Thursday, January 5, 2012

Deal for Ashley Fawn Greenhill? - Part II

At around 3:00 p.m. on October 17th, Robert D. Lee arrived at the home of Ronald Weems to pick up Amanda Taylor. Ashley Greenhill, aka Ash Lette, was sitting on the front porch with Ron's mother Laquania Welch Weems. In her hand was a hatchet that she began to wave over her head in a threatening manner. Greenhill told Lee that sometime after Taylor arrived at the Moss Avenue home around 1:20, she had attacked Ronald Eugene Weems and was no longer at the residence. Lee, fearful for his safety, left the premises. It's good to know Ashley's Juggalo props can pull double duty.

On November 7th, Ashley Greenhill reported to police that she had overheard several phone conversations in which Weems and Laurel Pruett discussed the murder of Taylor and the subsequent disposition of her body. Greenhill stated she was in fear of her life and had shortly thereafter moved out of the Muscle Shoals home she was sharing with the Weems family. Ronald Weems then made his enigmatic Facebook posting in which he called Greenhill a "roach."

Matthew Richard Fox & Co-Worker

According to Laurel Pruett's confession, Ashley Greenhill and her friend Matthew Richard Fox joined Weems and her in the basement of the Moss Avneue home around 10:30 p.m. on the night of the murder. A friend of Fox, aka Fox Fudoshin, has stated Ashley Greenhill texted Fox and asked for information on the best way to hide a body. Fox had ostensibly never met Weems before that night, and Greenhill was the only link between them. We're going to assume Fox now wishes he had never met Ashley Greenhill.

Other sources have stated that after Greenhill looked at Amanda's corpse, she walked upstairs to smoke weed and take Valium while waiting for the safety of nightfall. Fox's friend and co-worker Luke Stanfield stated he has known Ashley Greenhill for approximately ten years and has never known her to be a truthful person. We may infer Stanfield's opinion is correct since she certainly offered several colorful tales to explain the injuries she and her boyfriend inflicted on her then two year-old son.

Yet, Ashley Fawn Greenhill is not in jail with her friends. We have to ask why. What kind of deal was the Brooks High grad offered? Life isn't fair, and neither is death. The enormity of this gruesome murder is mind boggling. If Greenhill isn't prosecuted for this crime, the would-be model will undoubtedly be prosecuted for something else down the road.


An attorney for Kimberly Bynum appeared in Franklin County court this morning and waived a preliminary hearing during the arraignment process. A pre-trial date for the former Vina High School teacher will be set later this month.

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  1. The police report states that Ashley Greenhill went with the police to Gnat Pond Road to show them where she "thought" Weems had stashed the body. She went in a particular direction down a hill and came back, saying she didn't find anything. The police officers were watching her carefully and went back the next day to the area Ashley had gone. There they found bits of clothing and, very quickly, remains of the body.

    This tells me Ashley Greenhill was probably with Weems when he disposed of Amanda Taylor's body. Please Colbert County LEO's, lock this woman up!!

  2. I don't think I've read any theories on WHY this murder happened. Any thoughts? Initially I thought S&M/Bondage gone too far perhaps, but I have a friend in the area that says she's heard through the grapevine that it all stemmed from a "check" these four were supposed to split. They were going to cut Amanda out of her share and Amanda was going to the hosue to confront them about it the day of the murder. The person I heard this from has no connection at all with any of this so take it with a grain of salt. just got me thinking about "why"....

  3. I just read the report and I am more sickened than ever. I felt the same way about Ashley Greenhill. She didn't "over hear" anything! It appears that she knew exactly where Weems disposed of the body. Come on! Charge this woman! I mean seriously, you over heard "tall grass" and suddenly you know where to lead detectives? I don't know what you're selling Ashley Greenhill but I'm not buying it!

  4. sure make a deal. to find out the truth, but do not let her off completely............