Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Special Post on Activities in the City of Muscle Shoals

We received this earlier today and believe it deserves to be published in full:

Why? Double Dipping? Who does he serve? Does he leave his "day job" to "play School Board". Serving 2 masters?

Appalling is not close to the outrage I feel looking at that picture of Chad Holden and those want to be thugs/gangsta's.  - Thuggin with the true OG?
For any adult to put themselves in the middle of children acting like thugs making those kind of gestures is alarming.
Isn't it against the law to be making a gun gesture in a school?
For the principal not only to participate in such garbage, but also to post that picture on his facebook indicates a high level of immaturity and lack of leadership.
I would be interested to know what disciplinary action was taken by his superiors for such abuse of public facilities.
Taxpayers should be alarmed at the lack of leadership from the top down for these things to be allowed.

Maybe LAUDERDALE COUNTY VOTERS will remember this when Chad Holden once again asks for their support, telling them about his "accomplishments".
I'm sure this picture will re-surface if he tries to mis-lead us again.
Muscle Shoals, you're on your own if you choose to employ people that are out of touch with reality.

On the golf course debacle.
Cypress Lakes 3G's - Gas-Golf-Guzzling.
Why is alcohol allowed on taxpayer public property?
There is an ordinance against alcohol on publicly owned properties I believe.
Is this city council above their own laws - sorry, that question was borderline insane in itself.
The Gas Department "donates" a gas grill.
How much is the GAS BILL for Hole 19 booze bar?
Do those jokers really think kicking Rhoda P out of the "Country Club" is going to solve their problems? That woman has brought a little stability to that place for a change and those councilmen are going to throw the shaft to her? PITIFUL.

AVENGE the DEATH of your ANCESTORS at the hands of the MAYOR!!!
Take the Course - Take the Schools - Take the Thugs!

Which brings me to this conclusion.
Coaches and Councilmen are interchangeable.
Say what it takes to get what you want.
Use taxpayers and parents to get what you want.
Charge and tax people to get what you want.
Enforce rules only on those who get in the way of getting what you want.
Don't enforce rules on those who insure you get what you want.
Feed your ego on other people's back to get what you want.
Lastly, for any MS policeman that was working the summer before Dee Liner's senior year (and he was 18) might remember an incident at a home in MS (during the same time of his 2 arrests). I'm told the MSCS superintendent and principal were advised of Liner being run off by a homeowner to which Liner returned with his back up boys. The homeowner had to pull a gun on Liner to make him take his hands off his daughter and leave.
As you said Shoalanda, it's all about winning, and we all know the Trojan star was on the field in a matter of weeks after all those incidents the summer before his senior year.
Expect any better when you see that kind of picture of the kids and principal at MSHS "thuggin"?
Where is that boy now anyway?

Something (Fill in the Blank) This Way Comes

Something thoughtless this way comes: That would be Shoalanda who attributed the Ray Bradbury fantasy tale Something Wicked This Way Comes to Stephen King. We have read it and loved it, but obviously had our minds elsewhere when we wrote that blog. Thanks to a witty reader's comment for our laugh of the day.

Something misunderstood this way comes: We knew that we were missing something concerning our comments on Sheffield bars. We had asked why they had such violent problems, and got some odd answers. We've just learned that some readers thought this was a racist comment. Most assuredly it wasn't. We have no idea who owned/operated some of the shut down businesses, but we're pretty sure at least one could have qualified as "Country & Western."

If you had asked us which local town had the largest African-American population, we would have answered off the top of our heads Tuscumbia. So we decided to check:

Florence -- 19.4% black
Muscle Shoals -- 15.3% black
Sheffield -- 26.8% black
Tuscumbia -- 21.2% black

We have learned some new demographics, but now we're wondering why there's over a 10% difference between Sheffield and Muscle Shoals.

Something imperial this way comes (warning--strong language): That would also be Shoalanda. Our friend O.B. calls himself a benevolent dictator as to what comments he will publish. A recent critic has mentioned two problems she has with us. We'll address one here.

When a young man, driving under the influence, wrecked and took out both his girlfriend and a Tennessee landmark, we published a photo sent to us of the couple. It seems many didn't like the photo since it had Satanic undertones or some such. Why did we not take it down early on?

Probably because one of the first remarks stated something to the effect: You better take down that picture you goddam motherfuckin' bitch. Maybe it's just us, but we felt some hostility there. If you ever question anything we publish, we'll be happy to discuss it with you in a civil manner. Otherwise, we don't owe you anything so don't expect anything.


The critic mentioned above asked why we didn't meet with Mr. Mark Linder personally as he offered. Probably because we have only one or two questions, one of which requires only a yes or no answer.

Question One: Is it UNA's policy not to suspend athletes for misdemeanors as quoted in the Flor-Ala?

If the answer is "No," then we would have no more questions, but advise Mr. Linder to ask that the Flor-Ala do a retraction.

If the answer is "Yes," then we would ask

Question Two: If you don't suspend for misdemeanors, why were the two Russellville second string players suspended?

Rest assured, this is an ongoing quest for fairness.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Muscle Shoals: Thuggin' & Free Grills

From a Colbert County reader:

Thought you should see the origin of the THUGGIN craze. Attached is the URBAN DICTIONARY explanation of Thuggin Thursday.

The 2nd attachment is a picture taken in (Chad Holden) principal's office at Muscle Shoals High School on October 2nd 2014. Holden is featured as one of the "thugs" in the photo op with students doing gang signs and one young lady is pointing her finger in a gun sign as well.The young man to the far right holding the mega phone is said to be Levi Fell's brother, Isaiah. This picture was posted on Insta Gram AND Facebook.

One man told me Holden posted the picture on his facebook and thought the man was kidding when he criticized him for doing that kind of thing in a school and with students with him being a leader / principal!  Holden finally removed the picture from his FB.

Wonder WHY kids are "Thuggin"? WHY NOT, when a principal is "Thuggin" with them. They learn by example. Then they become adults (18), go to college, go afoul of the law, and Shoalanda has material to publish. Sad but true.

CLEAN HOUSE - the public doesn't know the half of what is going on in all these schools.


Note: We were unable to download the Urban Dictionary photo without some modification. We will use this later. Here's the photo of Chad Holden--at least he didn't have red hair: goes well with Gangsta Jazz at Florence High School: Link


Are you a customer of the Muscle Shoals Gas Department (if there is one)? Then you should read this.

We understand that there was a restaurant at Cypress Lakes Golf Course when Neil Whitsell so generously gave the green elephant (turtle habitat) to the City of Muscle Shoals. We were unaware that there was also a separate bar, but that is to be expected. It's called, at present, the 19th Hole Lounge.

Since the city took ownership, we are aware of at least two entities which leased the restaurant. A usual type of agreement would be for the lessee to pay a monthly fee plus a percentage of the profit. For whatever reasons, Muscle Shoals is now doing away with the eatery.

However, it seems the lounge will remain. Who is the lessee? Or perhaps we should ask if there is a lessee? It seems the 2013-2014 city budget allotted 85K to run the bar. This would be 85K in tax dollars.

Apparently since the restaurant is being shut down, the city thinks it's a good idea to install a gas grill to prepare some fast food for the golfers--we're guessing a little food insures more liquor sales. Where did the city get its gas grill?

It would seem the Muscle Shoals Gas Department donated the grill. Where did the gas department get the grill? We're going to assume that it originally cost them some money--money produced by gas sales to Muscle Shoals residents. 

But wait! Does the City of Muscle Shoals have a gas department? We would very much like a link to info on this city department. Just as in our finite wisdom, we didn't realize that Cypress Lakes had a separate bar, we thought that the Northwest Alabama Gas District served the citizens of Muscle Shoals directly. 

So we obviously have research to do. After all, we can't imagine why the Northwest Alabama Gas District would give a local bar a free grill. We think Tony Burns has more sense than that...


The 19th Hole Lounge sounds classy, huh? Why are we thinking of a line from the West Texas Waltz? "We heard us some sounds; it was a honky tonk lounge."


Friday, November 21, 2014

Readers Speak on UNA Thug Culture

First a very pertinent statement from a reader:

Did you speak to the problems with Dee Liner in the summer before his senior year after being arrested twice in a matter of 2 weeks? Then, the deal last summer with the UNA player, (previous MSHS player) Levi Fell...

Maybe too much testosterone and not enough character building exercises contribute to the little darlings attitude of being above the law when you are a coach or player. The egos grow when they step on field and think it's all about "me" and the crowds adore "me".
Our thoughts? We have not in the past mentioned all UNA athletes' sins. That will soon change. Our main purpose in this line of blogs is to determine why two sets of players guilty of the same level crime were treated differently. (We're sorta guessing it's because one group involved the star quarterback during playoffs.)

Now a very misguided word from a reader:

I suppose if I'd told some of the whoppers you've told about folks in this blog (and left out others who did things much worse) I'd hide, too.

Many readers comment that we are in error, but never seem to want to mention specifics. If we are ever in error, we are more than happy to make a retraction/apology. Leaving out anyone? If you know of a public person who has committed a crime or ethics violation, send us the info. We can't blog about something if we don't know. You also should know that we publish all guest you have absolutely no valid point.


Twitter? Yes, we've had an account for ages and rarely use it. We have not felt our readers needed to know when one of our bloggers saw a squirrel on his windowsill or other such exciting facets of our lives. Linking blogs? We did that for a while, but most of our readers find us via Facebook or have us bookmarked, so we have not felt Twitter worth the effort...until now.

We've all heard of #breaktheinternet." So now we're presenting #breakunathugculture.

No one has to follow us, much less actually forward our Tweets to their followers, but if you wish to do so, here's the link:


A new Quad-Cities Cuisine is up: Chat-N-Chew.

Want to publish a restaurant review? Send it to us:


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Angels & Devils?

There's been much said about Angel Trees recently. At one time, the Salvation Army also erected a tree for nursing home patients. We haven't seen those recently. If you would like to help a senior adult in care, we have a suggestion.

For several years, the Heart's Cry Thrift Store at Elgin had their own Angel Tree for nursing home patients. Denise Melton told us that often some names went unclaimed and many who were claimed still received nothing. Now Mrs. Melton purchases each patient a small fitting gift.

This is very expensive as you can imagine. If you would like to help the Meltons with this project, here's the info:


We have received this communication from Mr. Mark Linder, UNA athletic director:

If you post this response, I request your professional courtesy to post it in its entirety…

“Shoalanda Speaks, 

There was not a policy change. We handled both situations within the framework of our policy for misdemeanors. In all cases, our main objectives are to correct behavior and to use the experience as a learning opportunity for our student. In both situations, we are quite satisfied that occurred.  

If you would like to continue to discuss this issue, I will certainly make myself available for an in-person meeting with you. We thank you for your interest in UNA Athletics and Roar Lions!


Mark Linder”

Unfortunately, the missive doesn't address the issue. Surely if Mr. Linder had been misquoted by the campus news, he would have stated so here. All five players committed a Class A misdemeanor, for which legal punishment is the same. This was the quote from the Flor-Ala:

Linder said the players will not be suspended from the team. He said any time players are charged with a misdemeanor, they are not suspended.

Yet the two second string players were suspended. Why?

Someone has said on Facebook that a thief is worse than an obnoxious drunk. We've thought about that statement, and cannot decide if we agree or not. Those drunks could have taken to the road and killed someone quite easily. It wasn't their first rodeo with Florence Police, yet they're not suspended.

What does this tell us? O.B. called Coach Bowden's teams a thug culture. It seems it's still alive at UNA. Win at any cost and make up the rules as you go along.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Appeals Court Says Hershel Graham Is Guilty

A second round of appeals in the manslaughter conviction of Hershel Dale Graham has affirmed the original jury decision. Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing stated the next round of appeals, if Graham chooses, would be the State Supreme Court.

Graham, a former professional wrestler, has claimed numerous health problems; however, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with his trigger finger when he shot husband and father David Andrasik. The Red Bay man still maintains he can no longer walk, but is often seen out and about at Walmart and other shopping meccas.

Should Graham not continue with his appeals process, he will serve only two years in prison, with the remainder 12 years on probation assuming good behavior.


A reader on athlete arrests:

This reminds me of Tanner high school several years ago. A player was arrested for breaking into cars, but it was during the football season and he was a good player. They eventually came up with a policy. If a player was arrested during a season he was given a warning, and if he was arrested a second time during the same season he could face discipline. Arrests outside the season or from a previous season didn't count.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Contacting the NCAA?/Other Predicaments

We have not heard from Mark Linder concerning the discrepancy in UNA football team suspensions. We assume the first two young men have a good case for a lawsuit against the university if they so wish.

We feel the NCAA should handle it and will be informing them. If any other readers want to also address the issue, you may contact them here:

The National Collegiate Athletic Association
700 W. Washington Street
P.O. Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222
Phone: 317/917-6222
Fax: 317/917-6888


Several readers have asked about three situations in a local town that may be connected. They very well may be, and we're sure there will be more info available in January. Until then, we cannot publish info that has not been verified.

We leave you with a Stephen King title: Something Wicked This Way Comes.


It's a blustery November: