Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mike Curtis Has No Democratic Opposition (Unfortunately)

Mike Curtis, a 1977 graduate of the University of North Alabama, started out his career as a shoe salesman at Castner-Knott Department Store in Regency Square Mall. From there he entered into the field of insurance sales and ran for a seat on the Lauderdale County Commission, serving for ten years.

When Curtis decided to run for the State House of Representatives, we're sure many had high hopes for the Greenhill native. For many of us, those hopes were soon bashed against a stonewall of deceit concerning the 62% raise the Alabama Legislature voted themselves in 2007.

If Curtis had voted "yes" to the bill, that would have been his prerogative. Instead he abstained, which was also his prerogative, but then two years later felt the need to claim he had voted "no."

Mr. Curtis has a degree from UNA; we're sure he knows the difference between abstaining and voting "no." We're also sure he thinks his constituency has a short memory.

Lest anyone doubt Mr. Curtis' deceitfulness in this matter, here are the facts:

From the Saturday, April 4, 2009, TimesDaily:

"Curtis is a commission only insurance agent who said he's now a full-time legislator and part-time insurance agent. He said he voted no on the pay raise two years ago.
Irons said she was unaware the automatic pay raise was part of the resolution two years ago. 'I voted against the pay raise,' she said."

Seemingly both Curtis and Irons hope the voters have short memories. According to the March 22, 2007, TimesDaily:

"The Shoals' two newest legislators faced their first big test this week, and they failed it miserably. State Reps. Mike Curtis, D-Greenhill, and Tammy Irons, D-Florence, had the opportunity to tell voters whether they agreed or disagreed with a 62-percent pay hike for themselves and other legislators in a recorded vote Tuesday. What did they do? Nothing. They dodged the issue by abstaining."

Let's hope Mr. Curtis will at least have Republican opposition who can discern the truth from a lie.