Thursday, December 3, 2009

Success and Shame

A number of years ago we read an article on shame in the United States. The exact title and name of author have long been lost in the cobwebs of our memory, but we vividly recall the article's premise. Today we're glad to stand in a public place and use vile language for all to hear, but we're ashamed that we carry an extra twenty pounds around the middle. We're happy to ostracize the penitent person who committed a victimless crime, but we laud those who have broken up multiple homes and bring endless heartache to innocent wives, husbands, and children. In short, our sense of shame is twisted.

We recently published a column entitled Guerra & Konig: A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs. The theme of the blog was irony: One man who should have been successful in a tried and true business failed due to conditions beyond his control, while a second man made a success of an unorthodox endeavor against all odds. Now the former works for the latter.

A few of our faithful readers misunderstood the point of our article. Lest any doubt our admiration for such a man as Bernard Konig, let us offer this sad codicil. Last week, Brigitte J. Guerra filed for divorce from her husband Francisco, owner of Snowmasters and several other prosperous companies in the Lexington, Alabama, area. Bernard Konig remains married to the wife of his youth, continuing to be an example to us all. To paraphrase Bobby Bare, that makes him the winner.

What's up with this: Lauderdale Judge Jimmy Sandlin has obtained a $12,000.00 grant for his RAP program. Just think how much more he might have received had he thought of a longer acronym.