Monday, April 21, 2014

Did You Say "Role Models?"

If you haven't been reading about a certain murder trial in Minnesota, you've been missing out on a ethical/moral dilemma. During the Thanksgiving holidays in 2012, two young teenagers were shot and killed while robbing a 63 year-old man in ill health. It was reportedly the third time the pair had targeted the victim's home. When police searched their car parked a short distance from the house that became their last stand, they found prescription drugs and other loot from another home they had robbed the day before. Prosecutors want the jury to believe the two youths were just after some quick drugs, but the first to feel the lead of the homeowner's gun had in fact left the kitchen and entered the basement looking for God only knows what. Sounds like some really nice kids, doesn't it?

Lest you think the duo was known to police before their demise, think again. These were no urban gangsters, but a pair of middle class first cousins. The boy was 17, the girl 16, and both were considered "role models" in their high school. That's right, role models. The prosecution is seeking to portray them as a bored pair who had lost their way and totally undeserving of the multiple bullets that riddled their bodies.

How do we feel? Up until the homeowner saw fit to inflict a final head shot to finish them off, we pretty much support his handling of the situation. Shattered kneecaps should be common on the job hazards for such little punks. So let's say the homeowner could have held the pair, called authorities, and ended the afternoon robbery with all participants alive and kicking--just how would these role models have been handled in Minnesota courts? We're not sure of Minnesota laws, but in Alabama they could have sought...and probably gotten...Youthful Offender status.

And is there a point to discussing a trial taking place hundreds of miles away in the frigid clime of a prairie state? Yes, we're about to compare two very different local youths who went over to the dark side, but in the interim, we'd like our readers' opinions on the two Minnesota home invaders. What would you have done? What should be the homeowner's fate? We welcome all comments.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lynn McLean: Licensed or Not?

We've had several questions concerning Florence psychologist Lynn F. McLean. We can only say at this time, McLean's license is suspended and may become valid again on May 22, 2014. The State's report indicates McLean was charged with eight ethics violations.

McLean's name has always been closely linked with that of Angel Gieske. Considering this, if any have questions concerning custody agreements, etc., it's best to contact DHR or your attorney. All the best to those who have suffered wrongly.


A recent syndicated article in the TotallyDecatur lamented how the upper members of the Chinese Communist Party uses brutality to get its way. So are we to infer that some or all upper members of the Chinese Communist Party are evil? Would that include UNA’s seeming benefactor Zhang Zhiting?

We’re guessing whoever approved the article was just looking for filler. Wonder what thought of it? Someone said the good Chairman is only a Communist since it helps his business. Why are we thinking of the Klan in America the 1920s and 1930s and the Nazi Party in 1930s Germany?


Friday, April 18, 2014

Another Hottie Scottie Victim

We recently received a communication from a gentleman who had read the Shoals Crime post Kinky Killen Kidnapping. He states he was a victim of Andrew Daniel Scott and had reported the theft, but has not received any restitution from the young man...and he’s looking for answers, not to mention money.

One route the victim inquired about was hiring his own attorney. Unless the amount he lost was well into the thousands, we don’t see that as being economically feasible. If he wants to be sure Scott pays as some kind of justice, then it might be morally worth it to him.

Unfortunately, it’s possible that this theft may have been admitted by Andrew Scott, but not specifically listed in any of his indictments and, therefore, not legally binding to require restitution. Since Scott was arrested again last November, anyone who has been a victim should contact the Lauderdale County District Attorney’s office for help in how to proceed now that Hottie Scottie is again active in the system and awaiting further sentencing.

If this theft was documented and mentioned in Scott’s previous plea agreement, the victim (or other victims) should contact the office of the circuit court clerk to determine if the courts are holding any funds for disbursement. There seems to be close to two dozen reported victims in the wake of Andrew Daniel Scott’s seven-year long crime spree, and we doubt all will ever be repaid.

And, yes, it’s very sad when anyone’s hard earned money is taken from them and winds up in the nose or arm of a douche bag.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finding the Brown Recluse

Yes, our friend the Brown Recluse has reached a milestone and also has a new web home. Congratulations to our favorite spider, er, blogger in reaching 100,000 unique page views. Total page hits usually run about 150% of unique hits, so Margaret is a force to be reckoned with in Shoals Cyberspace.

We have been remiss in not updating her new website addy, but rest assured it has now been done. Her site may be found in the list of links appearing in the left hand column of our blog. Once there, we promise you’ll be charmed by the Brown Recluse’s photography, doodles, and of course writing. You’ll be happy you checked in to learn of her latest adventures with Ol’ Boy and Mr. Gibbs. 

While on the subject of blogs, our sister publication Shoals Crime recently updated its posts. If any readers have an article on local crime, please feel free to forward it to us with information on how you want authorship listed. Any articles sent to us remain the property of the author and may be republished elsewhere at any time.

If you have a local blog and are not listed in our sidebar index, please forward the information to us. We want you to have a long, successful, and happy run!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Catching Up with Mark Davis

We've received the following communication from Mark Davis. We have his permission to publish it in toto and unedited:

I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about Alabama DHR reporting me to the credit reporting agencies when there is no Alabama statute that grants it.

The complaint was forwarded to the federal government's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (

Word arrived today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau now has an active investigation regarding the issue.

Also there was a state level hearing with the DHR on their acting adverse to me.

As I have said since 2010, federal regulations mandate the previous Tennessee child support judgment that ordered me to directly support our daughter be registered in Alabama in accordance to a particular mandate.

The state hearing officer Louise Shaddix verbally agreed with me on this issue and said "everyone at DHR knows well that an out of state judgment must be registered in Alabama."

Well, that was never done.

This means my being jailed was illegal.  I am fully supporting Katie consistent with the only valid court order... the Tenn order.

Although, the hearing officer will not issue an order for 30 days, I suspect she might cover for DHR. She is employed by DHR.

Another federal violation by the DHR  is that Federal law indicates I am to have an independent hearing by an independent hearing officer.

I have attached a written summary of the issues addressed in the DHR hearing. The summary includes quotes from the Alabama child support and procedures manual showing the DHR fraudulent failures.

I have redacted personal information including my daughters name. You have my permission to publish it, either as a whole or in sections.

This involves public monies and the public should know about it.

Finally, the federal regulation regarding an administrative hearing CFR 205.10 said that I am entitled to view "all documents" in the DHR case file prior to the hearing. I have requested to review the case file since December 2013.

Chris Connolly objected and said that I am not entitled to view it. The hearing officer agreed indicating the file is "confidential".

The 8th federal circuit court of appeals quoting the US supreme court said when Alabama agreed to accepted federal funding it is mandated to follow federal regulations regardless of the state agency policies, otherwise the state agency is violating the supremacy clause of the US Constitution. See the first page of the summary.

Chris Connolly's response on my viewing the DHR case file is that he is not required to follow 8th federal circuit case law. Connolly said we are in the 11th federal circuit. Never mind, the 8th circuit is quoting the US Supreme Court.

We are supposed to be a nation of laws not of men. Yet, Chris Connolly is of the opinion he is above the law.


We welcome comments on Alabama DHR!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Prosecute Adultery?

Yes, we believe that adultery is technically a crime in Alabama. Now Lawrence County, Alabama, deputy Harold Knighten has used that as a defense in checking out his competitors on a publicly funded crime base. Do we think he will win using this defense? No...

But should he win, divorce cases in Alabama will become much more interesting. Joe Bleaux thinks his wife Missy is cheating with Handsome Harry Heartthrob and he names Harry in the complaint. If Joe wins, won't the county district attorney then be required to prosecute Harry and Missy?

Alabama could become a attorney's dream.


Wonder how Knighten's wife feels having her extra-curricular activities made known to the world?