Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Problems for the Muscle Shoals Police?

Our March 1st blog referred to the suspension of a Muscle Shoals police officer stationed at the city jail. Ten days later the TimesDaily confirmed the suspension of Charles Richard Michael. Now our contact with the MSPD informs us that two more officers are in trouble--one of them a long-term veteran with the department.

The two officers, a patrolman and a sergeant, are being questioned in the beating of a handcuffed black suspect. The source indicates that we can expect another announcement from Muscle Shoals law enforcement within the week.


For those seeking to clean house at the Lauderdale Board of Education, Chad Holden is certainly making himself and his ideas for change available to the citizens of Lauderdale County. Holden, while maintaining a full-time teaching position, has been regularly visiting each corner of the county, getting to know the electorate and, more importantly, letting them get to know him. So far he is officially unopposed in his quest for a seat on the Board. Holden is certainly on the right track, and we wish him the best. You can follow Chad on Facebook.


Apparently One Luv, the Florence shop that recently added sex toys to its line of novelties, has already discontinued the risque merchandise, or would that be risky? TK the AG has tentacles in every county and isn't afraid to use his power whether it be to thwart the sale of illicit lingerie or command county registrars to scour voting rolls for the stray convicted felon. Ah, attention to detail...too bad it doesn't extend to his ethics.


Happy birthday tomorrow to one of our favorite EMTs, Donna Cain. Hope you have a good one, Donna!