Friday, January 13, 2012

Juggalos Face March Indictment/Navistar News

Ronald (Ron Wikkid) Weems & Laurel (Chubbylette) Pruett

Sources in the Colbert County District Attorney's office state the cases against Ronald Weems, Laurel Pruett, and Matthew Fox will be presented to a grand jury in March. Ostensibly, the February docket was full; however, we hope this also means co-conspirator Ashley Fawn Greenhill will have been arrested in the interim. The family of murder victim Amanda Taylor needs as much closure as possible.


While Navistar has yet to make an official announcement concerning the exact product to be manufactured in the former National Alabama plant, we've received reports that 50 workers have recently been added to the force and 50 more should join them by the end of the month. The first series of classes for new job recruits is scheduled to begin January 24th at Northwest Shoals Community College.

We're still hearing that the Navistar facility will be producing parts for the MaxxPro military vehicles. If so, it's sad that war is the driving force bringing an upturn to Shoals economy, but we're nevertheless thankful for the much needed boost.

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  1. I have read in several different articles that Amanda was killed over a stolen Childsupport check. This would be impossible if her child support was being paid through the Alabama Childsupport distribution center; they stopped mailing checks in June of 2011 and were on direct deposit only payments.
    I guess it would be possible that she was recieving a check through some other resource; but then I thought I had read also her children from a previous marriage were no longer living with her, but living with foster parents.
    Just wondering how this lie of stolen childsupport check can be a reason for murder??

  2. It was not Amanda's check. It was supposedly Laurell's check. 2 of the 3 children were in foster care.

    Also the reason for murder was supposedly because Ron stole the check and Amanda told Laurell. Ron got mad because Amanda told therefore he killed her.

  3. There have been no reasons given for the murder as of yet. Comments here are still stipulation.