Thursday, January 26, 2012

"UNA Problems" on Twitter/Greer Inserts Foot in Mouth

There's a new Twitter account in town, UNA Problems. Obviously this looked interesting...initially. Many of the problems tweeted about seem mundane, at least to a non-student. There's also a similar Twitter account named UNA Probz, with similar postings.

Somehow we doubt whoever set up these accounts expected students to post concerning the irritation of other students coughing, even when it sounds as if they're about to bring up a giant fur ball. Perhaps the most interesting thing about UNA Problems is the logo: The traditional UNA logo turned upside down. Should we infer this to mean UNA is in serious trouble? Where's Steve Pierce when you need him?


Lynn Greer (R), Rogersville, has stated Republicans wanted to retaliate against Paul Hubbert, head of the Alabama Education Association. We're not sure if Greer meant to use the word "retaliate," but we are sure his statement will be used against him for years to come. Damage control, anyone?


We've received some comments naming an alleged rape victim. Such comments will not be published. It's always a common rationale to blame the victim, whether a victim of rape or other crime. It doesn't speak well of anyone's intelligence or morals, and it won't be tolerated here.



  1. But Shoalanda Speaks has NO PROBLEM whatsoever printing the name of someone CLEARED by a grand jury who was accused of a crime and trying to inflame public opinion with negative remarks!
    It doesn't speak well of Shoalanda's intelligence or morals and demonstrates the hypocrisy that is printed daily on this blog!

    1. Griffin was NOT cleared by a grand jury. Those on the jury voted there was not enough evidence (in their opinion) to indict. Griffin can be brought before a grand jury again if more evidence should surface...and who knows, perhaps it will.

  2. Lynn Greer ....jackass...enuff said

  3. UNA has some problems for sure. The new building is being scaled back because of costs. They can't complete a building and are wanting to go to D1 in sports? Leadership is the problem with UNA. And it starts at the top.

  4. OB, not sure where you are getting your info about UNA. The leadership at the top is much better than has been in many years. The Board voted to move to Division I athletics, not the administration. I assume your term "leadership" and "top" applies to the Board, not the administration.

  5. Actually it applies to both.