Monday, June 29, 2015

Love Letters from Prison

“Is any of it really true?” We actually had someone ask us that question recently concerning several articles we had published over the years concerning a local thug/sociopath. It seems this man had placed his name on a prison pen pal site to meet women.

We sent links to this young woman which corroborated nine out of ten of our articles. We never heard from her again; let's hope she moved on to a higher quality of the male species.

There's nothing wrong with corresponding with someone in prison; however, we strongly advise all women...and research what their new friend tells them. You might not be the only one sending the prisoner money and expecting a life with him once he's released. The word is “used.” Don't be it.


On a similar note, a young woman wrote to us several months ago about her best friend. It seems this young woman had become involved with an accomplished user who was on probation. This young woman was “needy” according to her friend and fell for his line...which we understand is very convincing, not to mention backed up by his totally enabling family.

The pair plastered their FB pages with pics of one another; then the neo-Eddie Haskell was shipped off to prison for new crimes against the citizens of the State of Alabama. The young woman has tried to move on, but her less than honorable former squeeze refuses to take down her photos and alter his relationship status.

The friend asked us what she could do. Our answer? Not much.

There's a very old saying: You knew he was a snake before you took him in. Think about your children. Don't they deserve more?


Care about yourself? Your family? Your partner? Then use birth control and vehicular restraints.

We once heard someone say they hated the word “restraint.' We hate the words “dead & decapitated.” If you don't use the proper restraints in your vehicle, that's what you and passengers may wind up being if your car rolls over ten times. The least of your worries will be the 500.00 fine. You could be looking at actual prison time. If you're old enough to drive, you're old enough to act responsibly.

That last statement also goes for all those using fireworks this upcoming Independence Day. It hasn't been that many years since an Athens father accidentally killed his young son while shooting off pyrotechnics. Be safe; take your family to a professional display.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Muskrats & Malls

From Tuscumbia Muskrat: The biggest waste of Tuscumbia tax payer money is the continued employment of our incompetent Park Manager, Joel Kendrick. The Times Daily (again) delivered Kendrick's whitewash of the truth ... this time regarding the removal of the wooden Indian statue at Spring Park. Joel Kendrick's statement:“It had been kind of preserved when they did the work on it, but the underground parts were deteriorating,” “You can’t really preserve it. It had gotten to the point where we were afraid it was going to topple over.” (Statement taken from - Workers seek to salvage Spring Park tree - TimesDaily June 26, 2015)

First Kendrick admits that the statue was originally treated by the man who carved the statue...or as Kendrick so condescendingly put it, "kind of preserved." So for all these years did Kendrick even try to preserve the statue? I guess telling everyone "you can’t really preserve it" means that he never tried to treat it?!? Many concerned citizens questioned the deterioration of the wooden Indian carving, along with other ongoing issues at Spring Park. A few of these citizens posted pics of the neglected park, including pics of the statue's rotting foot... And that ladies & gentlemen is when all the neglect in the park got noticed!!! It certainly WAS NOT an outcry from a concerned Park Manager! Is anyone going to make the Park Manager accountable???


From Darren Rhodes: Jimmy Clemmons (Owner Gingerbread Antiques) turned in his notice last week. I never asked him to leave, or asked to increase his current rental rate for the space. The information you have in your article is 100% false.

(We await a rebuttal from J. Redmon.)


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Darren Rhodes & Gingerbread Antiques

For the past 8 years one of the most unique and interesting places to browse during a lunch break, or shop for collectibles in downtown Florence, has been Gingerbread Antiques.  Located next to FloBama's, one could spend hours inside the business and not see everything offered. The merchandise ranged from antique furniture and estate jewelry to collectible books, toys and militaria.

Last week, the proprietors of Gingerbread Antiques were given notice to vacate the premises.....or come up with $6K/mo in rent.  Needless to say, $6K/mo is an astronomically large sum.  It seems that the current owner, Darren Rhodes (President Shoals MPE--Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical), has visions of turning the building into an upscale apartment building and has given all vendors, some of which reside out of state, until the end of July to vacate. When asked where potential residents would park, Mr. Rhodes reportedly said, 'That's not my problem.' 

It remains unclear whether Mr. Rhodes has sought/gained 'the go ahead' from city officials, or when any demolition/construction is set to begin.

All we do know is that Mr. Rhodes has made it that much more difficult to 'shop locally' and keep money in Florence.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Northwest Alabama or Nazi Germany?

We have had several comments about our guest editorial on restrictions at the Muscle Shoals football field. First, some questioned the publication of the article itself. Let's look at that.

The author lives, works, and pays taxes in that city. He/she has every right to question how such money is spent. If anyone can say he/she should not have a voice, they can say we should not have a voice. If they can say we can't have a voice, they can deny your voice also. Is this northwest Alabama or Nazi Germany? Think about it.

Next, comments: We had one “couple” on FB accuse us of deleting comments. None was deleted about that blog. If we delete, it's for language, etc.

This couple did not answer our request to enumerate what had been deleted. Our new policy will be to name those here in this blog who make accusations, but don't back them up. That goes for those (RH, you know who you are) who falsely accuse us of not publishing comments to the blog itself.

One final comment concerning the blog: It was written days before the young footballer was killed. We think we can speak for the writer when we say no untoward agenda was indicated. Our sympathies to the young man's family.

Want to write supporting (or not) any aspect of local in misuse of your tax dollars? Send your blog to us at


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jim Bonner Running for Office?

I would like to announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination to be your next president

My platform:

1) all southerners will be tried for treason and if they admit their guilt as traitors may be re-admitted as conditional citizens.
2) all firearms will be confiscated and you will be issued a shelter dog instead.
3) one lane of every paved road shall be designated a bike lane. in the event the road only has one lane it shall be closed to motor traffic.
4) citizens will be issued healthy food based on a 1800 calorie diet.
5) the US flag shall be considered a military honor and anyone flying the symbol of world oppression other than active military personnel shall be arrested under the "stolen valor law"
6) undocumented citizens shall be in charge of food production and will be paid $15 an hour
7) because of the need to protect the nations food supply the undocumented citizen will be exempt from the gun laws.
8) the income tax will be repealed and replaced with a national food and marijuana tax.
9) all nuclear and coal electricity plants will be closed immediately. citizens will be issued three 270 watt solar cells. deal with it.
10) elected officials will be exempt from the above .

Did I leave anything out?


Good luck, Jim! You have our vote.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Basden's Grid Iron Girls? Sexist, Much?

From a Muscle Shoals reader: 

Muscle Shoals Taxpayers financed a Football Dynasty of 10 million dollars. The PUBLIC facility is locked. Residents are not allowed to walk on the TAXPAYER track at the Basden Dynasty.


Carolyn Stoner Mize - Muscle Shoals High School Guidance Counselor & GIG (Basden's Grid Iron Girls that raise money for him). Mize is mother to the "Baby's Daddy", whose mommy is Savanna Haddock as shown in the pictures.

Obviously Band/Majorettes are not allowed on field for SCHOOL PICTURES, but a baby, the mother and Carolyn Stoner Mize, mother to the baby daddy AND grandmother to the baby not only get exclusive use - but a baby sitter in the TAXPAYER'S air conditioned building.

NICE set up for the faMily, huh - KEEP PAYING THOSE TAXES, MUSCLE SHOALS CITIZENS. There is a group that take full advantage of riding on your backs.

The attached is a series of public postings on social media. Proof is in the puddin' pictures....




Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FLIP FLOPS, WINDS, and MUSICAL CHAIRS in Lauderdale County....

From a reader:

Billy Jackson was appointed by Bob Riley as the District Attorney in 2002 as a Republican. He ran for re-election in 2004 (that was a condition of being appointed), lost, then ran for won in 2010 as a Democrat as the Circuit Judge. After being beat by Chris Connolly in 2004, the paper quoted Billy Jackson's wife as saying that he "could not support the Democratic Party because of the issues of partial-birth abortion and gay marriage." Yet despite those supposed beliefs, he ran in 2010 as a Democrat on the same ballot as the most pro-abortion major party Presidential candidate in known history (Barack Obama). What happened to his values?

Now that the winds have shifted yet again, he wants back into the Republican Party. So much so, that the Democrat Judge is visiting the Republican County meetings and politicking for votes to switch again. Kind of like Musical Chairs the children play.

It sounds to me like we've got our very own Parker Griffith. The Flip Flop Candidates. How are we to believe what he stands for from one day to the next? He ran as a candidate under a party banner that he'd previously said he "could not support" due to core platform issues. Did he change his stance on those issues? Has he changed them again? Which side of the mouth is he speaking from today?

If a public official can switch from party to party whenever they want, as many times as they want, what then is the difference between the two parties? What  line separates Republicans and Democrats? Or, is it the WINDS that separate?

Is this the sound rational political wrangling of a person that we should elect as a JUDGE? 

It would be a bad move for Republicans to let Jackson once again switch parties, but a victory for the Democrats. Voter's confidence and trust in the stability and standards of the Republican Party would greatly diminish . Billy's reputation as a fairly horrible judge may be one reason the Democrat party is working behind the scenes to help him "cross over" once again.  Gil Self was allowed to switch parties recently, which was a tactical move when the GOP realized they might not pick up that seat in 2016 since Gil is popular and has access to a large number of high dollar donors for his re-election campaign. 

Jackson is another story. Virtually none of his colleagues and peers give a good report on his job performance - at least in private. At this point, the lawyers have a strong viable GOP candidate, Ben Graves. Graves has the qualifications (Florence Municipal Judge), the reputation, and the organization, to take out a widely disliked incumbent judge. With an experienced, conservative, viable candidate in the race, why allow a baggage-ridden serial party swapper that doesn't know what he stands for?

The Lauderdale County Republican Executive committee members would be fools to allow him to switch. They already let 4 Democrats switch parties despite being given a very clear mandate last year by the voters that they didn't want to put any more Democrats in elected office. Billy Jackson is incompetent, unaccountable, inaccessible, and untrustworthy. The Executive Committee needs to remember that they are elected by the Republican voters every 4 years as well. A number of longtime incumbent Republicans were kicked off the committee last year - including the sitting vice-chairman Buel Springer, who had served on the committee for 28 years. If the new committee starts acting like the old committee, the odds are that the Republican Primary voters will kick them out too.