Friday, March 26, 2010

Unusual Politics as Usual...

From Colbert County: We hear that supporters of Sheriff Ronnie May are busy placing political signs in various yards--the problem being they're doing so without the owners' permission. The odds are that Colbert County will have a new sheriff come next year.


From downtown Florence: After almost three years, the city of Florence is finally tackling a monumental issue--teaching employees what the small toggle switch on the wall actually does. Those who drive past the Florence-Lauderdale Government Building have long complained of late night lights on the second, fourth, and sixth floors of the building--all floors controlled by the city. Now such lights will be universally dimmed at 11:00 p.m. Why so late? Media Czar Phil Stevenson states that many city employees work late. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, couldn't those who leave earlier manage to flip the switch in their individual offices?


From Franklin County: A source from Scope 310 tells us that many group home managers and others connected to the county's Medicaid patients have long been displeased by the system's assigned psychiatrist--Dr. William M. Roddy. Due to budget cuts, Medicaid has been making an effort to curtail many of the meds used in the psychiatric care of its mentally impaired patients. According to our informant, at that point Roddy became unresponsive to the needs of the Medicaid clients and requests of their caregivers, refusing to discuss any other forms of treatment. Perhaps the fact that Roddy used the word "Med" in the title of his clinic should have given something away.

What's up with this: The farther behind Ron Sparks falls in the polls, the worse his grammar seems to become. We look for him soon to change his name to Bubba.