Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pizza & Parker - Two Madison Surprises

Joe's Pizzeria in Madison rolled out the football pizza today, among them one depicting Nick Saban. No word on how much Shoals blogger O.B. offered the award winning pizza maker for a replica to hang on his wall.


The second big event in Madison County today was Parker Griffith's announcement that he will run against incumbent Mo Brooks. Apparently we aren't the only ones with Republican leanings to be shocked. We're guessing Dr. Griffith will have an uphill battle.

The former one-term representative is publicly stating Mo's political philosophy is composed mainly of rhetoric. Well...we do get a lot of press releases from him.


Anyone take a good look at the pics accompanying Scott Beason's announcement that he will run for Congress? The current state senator from Gardendale, capital of White Flight, was wearing his usual Bama bangs, and the aura of the photo smacked of the latest edition of Awkward Family Photos.

And we hear he's hoping to someday make it to the White House...


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