Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tony Logan's Long Legal Quest Over Today?/PYSIH

It's been a long road for Tony Logan, former Florence Deputy Police Chief and current chief of the Tuscumbia Police Department. Who's to blame? No one but Logan himself. Chief Logan has never denied guilt relating to his December 2009 DUI arrest, but has instead danced around the legal system chanting nebulous laws, persecution, and other various possible loopholes.

What will happen if a Gadsden jury finds Logan guilty as charged? At best Logan will have been out a lot of money for nothing, and at worst he may again be suspended from his job. No one has ever accused Logan of not being a great police officer. Everyone makes mistakes. The difference in Logan's case is he has chosen to evade punishment for his shortcomings and consequently cost the taxpayers of Lauderdale County thousands of dollars in doing so.

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