Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"The Girl...Wasn't So Squeaky Clean Herself"

"He was a nice guy, he was always laughing ... Everyone could get along with him ...Once I heard his name involved with this [I thought] that ain't him - everyone I know, all the boys, everyone was like - that ain't him, there is no way he would do something like that." Friend of a 16 year-old New Zealand youth who admitted raping a five year-old girl in December of last year.

If you read OB's Corner from January 28th, you're aware of some interesting facts concerning a convicted rapist/robber who served 20 years for his crimes. Among the reader comments was this:

I hope you don't consider yourself a Christian. Seriously is your life so miserable that you have to find fault in someone else's life and something that happened so long ago. You make the statement that 20 years without parole is odd even if he had been let out you would still not accept him. Did you ever think that maybe he just wanted to be done with it so he could live his life. Better yet did you go to him for his side of the story, you know we didn't have all the advancements that we do today back then. One more thing the girl who accused him of this wasn't so squeaky clean herself back then. I guess I would get pissed off too if I spent all that money thinking I was getting cocaine and all I got was baking soda but hey you know everything cause you got his side and all. The world would be a much better place if people just minded their own business. He served his time just leave him alone.

So a woman who sells drugs, or substances she claims to be drugs, deserves to be raped? This type of mentality never ceases to amaze us.


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As for deleted comments concerning accused rapist Corey Griffin, we deleted approximately 25% of them. They were not "legion." Those deleted either named Griffin's accuser and/or contained libelous statements about the accuser or others. Such comments as "She was asking for it" were also deleted. 

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  1. so sad the way some men look at women. i know myself that when i went to middle school and high school in the 70's boys used to pinch my bum on a daily basis at school. when i went to the guidance dept. for help, i was not helped. just had to get used to it. i was just a sweet innocent girl at the time. i had a part time job in high school and one of the men who worked at the store would follow me in the stock room and touch my bum. i reported it and at least he was fired. young girls need to be protected, and not punished for being pretty.