Friday, March 12, 2010

Tony Logan's Blood Alcohol Count--No Mistake

The photo on the front page of Thursday's TimesDaily showed a laughing Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan, puffy face and all, talking and joking with others seated in Judge James Hall II's Florence Municipal courtroom. Yes, it's a real fun place--crying babies, body odors, amateur tats, and stopped up toilets. Perhaps Logan missed the courtroom's full effect since he was apparently tried in special session to accommodate the city's appointed special prosecutor.

For any who may have missed it, Logan was convicted, with testimony indicating his blood alcohol level was .272 three hours after the incidents that precipitated his arrest. No, that's not a typo, his bac was more than three times the legal limit for the State of Alabama. Defense attorney Tim Case is appealing Logan's conviction, stating there were problems with the chain of custody.

Each institution may have a different procedure for handing specimens, but in every case, once the blood is drawn, it is sealed and not opened again until it reaches the lab tech who will do the actual testing. So...we're to assume not only someone at the FPD has it in for Logan and tampered with his blood sample, but the lab tech was in on it as well? Sounds good, after all, why should crazy conspiracy theories be wasted on only national events. The Shoals is entitled to create its own.

Now, Case will be taking some more of Logan's money to appeal to Lauderdale County Circuit Court. The two of them will also be taking tax money from Lauderdale County citizens in order to perpetuate this farce. Logan and Case--prime examples of the Peter Principal; the television series should be coming soon.

FYI: Some years ago we heard of an individual who lost a case in Florence Municipal Court and then sought to appeal to Lauderdale Circuit Court. When the defense attorney told the client it would be useless and a waste of money, the defendant searched until finding one that would take the case--Yep, good guess. Case is always on the case.