Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sheriff's Department Audit/Another Word from Bailey

Lauderdale Sheriff Ronnie Willis

Since a recent mention of a retailer's experience with a Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department credit card, others have related similar stories. What's the problem?

Rest assured, we can rule out financial irregularities related to dishonesty; the department is not responsible for paying its invoices. It is responsible for submitting check requests and making sure all bills are paid on time. Apparently this has not been done since the retirement of the long-time office manager some months ago.

An audit would simply pinpoint where the delays are in the current system and result in the formulation of more efficient policies. We have no idea how often routine audits are done, but it seems past time for the county commission to take a look at what is, or isn't, going on in the sheriff's office.


From Bailey: I never expected my opinion on a local rape case to stir up so many comments. I still stand by what I said. I don't know this young man and don't want to know him. My opinions are just that-mine, but I believe they're no different in this case than those of most out there who have read about the accusations. I have no children, but I have a nephew Corey Griffin's age and he's never once been accused of rape or anything close to it.

If Corey is innocent of all these accusations, his parents should have sat him down after his first "problem" and told him how to act and react in certain situations. But you know, at 20 Corey should have already figured out most of that on his own. Let's hope he has now.


If you haven't read OB's Corner this weekend, be sure to catch item number three of his latest...


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  1. I wonder if Susan Smithson realizes what type people DJ Bowers and Cynthia Johnson are signing up to run things at Sweetwater. The fact that Phyllis White brought a known criminal to a children's art class is unconscionable. I checked out the facts on the Alabama sex offender site and it's true. This is another black eye these women have given that site.