Saturday, December 12, 2009

Death for Miranda?

The State of Tennessee has not officially decided to request the death penalty for Valentino Miranda, according to Knox County assistant prosecutor Kevin Allen. Now, because of a delay sought by defense attorney Joseph A. Fanduzz, Allen will have until February 19, 2010, to file the paperwork that could mark the beginning of the end of the illegal alien's life.

Should Allen's office choose to request the maximum penalty in the 2008 murder of Jennifer Hampton, Joe Fanduzz, a Democrat who has boasted of contacts with Barack Obama, will oddly enough be relieved of his duties as court appointed defense attorney. Fanduzz apparently has not been a member of the Tennessee Bar Association a sufficient length of time to serve as lead defense attorney in a capital case. Sources say Fanduzz's stepfather, John Eldridge, has also asked to be excused from defending the illegal immigrant.

In the mean time, Joe Fanduzz has secured a delay in the trial. Miranda's day in court has been postponed until September 2010 due to motions by the two defense attorneys claiming the former Days Inn maintenance man will need at least three translators to properly handle his case.

In the interim, Valentino Miranda is enjoying whatever amenities the Knox County Jail has to offer. In other words, the citizens of Tennessee are paying to provide this violent sexual deviant with accommodations far surpassing what Miranda endured in his native Mexico. We do hope Bubba and Mad Dog have provided him with a warm welcome.

Photo of Miranda and Fanduzz by J. Miles Cary

Please write: Judge Bob R. McGee, 7721 Sabre Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 37919. Judge McGee will have the final say in the sentencing of Valentino Miranda, assuming the illegal immigrant is found guilty. Let Judge McGee know how you feel concerning this depraved criminal who brutally took Jennifer Hampton's life.