Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuscumbia Police: The New Keystone Kops?

When Tony Logan arrives at the Tuscumbia Police Department tomorrow, presumably riding a bicycle, he may not have a good day. It seems Tony could be spending at least part of tomorrow interviewing replacements for a TPD employee recently terminated for stealing city gasoline. That's only if he isn't attacked by another disgruntled and spurned female officer. Well, variety is the spice of life, but one would think the city of Tuscumbia might at some point prefer their chief to do some routine police work and leave the drama for the courtroom.

We wonder if those who once criticized Florence Chief Rick Singleton for sacking Logan still feel he made the wrong decision. The FPD is extremely fortunate to have a chief who is able to weed out rogue officers and maintain a department with at least some semblance of integrity.


Judging by comments on local forums, many don't understand the Alabama ban on the sale of so-called sex toys. The highly controversial ban didn't originate because of any crusade by area churches or self-appointed keepers of morality. It seems at last look the states of Georgia, Indiana, Texas, Virginia, and Louisiana also have such bans. In fact, Alabama's 1998 ban on sex toys was taken directly from Georgia law. Further it was taken from Georgia law by mistake.

It seems a Huntsville legislator sought to curtail drug use and other illegal activity at a so-called gentleman's club in the city of Madison. His idea was to outlaw topless dancing and, being either frugal with his time or just downright lazy, he lifted Georgia's law word for word. The legislator failed to read the entire law, and thus Alabama's ban on so-called sex toys came into effect as an addendum to the State's obscenity law. The fact that the ban was accidental has done nothing to prevent Troy King from stringently enforcing the sex toy clause. This would be the ideal place to insert a bon mot about Mrs. TK's feelings concerning the law, but obviously the poor woman has suffered enough.

What's up with this: Florence's One Luv shop had over 3,500 MySpace friends before it even introduced sex novelties; can we say mail order sales?