Friday, March 26, 2010

Weeden Elementary School Needs You!

Pictured: Weeden School prior to 1955 building

Some years ago, the Florence City School System entered into a partnership with local business. The concept entailed the commercial entity promoting its adopted school in a positive manner. This partnership turned into a mixed bag for the system, with perhaps the most bizarre offering being delivered to Hibbett School. It seems Hibbett's partner was Parisian Department Store which aided the students by presenting a fashion show in the school auditorium. We hope the students enjoyed the fashion parade, but we somehow doubt that was the intent of the Adopt-a-School program.

We're not sure if the Florence system still participates in this program, but we do know that each school in the system is helped immensely by parents. These angels of largesse donate both time and supplies to their children's homerooms. Obviously the more affluent the parents, the more that is donated.

Let's be candid here concerning the situation in Weeden Heights. There may be some extremely wealthy individuals living in the Weeden School district, but obviously many of its citizens barely make ends meet, if even that. That's where you come in.

If you have no children, or if your children are grown, we urge you to adopt Weeden School, adopt a grade, adopt a classroom. Do whatever you can to ensure these students are on an even playing field with those at Florence's other two elementary schools. There's absolutely no reason that in 2010 one city school should lag behind the other two or suffer a reputation for inferiority.

These children are our future. Let's not let them down.


Lauderdale County Republican Party

Executive Committee Qualifying Closes April 2nd

Florence, Ala. - The Lauderdale County Republican Executive Committee is seeking candidates for positions on the executive committee. This is your chance to have input into the Lauderdale County Republican Party’s decisions and policies. Interested residents are asked to contact county party chairman Bill Batson at 762-4489. The qualifying fee is $50.00 and there are 25 members elected. Qualifying ends Friday, April 2, 2010 at 5:00 p.m..