Monday, January 15, 2018

David Black/State Legislature Again Out There

On the John McMillan/David Black front, we have had no comments about McMillan either yea or nay. We've had at least two concerning Black, neither favorable. The office of State Treasurer is hardly what springs to mind when one hears the term "political power." Yet, the holder of this office serves the people no less than the governor. 

While it would be a novelty to have such an elected official from northwest Alabama, McMillan has a long-standing political base and is known for his strong family ties. Qualifying won't end for three more weeks. It will be interesting to see who else may toss his toupee into the ring.



With the new legislative session comes some really, really bad bills. Most of them won't make it out of committee; however, for the sake of entertainment as well as informing the public what insipid individuals hold elective office in our state, we're going to showcase one each day for a few weeks.

Here's a good one to start with: A bill was introduced in the House that would require the state, a county, a municipality or a local board of education to sell at public auction or transfer to the Alabama Land Bank Authority any building owned by such that is unused and has been uninhabited for not less than two years. The bill is pending in the House State Government Committee [HB95 by Representative Jack (JD) Williams].  

Just think, a local school system would be forced to give up land it has plans for if it's waiting on traffic studies/funding for more than 24 months. We're not sure who would take advantage of this law, but we assume an entity...oh, just off the top of our head, say UNA...could force such a sale and take over the property. Insert private individual to replace government entity. How would that go over? There must be an interesting story behind Williams' support of this legislation...well, that or a powerful lobbying interest.


Remember to bring in your pets tonight. That's unless you live in Lauderdale County; then the DA's office says you can let them freeze. We assume Coty Hand isn't running for office any time soon. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Let's Praise Shelby, Not Censure HIm

Many are saying Alabama wouldn't have gotten the Toyota-Mazda plant if Roy Moore had been elected our newest U.S. Senator. No one can actually know that for a fact, but we feel it's a pretty good guess. Would Moore have cared? We're guessing the answer to that is no.

What role did Richard Shelby play in Moore's defeat? We certainly think he helped, but we don't believe he was the deciding factor. Now some Moore supporters want the Republican Party to censure Shelby for going against party line. We doubt that they get their wish, but it does reflect on the average Moore supporter, aka sore loser.

Shelby won't run again, so he really has nothing to lose. He's already a hero to most of the state, and many are calling him the greatest senator the state has produced. We're holding off on that title. Such appraisals are almost impossible considering the amount of change in political climate from generation to generation, but certainly Shelby should be pretty high up in the pantheon. 


Colbert Commissioner David Black


Let's Talk John McMillan

John McMillan is the current state Commissioner of Agriculture and a long standing fixture in the state Republican Party. He had planned to run for governor, but changed his mind...for whatever reason. Now he's running for state Treasurer. He has name recognition and a large political base. 

If the election were held in the proverbial tomorrow, McMillan would win hands down. We all know how quickly things can change, and the primary is five months in the future. Now McMillan will be facing local political iconoclast David Black. Republican Black has some state cred, but how much is the question. Or perhaps the question is the contents of his war chest?

Whom will we support? That too is open at this point. We can say that it's going to be another long political season.


Like McMillan, several announced candidates have dropped out of the governor's race. Yet, there's still time to qualify. Keep your garlic handy.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Those Pesky Prison Phones & Jerry Don Crowden

News reports from Montgomery indicate our governor is not a fan of building new prisons. If we have no new prisons, we have no new cell phone blocking technology. What we do have is a DOC which says it currently doesn't have the ability to police smart phones accessing the Internet for any and all purposes.

Some months ago, a reader contacted us several times about a cell phone in the possession of Jerry Don Crowden, a noted local ne'er-do-well who won't see daylight for 15 more years. In the past, Crowden has used a cell phone to open a Facebook account to contact family members and make connections with women who ostensibly sent him money. 

For a while, Crowden's account went black; however, our reader has sent us a new link for this Lauderdale bad boy. He's now operating under the name J. D. King.

Can he be stopped? Just think how many others must have similar phones hidden away from the prying eyes of guards. Our advice here is to the ladies reading this. No, he's not different. Yes, he just wants your money. No, you can't change him. Write these admonitions on your fridge and repeat them several times daily if this will help you not to become the latest victim of a prison scam.

Now a worst case scenario; Crowden has two escapes to his credit. He could be using this form of communication to plan a daring escape. If he should show up at anyone's door, be advised he's not going anywhere for a long, long time. As a sex offender, he's barred from work release and passes, so you know he didn't get home in any honest way. Be vigilant.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Our Convoluted History on Display This Monday

Who is the most hated man in U.S. history? Many would say Gen. Benedict Arnold. Did you know there is a monument honoring Arnold in Saratoga, New York? There's even a more grandiose monument across the border in Canada where Arnold is considered a patriot and a plaque in London, England. 

So which was he? Probably a little bit of both. Like many who came both before and after in recorded history, Arnold acted as a super bogeyman to rally Colonial troops during the Revolution. We're in favor of viewing him today as he really was...a human being who did what he thought was right at the time.

So on Monday, the State of Alabama celebrates two birthdays. Take your pick. Martin Luther King Jr. or Gen. Robert E. Lee or both. Our pick? Both.



So, in keeping with our theme today, here's a blog from Southern Son which he sent us a few weeks ago:

As I understand it, on Wednesday night the City of Memphis and City Council unanimously approved the sale of Health Science Park, home of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, and its easement on Fourth Bluff Park, home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, for $1,000 each to Memphis Greenspace Inc. Fourth Bluff, or Memphis Park, is owned by a group called The Overton Heirs.

The new nonprofit, which is led by Shelby County Commissioner and attorney Van Turner, brought in a crane to remove the Forrest statue first at around 6 p.m. Wednesday night.

They, in their ignorance and arrogance, used basically a technicality to do what they've done and "sold" the property removing the monuments in the process believing that would absolve them of having to obey the law.  Their folly may just get the better of them because the deed was not registered as of this (Thursday) morning. "Legally" the City was still in possession of the parks as of business this morning which means they blatantly and with abandon, broke Tennessee state law. 

Also trucks used in the removal violated DOT regulations by using blue tape covering up the company or business name. (Pics attached). Here is a link to the DOT regs that were violated as is known at this point:

Southern Son


We've received some interesting comments about Park Place. If you have photos of bed bugs or black mold, please send them to us.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Who Knew Plumbers & Pipefitters Were So Subversive?

We've heard a lot about George Soros contributing to ads against Roy Moore in the special Senate election, but it's been revealed the second largest contributor to the Highway 31 PAC was the Plumbers & Pipefitters Union with a four million dollar donation. And to think they walk among us...



Newly minted Senator Doug Jones has joined in supporting the bill to continue funding CHIP. In case you missed it during the fall campaign, Roy Moore ostensibly said he preferred churches and charitable institutions to help the needy poor. The "needy poor?" We're not sure if that's a redundancy or merely comparable to the expression "legitimate rape."

Proponents of CHIP are calling those against continued funding supporters of "postpartum abortion." If we can have pre-born humans and full term abortions, postpartum abortion seems a natural followup. Perhaps it will mentally slap some sense into those who oppose CHIP funding.


We encourage everyone to keep wearing their garlic necklaces. So far Roy Moore hasn't broached the subject of the governor's race. For the record, we haven't heard from Kayla or Sassy either.


Ice tomorrow? Stay home if at all possible. 

Hospitals and physicians' offices are also asking that everyone stay home if at all possible. We understand local hospitals now have phone lines. Yes, really. Call those who are hospitalized and don't transmit or receive the flu. The life you save may be your own.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What's Happening at Park Place?

Park Place was originally designed as a retirement community. After the death of Bob Love, a new owner rented to college students, short-term business guests, etc. Many felt this was an unwise business decision, while others heralded it as a means to keep the facility afloat when rentals would have otherwise been low.

Recently there's been an exodus of sorts from Park Place. Why? There are several stories floating around, but we have not been able to independently verify them. If you have had personal experience with Park Place, send us a private message. We'll try to update this next week.



Ooops! We had an article sent to us about Humphrey Lee, mainly derogatory, about upcoming race. Apparently, the article referenced the wrong race...and we have not had any announcement sent to us by Lee. Sorry for any confusion -- our fault completely for not checking. Therefore, this deletion.


Blake Austin Hines? He's in a lot of trouble...again. Our take, and it's not going to change, is that anyone who would violently assault a unwell woman in her 80' not fit, nor will he ever be fit, to live among civilized individuals. He's again been arrested, but we have no hopes of anything more than another short incarceration. This will be his third, if you count his time in juvie. 

No answers and no hope. Yet how many in the Shoals are just like him?

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Toyota! Oh, What a Feeling?

Phones, e-mails, you name it...all conveying the news that Toyota will be building a plant in our neighboring county of Limestone. Is it true? Tomorrow will tell. The governor is expected to call a joint news conference with auto makers to announce the location of a new manufacturing endeavor.

How many jobs? The number is varying with each communication, but it could be 5,000 at its peak. Even if it's much less, this will be a boon to Lauderdale particularly, as well as Limestone.

Are local workers ready? Let's hope so. Obviously, Lawrence County will want a piece of the pie, as well as Madison and Morgan. So, step up your game, guys! This is what so many have been waiting for, and it's no DreamVision or Inspiration Landing. It's the real deal!