Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bad Boys: Jock Bo Riley

Russellville's Jock Bo Riley is another serial bad boy...albeit with a twist; the 30 year-old Riley is said to have gotten away with so much for so long because he's not above informing on his friends. Did we say "friends?"

Riley's documented crime career goes back at least three years. In the early morning hours of December 12, 2008, Riley and a male companion attempted to elude police officers during a routine traffic stop. Fleeing from Colbert County officers, Riley headed toward Leighton where local officers awaited him with a spike-strip. The loss of tires didn't seem to deter Riley who kept on like the Energizer Bunny until he hit a utility poll, causing loss of power to all of downtown Leighton. We hope it wasn't an extremely cold morning.

Riley seemed to have cleaned up his act after a second marriage, but reverted to a life of crime early in 2011. First Riley was charged with a bad check, then his crimes began to rapidly escalate. Riley robbed a Lauderdale County resident of electronics and a 2002 Corvette in early February. Two days later he was arrested in Russellville for home invasion and attempted robbery. You guessed it...Riley was driving the Corvette.

During the past 11 months, family has reported Riley is in rehab; however, he's also been arrested for several robberies in Marion County and other points south. He's still awaiting trial for his Class A Felony theft charges in Lauderdale, and his victim is tired of waiting for justice.


Victims Crime Compensation Laws: We've had some questions about this law. Unfortunately, it does not cover material loss. From the official state site:

In an effort to alleviate hardships suffered by victims of crime, the Alabama Legislature passed the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission Law on June 1, 1984. Alabama's compensation law covers a variety of expenses for which compensation is paid. The Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission provides the only substantial financial compensation to victims for expenses for personal injuries including medical, funeral and counseling bills. This assistance lessens the financial burden on innocent victims of violent crime and serves as a vehicle of hope for the rights of crime victims. Our state law is unique. It requires a victim or family member of a victim of violent crime to serve on the three-member Commission which hears victim compensation cases. This provision insures that claims are reviewed from the victim's standpoint.


We've heard there's a small ball game being played tonight. On behalf of D.K. and TBR, Roll Tide!


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  1. Yes big game tonight. I'm rooting for the Texans. They have a running back out of Auburn by the name of Tate. New Orleans and Atlanta, I'm not sure which one I'll be leaning toward. Depends on how many Auburn guys they have. Go Tigers.

  2. Sour grapes, Mary? Most Auburn fans are bad losers though. You'd think they would be used to it by now. By the way, how's that tree doing?

  3. Mary is certainly one of the least vindictive people we know. She is an Auburn fan and has every right to be. She graduated from that venerable institution.