney LaShae Nichols


Once again, Miss Shoalanda thought I was the only one who could do justice to Quittney LaShae Nichols' tale of woe. I'll do my best, but I'm bettin' there's a lot to the story that nobody knows. First I'm postin' the three most recent mug shots of lil Quittney. The photographer at the Florence Detention Center can sure take some great shots. I wish we had used him for lil Rebbie Sue's wedding. I bet Rebbie would also like to know the brand of eyeliner Quittney uses--all those drugs and alcohol and police interrogations and it still holds up. Must be Maybelline.

Well, it seems last Friday lil Quittney was in a car and wouldn't get out so the owner could sell it. Guess some women are just more stubborn than others. So bein' the determined gal she is, she pinned the car's buyer to his mother's Impala with the Volvo and then dragged him out into the street. I think there may be a job for that girl in one of these travelin' demolition derbies--once she gets out, of course. Seems she's on the most wanted list in Marion County too.

Lil Quittney didn't live too far from the scene of the accident, as we'll call it, but the police haven't been able to find her. I think they checked everywhere from Jack's Chicken Shack to Goat Alley and she was nowhere to be found. Now I guess it's just a matter of time until one of her friends turns her in.

I've been asked if I know where the name Quittney comes from. To be honest I don't, but I have got my ideas. I remember my cousin Lonzo and his wife had ten kids. That didn't stop ol' Lon from getting frisky, so one night his wife told him to quit or he'd get her knee. I'm guessing lil Quittney may be the youngest in her family.

That's it for now, but if you live near Dog Ear, be sure to drop by to see me for all your automotive and septic tank needs.

Bubba Leroy Smuckpucker II


The most recent reports on Quittney Nichols' victim Randall Powers list him in serious condition in Huntsville Hospital. Everyone here wishes Mr. Powers a speedy recovery.


A Word About UNA's Terrorist Threat

While we think the odds of any UNA student caring enough about Che’ Guevara to even imply the possibility of some type of terrorist attack on the anniversary of his death are about 10,000:1, why did someone leave such a threat? We now understand that it’s midterms…ah, we see the light.

Unfortunately, if the person wrote the note to delay his exams, to get sympathy from a girlfriend, or in an act of worship to Cthuhu, it doesn’t matter. He might as well be honoring good ol’ Che‘, since the punishment, whatever it is, will be the same.

Many years ago, a junior high school student in Florence, who was also the son of a faculty member, called in a bomb threat to his school. We knew this family, and it devastated them.

Remember, the student was probably between 12 and 14. That’s hardly an excuse, but what if he had been college age? How can a college student be that dumb? Actually, considering some we’ve met recently, perhaps we’re lacking ourselves to even ask that question.

Will Chief Pastula track him down? It’s certainly possible. He will then be expelled, then arrested, then the fun begins: name in paper, fees to a lawyer, threats of murder and dismemberment from his parents.

When the dust finally settles, he won’t find too many other institutions inviting him into their ivy covered halls. Get a job? Not if the employers know how to Google.


A reliable source has contacted us regarding David Bradford’s endorsement of Phil Andrews for Colbert County Sheriff. When questioned directly by our source, Bradford stated he did indeed endorse Andrews for two reasons: Andrews is both a former Muscle Shoals police officer and a Republican.

While we admit to strong Republican leanings (sorry, Billy), we’re not sure that admitting to being a former Muscle Shoals police officer is a good thing.


Remember, no matter how funny your comments may be, they can't be libelous. We did enjoy reading it though.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Elections & Passages

During each election season, we get "documented" evidence that certain candidates are either the Anti-Christ, the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, or the current incarnation of Leo Burt. Sadly, some prove to be true, but are they relevant to whom the person is today?

We've mentioned before that we once received copies of court cases involving a local candidate...and not the one we were supporting. We simply felt it was a long time ago and didn't "involve" the person as he is today.

We've again been sent info on a local candidate. We do plan to check it out thoroughly since it involves some serious charges. If it's true? We can't answer that with 100% conviction, but we sincerely doubt we will publish it. What about current charges? Yes. We will publish anything current.

And we still have over a month to go...


Many people never think about life's events. It's all black and white to them. Let's talk about the men who beat and kill their girlfriend's children. It's sickening, but...

Certainly these cretins should be punished, but what about the mothers? Oh, they didn't know. Sure. Let's rethink this, shall we? These stories usually sound like an episode of Family Guy. Who knew the homeless guy who wore only a rain coat was an exhibitionist? If you leave your child with such a man, you should also be charged...and written about in the press.

Back to local elections, what if a candidate had once been charged with animal cruelty? That's hypothetical at the moment, but it does lead to other conclusions for those of us here. There are always umpteen animal cruelty cases in the news at any time. We often overlook them. No more.

If you desert your child or if you abuse an animal, just remember the words to that Junior Brown song: You can bet your boots we're coming after you.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Who Endorses Phil Andrews?/Comments

Click to Enlarge

Above is a screen shot from a political site supporting Phil Andrews for Colbert County Sheriff. The problem seems to be that one of the mayors listed may not have endorsed Mr. Andrews. We've been told that this particular mayor doesn't read our blog. Oh, the shame and sadness!

Not to worry. We also hear that others are investigating these endorsements. We're political bloggers here and even we hate election season.


Comments? As you know we take them. We do ask for some kind of name just to clarify who is saying what. Recently when several of us were away, a comment was posted with a mild "dirty word." Our team member decided to post the comment, but to remark on the language.

Now it seems the original poster is only 13. We encourage early political awareness by the public, but we do not encourage teenagers that young using their real names here or anywhere else. We may not be William Buckley, but we do have some readers who come back with hard hitting comments of their own. It takes a thick skin. Most 13 year-olds don't have that.



Friday, September 26, 2014

Two Important Races for Sheriff

We’ve rewritten this several times, and it still falls short of what we want to say, but here goes:

1. Apologies to our guest blogger from earlier in the week. We are not going to publish part two of his editorial.

2. The bottom line of our editorialist’s blog is simply this: If you want to know who controls whom in a current election, simply go to the courthouse and look up property transfers to the candidates. It’s easy and it’s free.

3. The power broker our writer spoke of without naming? Yes, we know who he is, and he and his family have hurt many people, including many of our friends. God can take care of it. End of story.

4. PNS has posted some interesting articles on the quest for the office of sheriff in both Lauderdale and Colbert Counties. The two owners and the writer of one of these articles all toiled here at one time. These three are our friends. Our only point in mentioning Lexington Chief Augie Hendershot’s five marriages is that he’s campaigning on the “family values” platform, with frequent references to his “faith.”

5. How do you define “family values?” We saw an article earlier this week on “wife swapping for Jesus.” Apparently many have highly edited versions of Jesus’ word from which they take their morals.

6. As for Charger Dodge or any others who have questions for Hendershot, it’s best to approach him via his website and not filter them through this blog. Augie has promised to answer all questions posed him via phone or Internet, but we don’t feel he has a responsibility to look elsewhere for such questions.

7. We have not made a decision on whom to endorse in Colbert County. In Lauderdale, we endorse Rick Singleton who has run a clean campaign and is the more qualified. If Augie Hendershot should win? He’s still head and shoulders above our current high sheriff…we could do much worse.


A happier note: There once was a comic strip called “Geech.” Its characters all appeared to be in their 50s or 60s. One strip depicted two of the women in a bar, with one telling the other to check out a certain male.

The woman’s companion stated, “You’ve been married and divorced three times, Haven’t you heard the expression ‘three strikes and you’re out?’”

The first woman shot back, “Yes, but I can still engage in batting practice.”


Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Homicide Investigation in Florence...

We have been informed via a police department source that there is an ongoing homicide investigation in the city of Florence. There is also reportedly a person of interest in this investigation. We have the name, but no we won’t publish it.

Approximately one year ago, we asked on our Facebook page how many had known someone who was murdered. We received quite a few replies, some of them heartbreaking. We’ve known far, far too many…and we don’t understand it.

If you’ve never had a friend or acquaintance murdered, count yourself lucky, especially if you feel you didn’t do enough to maintain the friendship. We had just again blogged a few days ago about vengeance, yet that would sum up our feelings now if last night’s conversation is indeed true.

The sad thing is, unless there’s something we don’t yet know, the charge will be Felony Murder and will probably be pleaded down to manslaughter (or maybe not since we understand the suspect has some priors). The other thing we know about human nature? If we had been friends with the person of interest instead of the victim, we’d be praying for no indictment.

And how long will it take to indict? Let’s hope if the crime was as it has been described, the Lauderdale District Attorney gets it on the first try.

And if the info we were given is incorrect? It still gives us pause. Is how we vote or our religious bent enough to break the tender ties of friendship? We have so many friends out there and care about each and every one. Our blog anniversary is near, and we had thought about mentioning some friends we’d made here over the past six years. We thought better of that when we realized that inevitably some would be left out.

To each of you, thanks for your friendship. I think today’s blog now ties for the hardest thing we’ve ever written.

Pray for us all, especially family left behind with more questions than answers.