Thursday, January 19, 2012

Delete Doonsbury? Move Mallard Out?

Find the Sunday comics disappointing? Apparently the TimesDaily is in the mood for change. Below is a link to their new survey to determine the most popular funnies.

Beware: The survey is slightly misleading, asking you to choose your favorite 15, then presenting you with almost 60 to rate. So, now's the time to deep six Hi & Lois and bring on Funky Winkerbean...


We're hearing rumblings of the continued presence of ABI agents mucking about in Colbert County offices--long after the indictment of Crystal Sutton Huddleston, former 911 office manager. Sutton's trial, unless delayed, should be upcoming shortly. Friends inform us Huddleston has started a new photography venture Haute Shots. Said friends also remain staunch supporters of the Cherokee businesswoman. We await the trial...

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