Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Comments on Ex-Wives & Local Cyber Sites

No, we do not accept comments on ex-wives who were never charged with theft...or anything else.They are not public personages. The fact that one who supports a certain candidate would expect us to is very telling. Yes, we did publish a question about a theft in Lexington that was not investigated. In hind sight, we would have done better to edit our reader's guest commentary. Wives and children of candidates should be off limits--period, unless the candidate himself is involved.

To the reader who commented on this crime, you didn't even get the job right and their was no arrest much less conviction. The 40K is gone. Period. There's nothing anyone can do about it. And, no, we do not know her personally. In fact we've never met the candidate or any of his ex-wives that we are aware of.

That brings us to censorship. As you've recently seen on OB's Corner, some local bloggers censor comments. We do not unless they're libelous, etc. That does not mean that we will put up with abuse of candidate's ex-wives or other family.

To the Hendershot supporter who has attempted to do this, it's called an ad hominem attack. In other words, if you can't find fault with their logic, attack their character. As we said above, it's very telling; we have not seen this tactic in the Singleton camp.


County commission? We're not going to make any recommendations in Lauderdale. The current commission is hindered by lack of home rule, so inaction is not always the commissioners' fault.

We suggest our readers research each candidate. Many of our friends and readers are supporting Danny Pettus. While we are not giving an endorsement, we do know that one could not find a more apt or honest person for the job.



Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Ex-Wives Club/We're Six!

Most people understand that ex-spouses don't have kind words for their former partners. That's why anyone should take comments from them with at least some wariness. Ex-wives have come into play here since we have a candidate for Lauderdale Sheriff running on the "family values" platform--a man who admits to four marriages and who had a recorded number of five marriages on some legal documents. Yes, we have copies of e-mails where Augie disparages his former wives...either fairly or unfairly, but we do think most honorable men would not accuse someone they once loved enough to marry of the "crimes" he has listed.

Be that as it may, we also have a candidate in Colbert County who has been married four times. This candidate has not run on any trumped up family values platform. No story there...or is there?

Maybe his opponent thought there might be and decided to call an ex-wife unsolicited? Wonder if he got cussed out?


A supporter of Hendershot has asked about the bloggers here. First, we're not running for office or claiming things that are not true, but we'll answer anyway. Of the five of us, only one has been married more than once--he's been married twice. That's his business; we don't believe he took his divorce lightly.


YES! We're six years old as of yesterday. Thanks to all our readers for your support, both in the past and the future. Never hesitate to contact us.


Shoalanda, J. Redmond, D.K., Cherry, & Bailey

Monday, October 20, 2014

Looking Closely at Augie Hendershot's Ad

We're always amazed at what FB picks up as our "logo." Yesterday it picked up an ad for Augie Hendershot that OB's Corner was featuring. So...we read the ad; let's look at it:

1. 25 years of leadership? How many years has he worked? Did he start out as a leader?

2. Child Death Review Board? He may have been this area's rep at one time, but he's not listed on their list now.

3. Tested and trusted? Who trusts him? Surely not one of his four ex-wives. Tested? We have to admit that some of the citizens of Lexington would test anyone, but we doubt you can compare a town of 800 to a city of 40K.

Oh, well, it's almost Halloween. We'll just consider that ad to be FB's trick for the holiday.


To those that try to comment on OB's blog and fail, send the comments here. We'll certainly publish them.



Sunday, October 19, 2014

Readers' Views/Update on Investigation

From a reader on Sheffield Police/City reaction to storm:

It has been reported to me that on October 13, 2014, when the tornado hit Tuscumbia, shoppers in the manager of the Dollar General store located on 6th St. in Sheffield, closed the store and FORCED shoppers OUT of the store when the tornado sirens went off.

Monday afternoon, when the storms were entering The Shoals, I saw that several Sheffield traffic lights were out.  I notified Sheffield PD of this.  I was informed by the officer taking my call that 'all of the power was out'.  I told him that he was in error, as the street lights were all still working.  This same officer informed me that 'those lights are on a generator.'  Really.......??????   

From a reader on Phil Andrews:

I've never e-mailed you before but please take a few moments to look at the Phil Andrews for Sheriff facebook page and pay special attention to the latest pictures involving his animals. The first election photo he ever took (I believe over a year ago) was of his family and 4 inside dogs which he cares for meticulously. He also has an inside cat who is not pictured. He has a pet goat that he has pictures of standing on his back and looking over his shoulder, he loves this goat as well as the 20 year old horse he keeps in his garage at night in the winter just so he doesn't get cold. There is not any more of an animal lover than Phil, the proof is in the pictures, and some of these pictures were taken several years ago. He's a very good and very honest man, you will simply not find a better person with a bigger heart. Thanks very much for taking the time to read this and look at the Phil Andrews for Sheriff facebook page.

I know that he has attended many public forums where he has addressed his plans and he's very open about them when he's asked directly, he really does care very much about the welfare of the county. I'm not a relative of his (nor am I Phil!!), I'm a police officer of over 24 years in colbert county and I'm very concerned about the wellbeing of the people in the county after this election. I know he is a well qualified man of high morals and character and I'm proud to call him a friend. Thank you for the reply and because I know you're very busy, I appreciate the time you've taken with me very much.


We've had several questions on a recent death that Florence Police were looking into. Our source has been in "I have nothing new to report."

What does this mean? It could mean the investigation is closed and the death was ruled something other than homicide. We feel it means the investigation is ongoing. If it were over, why not say so?

As soon as we have any further comment, we will report it here.



Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Truth About the MS Industries Donation!

We once commented on local candidates who mention their stance on abortion and other issues over which they have absolutely no control. Such references are smokescreens to cover more relevant issues or simply pandering to a public which usually demonstrates knee jerk reactions to these issues.

It should come as no shock to anyone that a local sheriff has no input on “Second Amendment Rights,” yet that was the name of a recent debate...a debate which was partially published on YouTube and linked by our blog yesterday. The interesting thing about this debate was that the second amendment rights of U.S. and Alabama citizens were hardly mentioned during this little stunt, a stunt we understand was orchestrated entirely by the Republican Party.

Who has input on Second Amendment rights? The federal and state court system and to a lesser degree the office of the state attorney general. No county sheriff is going to make policy concerning gun rights—he will, if honest, follow the laws that have been legislated and later interpreted by the courts.

The election of a new Colbert County Sheriff is undoubtedly the most important race in that county. Elections typically bring out the “crazies” and almost always the haters of certain candidates. We’ve received many derogatory comments about Democratic candidate Frank Williamson in the past few months...mostly from the same person. We believe the name used to send these comments is fictitious; however, that in itself would not make these allegations suspect.

The most damning of these allegations concerns Mr. Williamson taking a $500.00 contribution from MS Industries, the company that proposes to engage in tar sands mining in Colbert and Lawrence Counties. The somewhat dubious enterprise donated the same amount to both candidates; the salient question is did either candidate keep the money while stating he had returned the contribution.

We’ll inject here that MS Industries has not yet been proved to be detrimental to the environment or the economy. We believe at some point it will. The salient point is that if one or both of the candidates had kept the contribution...and correctly reported it...what was the harm? No candidate is in anyone’s pocket as long as contributions are made correctly.

Both candidates say they returned the contribution for whatever reason. Political enemies of Frank Williamson are claiming that he didn’t. That would make Williamson both a liar and a dishonest pol since he has not reported the contribution on his official state form. So is this allegation true?



It would appear  Mr. Williamson has indeed done what he said he did. We reiterate that we would have had no problem with his taking the contribution, but we would have had a problem is he had indeed lied. It would seem Mr. Williamson is not the one who lied. Does Phil Andrews support these lies? We don't know...we still haven't heard from him.


Regular readers know our policy about past crimes, etc. When one enters the public fray, they are fair game. In the past we've refused to discuss an old drug arrest for one candidate since we believed it didn't relate to the person he is today. Now we're faced with a similar dilemma.

Again, we're not going to publish this arrest. We feel others will publish the details. Having seen the arrest documents, we're only too sadly aware that many will cheer for what the person did. It's a sad world.



Friday, October 17, 2014

Tommy Oswalt/New Colbert Info?

Tommy Oswalt has been acting Revenue Commissioner for some time. He's a known and proved candidate, and Colbert County would do well to elect him to his first full term.


Now, here's where we remind you that we're not perfect. Once before we have withdrawn an endorsement...and really lived to regret that since we were right on target the first time in the Olivis-Montgomery election in Colbert County.

Therefore, we're still considering what to do here, since we have some private info about a past incident in Phil Andrews earlier years. We chose not to publish it, but it did influence our endorsement. In the interest of fairness, we're publishing this video. Please feel free to comment. Translated that means if you have more info on this, PLEASE contact us via FB or our e-mail.



Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vote for Tim Melson!

No one's perfect...not even close. Most elections boil down to the least objectionable. It's not a surprise that we would endorse almost any opponent of Mike Curtis (once called "Chicken Man" by Alabama blogger King Cockfight).

However, we sincerely  believe Tim Melson has the intelligence and ethics to serve this district well. Check him out: Tim Melson.


Thugs come in all shapes and sizes: It seems UNA has again made the news for athlete arrests.

We would predict since the crime is probably very low on the list of felonies (or even a possible misdemeanor depending on the value of the items), these two will get youthful offender status. We have to ask just what were these two "honor students" thinking? Will their parents let them live to reach trial or plea?