Sunday, December 13, 2009

Do We Need Two Deweys?

Dewey Mitchell is the current Probate Judge of Lauderdale County; he is also the Chairman of the Lauderdale County Commission. In Colbert County, as well as many other Alabama counties, commissioners rotate the position of chairman. If this were to be done (and it's doubtful it would be since this is the most economic way to handle the matter), the chairman would be given an extra vote in case of a tie among the four commission members.

Commissioner D. C. Thornton is lobbying for the creation of a separate commission chairman. This part-time position would offer an entry level salary of $40,000.00--not bad considering the median household income in Lauderdale County is just over $33,000.00.

Duties of this part-time commission chairman would include:

1. Promoting economic development - While we do need all the help we can get in this area, much of this would seem to be a duplication of other similar positions.

2. Establishing and enhancing intergovernmental partnerships - Wasn't this position first introduced in Orwell's 1984?

3. Serving as representative on boards, committees, and other organizations - This might be useful; the county would never again face a standoff in whom to appoint.

4. Other duties as assigned by the commission - For 40K a year, we would hope so.

Oh, well, as Eddie Frost often said, it's only money.

While on the subject: Wouldn't it be nice if the next Lauderdale County Probate Judge actually had a law degree?