Monday, December 7, 2009

What Tony Logan Did Next

Part II in our series on Tony Logan:

As April 2007 came to a close, Deputy Chief Tony Logan's situation in Florence unexpectedly reversed. Police Chief Rick Singleton announced that Tony's problems with the department had been resolved and the veteran officer from Tuscumbia had been reinstated. Logan had not taken his dismissal lightly and had been on administrative pay during the three week period. Singleton refused to answer specific questions, but praised his deputy chief's performance while with the Florence Department. Neither did Logan's attorney Tim Case comment on the reasons for such a swift resolution to the situation. Surely, most saw Logan's quick reinstatement as an end to the matter, but that was not the case.

Less than a year later, Logan was in trouble with the Florence Department again, this time accused of allowing unlawful access to city police records. Singleton once more placed Tony Logan on paid administrative leave on February 6, 2008, and Logan, acting on advice of his attorney Tim Case and family members, stated one week later that the had chosen to resign rather than again face charges. The matter was investigated by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, and Chief Singleton quickly announced there was also no illegal or criminal action involved in the second set of charges against his former Deputy Chief. Singleton immediately replaced Logan with Captain Tim Shaddix, another long-term department veteran.

After his resignation, Tony Logan announced he was happy the trials of the Florence Police Department were behind him. The now divorced Logan stated he planned to continue his work as an adjunct instructor at the University of North Alabama and to open his own consulting business, LAD. Logan also did not rule out his return to Florence Police if certain situations were to change. Whether the former Deputy Chief was referring to Chief Singleton or other matters is not clear, but it was not to be the city of Florence that called for Tony Logan.

Tomorrow: Tuscumbia needs a new police chief, or Tony meets Carol