Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Sheffield Flashlight Three/Richard Herston...Again

Remember the three youths injured during a police chase in Muscle Shoals? They had allegedly stolen a flashlight from Walmart. Tom Smith's TD article stated the youngest was 16; however, all three either attend or have attended Sheffield schools and the youngest is 14 at most, but probably 13. Let's hope the driver, who was the most seriously injured, recovers shortly.



Rogersville mayor Richard Herston has pronounced Rick & Bubba instruments of the Devil. They had the nerve to point out that a singer named Red Marlow, currently competing in a televised amateur contest, isn't really from Rogersville, but from Anderson, an incorporated community immediately to the north of Rogersville.

Guess Rick & Bubba didn't get the memo that Herston has been known to alter the truth if he thinks it helps Rogersville. Insert politician jokes here.


Can any of our readers provide captioning or a transcript of the Muscle Shoals School Board video which featured Blake Jarmon's termination vote? It could be confined to the remarks featuring parent Josh Kelley and the termination agenda item and vote. You can get in touch with us at


Speaking of Jarmon's termination, we had previously reported that the math teacher had retained a Birmingham attorney. While the AEA may be providing him with a lawyer from that city, Mr. Jarmon himself has hired Tom Heflin, according to one news report.

Parents are expected to descend on the Muscle Shoals City Council meeting Monday night in support of the terminated McBride teacher. Oh, joy! Christmas fireworks! We can hardly wait for New Year's...

Dems Won the Election Battle, but Lost the Political War in Alabama

From Southern Son:

Well, I missed the election results and Jones won. I underestimated two factors that lead to the Democrats picking up the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama. As I related before about a recent conversation with a longtime friend who is very astute to Alabama politics having served as an elected official in state government, he reminded me that “Alabama doesn’t vote for anything, Alabama only votes against things.” Last night Republicans voted against Republicans. Alabamians voted against Roy Moore and Doug Jones. Democrats received the 2nd least amount of votes barely winning the election battle, but lost the political war in Alabama.

While the vote count has not been certified, it is known that write-in votes numbered close to 22,700. Jones’s margin of victory is a little short of 21,000. When Jeff Sessions won re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2008 write-in votes made up 0.12 percent of the vote. In Tuesday’s election write in votes represented 1.7 percent of the vote Tuesday. Assuming a majority of those votes would have gone for Moore, the write-in votes shed light on the thinking of Alabama voters. If they did not approve of Moore or his policies for whatever reason, why did Alabama voters not vote for Jones outright and cast write in votes in record numbers? I will concede that the 2008 election was a Presidential election year and it featured Barack Hussein Obama. However; in the 2008 U.S. Senate election, Jeff Session won re-election in which 2,060,191 votes were cast in the Senate race from a population of approximately 4,178,000. Sessions received 1,305,383 and his Democrat challenger 752,391. In the 2018 U.S. Senate special election 1,344,406 votes were cast from a 2016 Census population listed at 4,836,300. Jones received 671,151 votes, Moore received 650,436 votes, and approximately 22,700 write in votes were cast. Voters stayed at home and did not vote for either candidate or policies.

It has been recorded that 96% of the black vote went for Doug Jones. The black community makes up slightly less than 27% of the Alabama population. According to the 2016 U.S. Census, the black community made up 13% of the country’s population. Statistics show that 37% of all abortions performed in this country are among the black community. Theoretically, genocide is being committed by the black community and Planned Parenthood at a near 3-1 margin without factoring in the black-on-black violent crime statistics. So why did the black community vote for Jones? It’s not because of policy and/or issues particularly speaking to abortion. Abortion usually is a definite driver of voter motives in Alabama elections. A recent poll by Pew Research showing nearly 60% of adults in Alabama believe that abortion should be illegal in all or most cases. Only 37 percent surveyed believed otherwise. If Alabamians voted on policies and/or issues Moore would have won this race outright because of the abortion issue aside from the allegations of sexual misconduct. The write in vote in part proves that Alabama voters did not approve of Jones’ position(s) on abortion in line with the Pew Research poll.
A gubernatorial election was held in 1986 in Alabama that had more moving parts and accusations than Hillary Clinton’s explanations for why she lost the Presidency. The Democrat primary was claimed to have been rigged, accusations flew, lawsuits filed, the Alabama Supreme Court gave the Democrat Party two options, and Democrats eventually picked a candidate. Voters furiously objected and elected Guy Hunt the first Republican in 113 years since Reconstruction. Hunt won by 13 points and received 56% of the vote, the most votes for a gubernatorial candidate ever at that time. Alabama has had only two Democratic governors since then with only one of them being elected by the people. The other came to office after a conviction and forced resignation of a Republican governor. The same type scenario happened in this election. Animosity from the initial Republican primary between three candidates carried over into this election. Rep. Mo Brooks (R) carried the Huntsville/Madison County area in the initial primary election, but Madison County voted against Roy Moore Tuesday night. With Huntsville’s history with NASA and the Space Program and President Trump’s vow to revive the Space Program, it is hard to believe that area would vote against the President and a Republican Senate candidate. Especially hard to believe because the Space Program had its wings “clipped” by the Democrats and Barack Hussein Obama. Again it was a vote against Moore and not on policies. Mobile County is a usual strong Republican county. In this election Mobile County voted Democrat against Moore. It was a Republican governor that opened the door to Mobile’s growing aviation and shipbuilding (Navy Littoral Combat ship) industry. Again, both industries are priorities of President Trump. Mobile County voted against Moore.

Another tangent along the above line of thinking is that former Gov. Robert Bentley (R) is responsible for this election as stated by my friend. Bentley was under investigation by then state Attorney General Luther Strange. Bentley could have named a Republican dog catcher from a Republican leaning county to replace Jeff Sessions. The dog catcher would have won the Republican primary outright and the general election. Instead, as Alabamians saw it, Bentley and Strange probably cut a deal to stonewall the state’s investigation into Bentley. Bentley then appointed Strange to replace Jeff Sessions. Had Bentley not done so, Alabamians and particularly Republicans would have backed Session’s replacement (assuming the replacement ran for election). Alabamians smelled a rat and that initially led to Roy Moore being a valid contender in the race and beating Strange. Credit must be given to current Gov. Kay Ivey (R) for scheduling the election, not bowing to pressure and playing political shenanigans by rescheduling the election or otherwise. She let the voters decide the election.
The second factor I underestimated was the dislike of Judge Roy Moore. Moore appeared fairly popular despite his previous theatrics and removal from elected office twice. A respected Alabama pollster that nailed the previous primary election within a half point predicted Moore winning by six in recent polling despite the allegations against him. Undeniably the attacks on Judge Moore by the left, Establishment Republicans and others hurt Moore. The underestimated dislike of Moore was in the Republican Party. Sen. Richard Shelby, sorry I should have said Sen. Dick Shelby (R) from Alabama did not help the Republican Party at all by his holier-than-thou announcement that he wouldn’t vote for Moore, but would write in the name of a respected Republican. Sen. Dick Shelby was ever so ready to endorse Luther Strange even with the cloud of being bribed by former Gov. Bentley hanging over Strange's head. A footnote to the Shelby endorsement of Strange: Strange was part of the Business Council of Alabama and Alabama Power and both heavily supported/financed Shelby over the years. The Alabama Republican Party must, at its next meeting, vote to deny Shelby future ballot access. State Party Chair Terry Lathan stated in a recent interview, “Here is the Party rule on denying ballot access: Denying Ballot Access: This Committee reserves the right to deny ballot access to a candidate for public office if in a prior election that person was a Republican office holder and either publicly participated in the primary election of another political party or publicly supported a nominee of another political party. The provisions of this Rule shall apply for a period of six years after such person so participated. (This rule does not include all of the reasons for denying ballot access.)” While office holders have the right to freedom of speech, they also serve as a representative of the party to which they are registered. The voters elected the candidates in the primary elections of their respective party. If office holders do not wish to support their party’s general election nominee he/she should keep their mouth shut about the nominee in question, switch parties or declare themselves an independent. The write in vote is in part evidence of that dislike of Moore and obviously not an endorsement of Jones.

Sweet Home Alabama loved the Donald and voted overwhelming for him. President Trump’s endorsement of Sen. Luther Strange and Roy Moore did not sway many Alabamians. Many in the liberal news media are already hammering Trump for two losing endorsements in this race. Their doing so shows how out of touch, fake, and too lazy to research the deciding factors of this election were Alabama specific and nothing to do with policy or national politics. The New York news media (liberal and conservative) have always viewed themselves as the all-knowing, intelligentsia, driver of the news narrative that dictates what Americans are to believe and talk about around the dinner table. Not to mention they bear the “innate responsibility” to tell the lowly public, whom they despise and are too dumb to figure out for themselves, who to vote for in various elections. I saw late last night where someone said, “It’s the New South”. The media are pointing out that Alabama is now in play for the Democrats.

Alabama did not change. Alabama voted against both Doug Jones and Roy Moore. Alabama voters did not show up to vote for either Doug Jones or Roy Moore. Republicans voted against Republicans. The candidate that received the least amount of votes lost. The candidate that received the 2nd least amount of votes won, not the candidate that received the most votes per se. Had the Republican Party nominated and whole heartedly supported a palatable candidate the vote would not have been close and Republicans would have maintained the U.S. Senate seat. Republicans shot themselves in both feet this election.

Evidenced by the write in votes Democrats won the election battle, but lost the political war in Alabama.

Southern Son

Friday, December 15, 2017

Can You Handle the Muscle Shoals Truth?

From a parent:

Can you handle the TRUTH?!?!?
The Muscle Shoals City School Superintendent, Administration and Board have stooped to an all time low.  Apparently we are abiding by a “Code of Ethics” now!  Does this “Code of Ethics” apply to everyone???  What are the guidelines??? Does it include adulterous teachers, principals, and coaches?? Does it include teachers who are abusive to their spouses, abuse drugs/alcohol and may or may not have received DUI’s???? By the way does the system drug test their employees, it would probably be a good idea!  Looks like it only applies to teachers who are actually doing their job!
You want the truth?? You can’t handle the truth!  Why was an outstanding teacher and role model fired??? Surely he had to do something right? Well in “Lindsey Land” this 2016 teacher of the year violated a code of ethics.  After all that has happened in this system and been swept under the rug, what in world could be so bad as to be considered a violation and merit an eventual termination effective immediately???
On the Morning of October 31st McBride had a fire drill.  During this chaotic drill while classes were trying to line up and be accounted for, two students found themselves out of line.  It could have been any of the numerous students out there on that playground.  Mr. Jarmon trying to count his kids and give the “green light” grabs the wandering sheep across the chest area and puts them back in line in broad day light on the playground with over 200 students, teachers and administrators present. You may ask what about the video surveillance?  Isn’t it rather convenient that the motion censor surveillance did not happen to catch the 200 students, teachers, and administrators during that particular time frame???? That’s it, folks!! There was an initial complaint that Mr. Jarmon “inappropriately” touched this kid.  Then the witch hunt begins.
The first of November our children were called out 1 by 1 and interrogated by the principal, assistant principal and guidance counselor.  This interrogation occurred WITHOUT parental consent.  The kids were asked leading questions to get the answers they wanted and each yes answer was counted as a complaint.
Questions included:  Is there anything weird going on in Mr. Jarmon’s class?  Do you feel uncomfortable in Mr. Jarmon’s class?  Did Mr. Jarmon ever “massage” or “squeeze” your shoulders?  Did Mr. Jarmon ever touch you in the chest area?  Did Mr. Jarmon ever trip you or did you see him trip anyone? Did Mr. Jarmon ever make you feel uncomfortable?
Each child was interrogated with such questions and then told not to tell anyone Wait why would you not tell anyone?? That is totally the wrong thing to do! That is what predators tell their victims or pawns!   Then these precious kids were sent back into his classroom after the complaint.  Now by law, school officials are required to report accusations to DHR and he should have been placed on administrative leave immediately.  This did not happen. He was left in the classroom for FOUR more working days.   There was no communication with parents at ALL.  This has been unraveling for SIX weeks and still no communication with parents.  DHR finally arrives on the scene and Mr. Jarmon was placed on administrative leave.  The kids and families had to meet with social workers and homes were invaded with home visits from DHR.  That was fun!  Others refused this fun little after school special.  By the way, we will forever be in the DHR database as having an official record/home study with DHR or thereby refusing it. 
Parents finally started talking to each other because no one knew what was going on.  Guess what?  All of our stories started meshing and there was not one bad word about Mr. Jarmon. Not a single bad word!  One of the parents directly involved supported Mr. Jarmon 100%. The other family/guardians directly involved specifically said they did not want him fired and hated how it all unfolded.
Now the administration said you need to trust us.  We are privy to information that the parents do not have. If you do not like it or can’t trust us then maybe you should take your kid and leave!   Well if we have conferred with all parents in the classroom this year where did this info come from?  It conveniently came from an inside parent of a former student. This “inappropriate touching” came in the form of a “purple nurple”.  How convenient that this NOW bothers the parent and this is an issue that meets the administration’s agenda!  And in “Lindsey Land” everything is swept under the rug, as they eat of the fatted calf and sleep so smug in their beds.
This is the truth!  Let it sink in!  DHR closed this case, the police were never involved and there were no charges filed!!!  This man was fired for a violation of an ethics code!    What? Are you kidding me?  The faMily is corrupt starting at the top!  It’s time for a change!  It is time for accountability!!! It’s time for Muscle Shoals to elect the position of Superintendent and Board Members.  Enough is Enough!!!  It is time for everyone to abide by a Code of Ethics!


It's interesting that the TD article on last night's hearing, published today at 10:15 a.m., didn't even get the number of school board members right. And where was principal Alan Willingham during all of this? Oh, wait, anyone hear faint strains of "Show Me the Way to Go Home?"

Election Fraud: A Way to Do It?/John Elkington

One of our most erudite readers informed us that some counties have more registered voters than adults. We found documentation of this - just no dead people, only voters who had moved and had not been stricken from the rolls:

Has this been corrected? John Merrill said in the article that he was going to, but we have no idea if he has. 

We've always heard the story of a DeKalb County, Tennessee, sheriff in the last century who campaigned in Limestone County. Many Tennessee residents had moved to what was a better life, but were still on the DeKalb voting rolls, and the enterprising sheriff wanted them to vote absentee ballots in his favor.

Could this have affected Tuesday's elections? We don't see how unless those who had moved out of state cast absentee ballots or drove to their former polling places. Remember, with a photo ID required, it would be extremely hard for someone else to use their name. We don't know about you, but the lady who checked our Alabama driver license scrutinized it far too closely for our 500# self's vanity.



Traffic chokers? We've long lamented the need to change names of things every 20 or so years in order to make them more palatable, but whoever named "traffic chokers" apparently had Asperger's Syndrome. Can't someone come up with a better name for this speed control device?


We see Inspiration Landing has made a return to the news. So John Elkington has purchased property in the project? If he has, it's been since January 1st; there are no property records for either Elkington or Inspiration Landing. 

Perhaps the property is in a different name? Pie In the Sky, LLC?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Blake Jarmon Terminated!

At a Muscle Shoals school board meeting tonight, Blake E. Jarmon was terminated. We're presenting a video of what occurred; this is the long version, but we believe the entire meeting should be viewed by any caring Muscle Shoals citizens:

We're particularly concerned that Principal Willingham told students not to tell their parents. A man who would hide that would hide anything...even his numerous DUIs...if he had any that is.



Speaking of DUIs, the holidays are upon us, and we understand that police chiefs are giving rides to those too drunk to drive. Now that's service.


We don't know if Blake Jarmon is guilty or innocent of the charges against him. What we do know is that if he's guilty, this was not handled in any decent manner. If innocent, Muscle Shoals has ruined this man's career in North Alabama, perhaps anywhere. Think about that.

Citizens of Muscle Shoals, you deserve better. Does the expression "Throw the bums out" mean anything to you?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Let's Talk Sex Crimes & Rapist Zachariah Lee Reeves

Psychologists tell us individuals with harmful sexual perversions can't be cured; they can be only slowed down. (By harmful, we mean an act in which an innocent person is hurt, not simply asking your significant other to dye his or her legs puce.) So a rapist is always a rapist at heart whether he acts on it or not.

This is 21 year-old rapist Zachariah Lee Reeves:

We're not even bothering to throw in the word alleged since both his victim and another Mitchell-Hollingsworth employee are testifying against him. We do have some other words for Reeves:

Scrumbag, waste of oxygen, total low-life, dregs of humanity, and gypsy Iranian vivisectionist. 

If we left anything out, we plead Christmas season exhaustion.



Speaking of words, we received some criticism for allowing a certain word in a FB comment yesterday. We did warn the poster that word was usually unacceptable. We reserve the right to make exceptions to our rule, but ask both friends and foes alike to watch their words. You don't have to be kind when referring to someone who is probably a sexual predator, but we do ask that you not be vulgar.


We've seen two comments referring to election fraud in yesterday's Senate race. Alabama's protocols for voting are very stringent. If there is ever fraud, it's in the computer programs running the voting machines. Can they be hacked? That we don't know. We do know that the state says it's doing everything to prevent it. How would that work? 500 votes for Doe and 1,000 votes for Smith become 1,000 votes for Doe and 500 votes for Smith. Box totals don't change, and no one's the wiser.

So, no, dead people can't vote because the state health department sends the proper authorities information that the person has died. No, you can't just come down here and register the day before election, plus you need proof of residence.

Could you use the ID of an active voter whom you favored? That's possible, but please tell us how easy that would be...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Less than Ten Thousand Votes!

As it stands now, Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate race by less than 10,000 votes. What if 10,000 Jones supporters had decided not to vote today? We're certainly glad they made the right decision!



Now what of Roy Moore? Will he run for governor? It wouldn't surprise us. Will his accusers continue to try to prove their claims. We hope they will. Will more accusers come forward? If Moore does have more victims out there, we hope they will also have the courage to come forward. We know it's not easy, but do you want this man for your governor?


And what of Mo Brooks? In the past, we've supported Mo Brooks, but no more. He not only supported Roy Moore, he actually ran from reporters and hid so that he wouldn't have to answer questions concerning his support. Surely this district can find someone better...