Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Gifts: Too Many Stuffed Animals, Not Enough Books?

If you're like most of us, you and your family received a tractor trailer load of gifts--not all that you wanted or needed. If you have some extra stuffed animals in very good condition, may we suggest you take them to Wellington Place on Wilson Dam Road in Muscle Shoals. Wellington has a women's secure Alzheimer's unit where they will be greatly appreciated. Just leave your donations at the front desk, specifying they're for the Alzheimer's ward.

Didn't get that book you wanted this year? You might want to head to Elgin and make your dollars count. Heart's Cry Thrift Store on Hwy 101 has a huge selection of used paper and hard backs, with prices ranging from twenty-five to fifty cents. After leaving Heart's Cry, be sure to stop around the corner on Hwy 72 at K's Cove Used Books and Treasures. K's has both a quarter and a dollar bargain table, plus great prices on other slightly used books. In the new section you can find works by Debra Glass and other Ellora's Cave authors, plus several local histories, as well as K's unique body and bath products.

Ready for a new approach to reading? If you enjoy Net Flix, you just may be interested in Book Swim. For $9.95 a month, almost any books of your choice will be mailed to your home. Keep them as long as you like or even purchase those you can't live without. Check out the Book Swim ad to the left of this blog.

As for the knitted nose warmer your Aunt Bessie sent, hmmm, we suggest you take that to Heart's Cry as a donation. We promise they may even find someone who would really love it.

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