Tuesday, January 17, 2012

John Milton Littrell To Go Free?

Sources close to John Milton Littrell have informed us his assault victim failed to appear in court to testify against him. Littrell is reportedly being held on other outstanding warrants at this time. We understand it's embarrassing to testify in front of strangers; however, his latest victim's testimony could have conceivably saved other women from the same ordeal.

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A reader has asked if Dewey Mitchell will have an incumbent's advantage in his quest to become the first Lauderdale County Commission Chair. While technically no, the current probate judge is the de facto incumbent
for this postion, so we will have to answer yes.

The new part-time position will be hotly contested both in the primary and the general election. Republican Quinton Hanson has the funds and the experience to match Mitchell...or any other nominee...


Tuscumbia City Council members want to make sure the office of mayor remains the highest paid position in their city. That sounds good on the surface since the mayor is obviously the most important person in municipal workings. After all, wouldn't everyone call Mayor Shoemaker first in the event of a natural gas leak...


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