Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Colbert County Report

Sheffield - From the March 1, 2010, TimesDaily:

Board member Polly Ruggles...said the new superintendent must be able to sell the Sheffield system and be able to convince Sheffield residents to send their children to Sheffield schools rather than to schools outside the district. "We have a diverse group of students, and I think we need someone who has a good background and the ability to work with that diversity," Ruggles said. She said the new superintendent will have to deal with Sheffield schools' declining enrollment. "That's tied in with someone who can sell our school system."

Colbert County District Judge candidate Polly Ruggles, a member of the Sheffield Board of Education, is quoted above. Ruggles sends her daughter to a magnet school in Birmingham. Perhaps we can also recruit Tiger Woods to instruct Ashley Cole on fidelity...

Muscle Shoals: Sources say a city police officer stationed at the Muscle Shoals jail has been placed on administrative leave for improper conduct with female prisoners. It sounds as if this officer may have a future with the State Department of Corrections.

Cherokee: Approximately 100 citizens attended tonight's town council meeting. Unfortunately, two council members were not among them. Mike Malone and Steve Glover were no-shows at the meeting that failed to appoint a new water board member. Sources say nominee Art Walker became critical of the council and was removed from the meeting after suggesting that impeachment proceedings were in order. Police provided an escort for council members Thomas Holiday and Joe Franks as they left the building. In other words, politics as normal in the Mississippi border town.


Several sources have recently reported that a member of the Cherokee Town Council is not qualified, citing a TimesDaily reference to the council member's 1999 arrest. We have no idea of the actual outcome of this arrest, but the individual could have been released for lack or evidence, found not guilty, or had both political and gun rights restored if convicted. His mere arrest in no way disqualifies him from his membership on the council.

Stay tuned for: Some big news from the eastern end of Lauderdale County.