Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Real Skinny on DreamVision?

Count us among the many who have no idea why the dreamers at DreamVision keep on keepin' on; however, others have some ideas. Our blog team member L. Stone at first thought the company might have been seeking TVA land, but now has found another premise for the dreamy team from Ft. Worth to pursue this pipe dream.

How about some really big Chinese money? It would seem that money just by itself won't help these Chinese businessmen enter our country, but money placed in mega-investments will.

Well, we all know how well that worked out for UNA and its College of Integrative Health Quackery.


Congrats to Bobby Wallace! UNA found a jewel in him not once, but twice. Good luck to the team with a perfect record, albeit still early in the season. We're keeping our fingers crossed for this weekend.



Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How Will City Enforce UNA Parking?

This is one area in which we commend Florence City Council President Dick Jordan. How will the city handle students parking for downtown classes?

Given the length of the classes, a student could possibly park in a metered space and not avail themselves of the parking deck. No one would be the wiser, but anyone seeking to park for lunch at Rosie's, Trowbridges, or the new barbecue eatery would be left to walk quite a distance...assuming they didn't just give up and head out to the Boulevard.

As for campus parking? It's going to be a long wait for those 400 new spaces.


Update on mysterious rig at the Sheffield Recreation Center: It apparently belongs to a city maintenance employee who has his own lawn business on the side. Hmmmm. As we all know, Sheffield would not be the first city to give preferential treatment of this nature to employees.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How About $11.00 an Hour to Risk Your Life?

After we published our blog on local wages, we received this from Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan:

A man or woman with a 4 year degree and not academy certified starts at my department for $11.01 per hour. Once certified that person goes to $11.37 per hour. After 5 years with my department and a 4 year degree that officer makes $11.97 per hour for the next 10 years when they receive a $600 per year increase and will retire at that rate. The only way they move from that rate of pay is to be promoted which opportunities are limited by budgeted positions or cost of living raises which none of Tuscumbia's employees have received in the last 3 years. A classic example is a current Captain in with my department with 27 years with the City makes $14.37 per hour and has a 4 year degree.

I applaud Sheriff Singleton is his efforts to call out salary shortcomings for the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line every day to keep the Shoals one of the safest areas in the state and the southeast. He and I talk on a regular basis of ways to try and improve the pay for our officers.

Thanks for keeping important concerns in the public eye!

We're going to add that Chief Logan has recently required his department to obtain supplemental training on professional ethics. We feel 99% of those who serve start out to help the community. Unfortunately, many become jaded or even, pardon the analogy, turn to the dark side. Many thanks to all those who hang in there.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Just What Is a Good Wage?

Someone posted to the TD's “You Said It” site that $12.00 an hour was a good wage. Really? How sad is that? Perhaps even sadder is that we know some with multiple college degrees who make little more than that.

Those college degrees? We understand the UNA schools of teaching and nursing are required to tell applicants that this area has too many in these fields already. MBAs? We hear a dime a dozen.

Is our local problem the lack of an Interstate? Surely there's more than one problem that causes the economic starvation of the Shoals. Wait...we hear help is coming.

Yes, we understand DreamVision is again on the move. There's even a new division—PGC Entertainment under the direction of Bryan Robinson of Killen. Thank goodness, we're all saved.

So we'll have our park by 2019? Well, in case you get tired of waiting, Shoalanda still has a few ground floor investments open in her hoverboard project.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lurid Florence Crime?

A local news site that we highly recommend states it doesn't publish lurid news. As for our political blog, we have to ask how politics in this state can be anything but lurid?

However, we've recently read some lurid crime news from the city of Florence that will blow your socks off. Where is it published? In No'Ala of all places. Our friend Allen Tomlinson has outdone himself in this piece of investigative journalism that we dare you not to enjoy.

You can find Tomlinson's expose' in the September/October issue of his magazine. Be sure to pick up a copy before they're all sold out.


Speaking of news, does our blog not show up in your regular FB news feed? Several readers have commented on this issue. We're looking into it, but in the interim you may have our blogs e-mailed to you as soon as they're published. Look to our left sidebar to register your address.


The white-out scandal of 2015: A reader has written to complain that the Lauderdale Circuit Court Clerk's office is taking time away from more pressing business when it whites out the current clerk's last name—Hibbett.

We're not sure how much time this would take, but our question upon hearing this news relates to the timing. Unless the now very public divorce has been finalized, isn't this just a little premature?


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Those Seven Pesky Words

We don't like to ban readers. No, really, we don't; however, when they continue to use profane and vulgar language we do. We recently banned the "non-girlfriend" of a man charged with manslaughter, but often we receive comments on much less heated issues which use these words.

One thing that astounded us a few months ago was the reaction of a man who apparently had worked in law enforcement for at least 20 year who didn't realize a word he had used was "dirty." That's a little frightening not only because he may be using this word around those who are actually offended by it, but also because he's never heard George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words routine. How culturally deprived is he?

We will delete comments with a few other words not on the list of seven, but we do try to give the poster a chance to resend the comment in an amended form. What if we leave a blog or Facebook intact with such a lesser "dirty word?" That must mean the comment is so on the mark that we hate to delete for such a small other words, you got it that way.


We received a few comments on our Florence animal shelter guest blog. We welcome more comments from those who have actually worked there. No place of that nature is perfect, but such antics are why we support HASRA. You can be sure your donation is put to the correct use at that wonderful private shelter.


We also had a few comments about the 8 year & 8 month sentence for Candace Irons. One reader wanted to know what kind of sentence her daughter Brady could expect. First, she could be found not guilty, but if she is found guilty, her charges were much more severe and she had quite a few more prior arrests than her mother. So we would say it won't be a lenient sentence even if the law allowed for one.


Friday, September 25, 2015

Florence Animal Shelter Problems?

We have received an interesting guest blog. We have no knowledge of the situations enumerated here; we happily publish comments and rebuttals:

Guest Blog:

I volunteered for a short time at the Animal Shelter back when HASRA was still running the place.  The reason for my short service:
  • Employee’s never seemed to do any work.  Volunteer’s cleaned, exercised, feed animals, cleaned/maintained facilities indoor and outdoor pens.  Rarely did employee’s have contact with animals other then the occasional strays they picked up (majority of animals dropped off in outside pens after hours, which should be illegal).
  • Volunteer’s controlled what happened to animals, there was no interest in reuniting “desirable” strays with owners, or, letting “desirable” animals be adopted.  All “desirable” dogs were sent immediately to foster homes and transported out of state ASAP to various dog brokers (aka highest bidder, Badass Dogs in Brooklyn pays up to $300.00 depending on breed, and they adopt them out for $450.00).   On two separate occasions, I tried adopting dogs when they were brought into the shelter, but both times told  they had already been promised to Badass Dogs.
  • Donated food, crates, medicine, and supplies obtained for the shelter animals by the volunteers, were routinely taken home (stolen) by shelter employees.
I could go on and on, but I wrote you this email to find out if you know why, Florence Animal Shelter truck stays parked in Killen at, Vinnie Grosso’ business Arx Mortis?  I’m not talking about hours shelter is closed, but during the week and hours of shelters operation. 

As always, we want what's best for the shelter animals. Let us hear your opinions.