Monday, January 30, 2012

Doug Ruggles Praises Jimmy Neese

Martin Supply exec Doug Ruggles (pictured) has praised Jimmy Neese for his role in securing the former Rogers Department Store building for the Sheffield company's new corporate offices. From the TimesDaily:

Ruggles...praised city leaders, the Shoals Economic Development Authority and developer Jimmy Neese for making the move possible.

Certainly the use of the majestic building for offices will bring more revenue to Florence than condos, a possibility once tauted on the TD. Yet we're sure Neese didn't perform this service without some financial reward. How soon we forget.

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Yesterday's blog on the need for an audit of the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department has produced several e-mails. From a regular reader:

Your article re: an audit of the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office raises an interesting opportunity for Judge Mitchell, an opportunity to DEMONSTRATE his leadership capabilities and do what is RIGHT and NEEDED (an audit of the Sheriff Office's accounts) for the citizens of Lauderdale County. 


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  1. ...and to add to my previous comment, you will lose a lot of traffic to your blog, of which I'm sure you have enjoyed lately, by removing the anonymity of your commentators.

    Some won't take the extra time to set up an "anonymous account" externally to comment, for which I have, as I enjoy your blog and engaging in true dialogue with you and the others. I see this as wishing to do away with comments that don't align with your views, and that's not the Shoalanda Speaks way, in my opinion. Each and every comment is screened prior to going live in all cases, so those sins being committed by those as Anonymous can always not be released if they are indeed true "sins".

  2. Interesting that you enjoy our blog. We see you've given props to a blog that defamed four people, none of them guilty of what they've been accused and none of whom work with this blog at this time.