Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Deal for Ashley Fawn Greenhill? - Part I

By the time Ashley Fawn Greenhill met Clint Matthew Anderson, she had a child and he had a felony conviction. Together they lived on the north end of Howell Street in a bungalow that had seen better days.

Pregnant with Clint's child, Ashley had given guardianship of her two year-old son to her parents, but sometimes brought the child into the home she shared with her then boyfriend. After one such visit, Ashley's parents noticed bite marks over much of the boy's body, along with scratches over his lower back and extremities. The Greenhills immediately reported the child's condition to DHR, and both Ashley and Clint were arrested.

At the time of Ashley Greenhill's arrest for Felony Torture of her child, she was out of jail on bail for charges of burglary, theft, criminal mischief and receiving stolen property.
Her bail revoked, the 21 year-old Ashley agreed to enter drug rehab and was given leniency by the courts. Clint's parole was revoked, and he was returned to the Alabama Department of Corrections where he remains incarcerated at a facility called the Cattle Ranch. He's scheduled to be released on September 9, 2014.

By the fall of 2011, Ashley was 24 and enrolled in classes at NWSCC studying to be a hair dresser. Her online profiles describe her as a model, but acquaintances stated she worked as a stripper. The portrait to the left was posted online ten days before the murder of Amanda Taylor. On the networking site, Ashley has one contact--"Rob Noxious."

Needing a home, Ashley asked fellow Insane Clown Posse groupie Ron Weems for a place to stay. Weems allowed the young woman to move into the Muscle Shoals home he shared with his widowed mother, but later commented on Facebook that Ashley was a "roach" who had brought other vermin into his house. Whether he referred to Matthew Fox, we may only surmise.

By now Laurel Pruett, the mother of Ron Weems' four year-old daughter, had moved into a home in Sheffield. While Laurel was a frequent visitor to the Moss Avenue home she once shared with Ron, friends have said theirs was an open relationship and many believed him to be involved sexually with Ashley.

Tomorrow: Part II - The Cover-Up


Several readers have asked what yesterday's preliminary hearing for Ron Weems actually decided. The hearing only established that there was enough evidence against Weems to present the case to the grand jury. The next grand jury meets January 9th, but our opinion is District Attorney Bryce Graham will wait to hone his case. The indictment shouldn't hold any surprises, but will resolve what specific charges Weems, Pruett, and Fox will face. Certainly Amanda Taylor's family is hoping for an indictment of Capital Murder. Any time served in jail awaiting trial will be counted against Weems' sentence should he be convicted--almost a foregone conclusion.

Weems' attorney may ask for other hearings concerning the introduction of evidence or change of venue after the indictment. There can be other delays in trying the case due to backlogs at forensic testing centers. In other words, a July trial is not guaranteed and may be overly optimistic. By no means did Tuesday's preliminary hearing end the legal battle to bring justice for Amanda Taylor's family.


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  1. I am hoping/praying that they charge her and ALL of the others that were involved in this. I wonder why they aren't charging Ron with filing a false police report as well? I mean since he only made the assault claim against Amanda to cover up the fact that he murdered her.

    Honestly, I believe(notice this is just my opinion), that Ashley,Ron's mom, and the lady that let them burn Amanda's stuff at her house to be charged. Just because Ashley told where the body was shouldn't mean that she shouldn't be charged. I mean Laurell and Ron also confessed that shouldn't be enough for them to get immunity so why would she be any different? Same for the lady that allowed them to burn.

  2. Maybe I'm dense, but how does filing a police report help them cover up the murder??? Doesn't that just draw more attention TOthem? I don't think we are talking about members of Mensa here, but still....

  3. WOW, this "Tiffany" has drank the "hang em all" mob rule mentality Kool-aid by the gallon!
    Why not lock up Shoalanda too?
    She seems to know A LOT about this case!

  4. Page 3 of the police report say:
    Laurell Pruitt told Ronald Weems they should go to the Muscle Shoals police station and file an assault complaint against Amanda Taylor to cover his tracks....'s+murder&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESiEcGP1FSNdflV6oxHM9mhqB1F5xjVrpD8D5sbTUgBZF_iWBJ1BNOamJAT6340Fu_2pZHpX3Pflps6F7SHdOASNrALbbvH_NsCeSSviX0rfEM9sLUBX9NzkzMEqVutxFFOufxT3&sig=AHIEtbTgIoRxZzXjrFq10Pii6Xdg9tbw8Q

    That is the police it for yourself Jason.

  5. We're guessing, from reading the posts Weems made to his father-in-law's FB page, Weems wanted everyone to think Amanda was on the run because she stole a check from the State of Alabama that was intended as aid for his children. He even went as far as to say he had seen her with a man in Leighton. Real winner that Weems...