Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mignon Willis for Cherokee Water Board?

According to sources in Cherokee, the office of town clerk Melinda Malone was closed today, preventing anyone from placing items on the agenda of tomorrow night's council meeting. It's been further reported that at least four council members intend to install former mayor Mignon Willis on the town's water board. What political power Willis would gain by a seat on the board is lost on us, but it will be interesting to see if our tipsters are correct.


One Luv--that's the name of the new Florence business located on West Mobile Street. Currently being touted as a sex shop, the boutique has a MySpace page listing 3,100 friends (we will presume most are UNA students) and a varied inventory similar to that found in many local tobacco shops. Therefore, we doubt the paraphernalia sales are illegal in themselves; however, their site also touts a new "adult novelty" section. This may attract the interest of Alabama Attorney General Troy King, who apparently doesn't have enough to do since he's added every imaginable crime to the state's list of moral turpitudes.

We also doubt that, in the current economy, the store will fare well enough to last long after the first unofficial visit from city or county authorities. Look for One Luv's inventory to promptly head next door to Larry's Pawn Shop...