Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On Golfers & Their Killen Counterparts

First, we'll weigh in on Tiger Woods. (Well, why not? Everyone else has.) Considering the number of media reports on the golf champion's infamous auto accident of last Friday night, we're sure we missed a few. The problem is that all we've managed to read or hear have focused on the millions of dollars in endorsements that the super-star athlete will lose if rumors of his infidelity prove true. We have yet to encounter one that mentions the possibility of Woods losing his two children, of losing any love or respect they now or may ever have for him. Our priorities do say much about us, don't they?

That brings us closer to home. What do you see in the top right corner of this blog? Did you say a small black dot; if you did, we're sure you're in the majority. Anyone see the large expanse of white space in the square? Oh, now you see it, but the small black dot is still the focal point you say? That, gentle readers, is a morality lesson--sometimes lost on a small number of Killenites.

No matter how much good we do in life, we cannot erase the bad from either legal records or the public's memory. Maturity is great; everyone should try it. If we listen to those who are attempting to sell us the proverbial bill of goods, it can come upon a teenager very quickly. Fantastic. We're glad at least one among us has matured beyond his chronological age, but...big but here...that doesn't erase the black dot in his life.

Still, cheer up, young sir. We think with your dramatic flair for palaver that President Obama is certain to have a place for you in Washington. As Slick Willie would have said, "Playahs not only welcomed, but encouraged to apply."

Thanks to Stan Dean for the parable of the dot.

What's up with this: If you missed the Florence City Council meeting last night, be sure to read about it in today's TimesDaily. There are good points on both sides of the city v. county issue. Common ground has to be in there somewhere.