Sunday, January 8, 2012

Neler Keeton & Hershel D. Graham: Similar Crimes?

David Andrasik & Daughter

Neler Keeton was a 75 year-old resident of Zip City when he fatally shot Anthony Eugene Hunt. Red Bay resident Hershel D. Graham was 49 when he killed David Martin Andrasik. Are there similarities to these killings two counties and five years apart? We think there are.

2006 - Keeton's former son-in-law Tony Hunt, 40, had divorced his wife and quickly remarried. The younger man had custody of his two children, and Keeton was vocal in his unhappiness with what he considered inadequate visitation. A widower, Keeton often visited his grandson and granddaughter at school where he would prepare homemade ice cream for their classes.

2011 - Graham lived with his teenage son and was known for his odd behavior. Neighbors stated he had always had mental problems, but his psychological problems had become worse after a career as a professional athlete. Graham was known to let the family dog run loose despite the leash laws in Red Bay. Many say they were afraid to force the issue with him.

2006 - Thursday, May 26th was the last day of the Lauderdale County school term, and Keeton had brought his 10 year-old grandson home in preparation of taking him to a ball game later that day. Just as Keeton and his grandson were leaving, Hunt arrived and the two adults began to argue. Keeton picked up what has been alternately called a piece of rusty pipe or a length of rebar to defend himself. Hunt took the metal from Keeton and struck him in the forehead, causing a cut that later required stitches. It's been argued whether Hunt's actions were intentional or not, but the younger man was taller than Keeton, and an accidental wound seems far fetched. Others disagree.

2011 - Thursday, November 3rd, Andrasik was driving by the Graham home when the family dog ran in front of his car. He exited his vehicle and approached Graham's son about the continuing problems with the pet running loose. The younger Graham called his father, who then joined in the argument.

2006 - Keeton managed to get away from Hunt, running inside his house. Instead of calling 911 to report the attack, Neler Keeton returned to his front yard where he shot Anthony Hunt three times with a shotgun. Hunt died at the scene.

2011 - At some point, the younger Graham ran over Andrasik's foot. The elder Graham then shot the unarmed David Andrasik point blank in the heart, before walking back into the house to call authorities. Andrasik, 42, was pronounced dead minutes later at Red Bay Hospital.

2007 - A Lauderdale County Jury finds Neler Keeton guilty of manslaughter; Judge Mike Jones sentences him to 20 years in prison.

2012 - A Franklin County grand jury will hear the case against the Grahams this month. What will they find? We sincerely hope justice is served.


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  1. There's really not much comparison. I was always sorry Mr. Keeton had to go to prison. I know he made some bad choices. Graham seems to be a loser from the get go. I hope he's indicted this month.

  2. are so correct, Graham is a loser, and has a major past that one can only hope whoever is investigating this MURDER will find out all about Graham and his son. If not, I think it's time to call in the FBI...this is a serious murder in a small town, no matter, it is a human life that was taken and I for one, don't think anyone is taking this as serious as it needs be. NO ONE!!! When does the Grand Jury meet on this case...I know there are quite a few individuals who want to be present. God help the Andrasik family heal from this...though they will never be the same, ease their pain, please. And, for the love of humanity, put this pig murderer Hershel Graham in prison...PLEASE

  3. I have served on two Grand Jurys, it was very interesting to do so, each time in 3 months two days each month , maybe 45 to 55 cases each month of all types come before a Grand Jury.

    The D.A. bring the evidence of each case and tell the Grand Jury as to what he thinks, by Law the person should be Indicted for, in some case 2 or 3 choices,, Ok 18 people make up the Grand Jury, after hearing what the D.A. and any wittness share with the Grand Jury,, then the Grand Jury members vote, if 12 or more Vote yes for an Indictment then that is what is called a True Bill , meaning going to a trial or maybe some type Plea before a Trial, if less than 12 vote no, then that would be a No Bill and that is the end, but if more evidence comes forward later then it can go before another Grand Jury.

    Now no one can be at any Grand Jury unless summoned to be there, as a wittness.

    Getting arrested and even Indicted does not mean any one is Guilty.

    The ones facing the Grand Jury or his Attorney will not be there.

    Some times it take a case a long time to go before a Grand Jury for many reasons,, as waiting on State Evidence.

    After this case comes back , if an indictement then ,we will try to go any hearings and the trial to support the Victims Family.

    "Justice For All _ Even The Victims"

  4. wanted to make a correction..we are told that David was shot around 5:30 pm, his death cert lists time of death at 6:30..he made it to the hospital and an air-991 chopper was called but the doctor at the Red Bay ER was not able to save David..he worked with David for close to 20 minutes I believe. I think they have been getting David back and losing him again and we were told there had to be something to work with for the chopper to take him to a more equipped hospital for injuries of this nature. David was shot in his heart and there was simply nothing that could have been medically done and thus resulted in David bleeding out.

  5. I know there are many speculations in this case and many "stories" circulating that are false. I do not know any of the Graham's personally but I do know David Andrasik personally. He was a great guy who had problems same as any of us. One of those problems was that he battled alcoholism a long time and had come a long way with it when he laid it down and gave his heart to Jesus. Yes, David did have occasional "slips" but was always 1st to repent for his actions and do his best to make ammends to anyone he hurt. He has never denied having a past with drinking. Many wanna view drinking as the BIG sin but in the eyes of God sin is sin..though some sins carry worse consequences for us. I am honored to have known David and am a better person for having known David. David was the kind of man that would give you his last penny or the shirt off his back without even thinking twice. David was currently working at Sunshine Mills & I believe had been there going on his 3rd year, he was also proud to be back in college going to UNA online. He proudly displayed the UNA sticker in his vehicle. He wanted to better himself and his growing family. He had recently became a father again at the time of his death and the infant was just days old when this tragedy occurred. I would like to please ask everyone to keep their negative comments about David Andrasik to themselves, YE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE.. David has gone home to be with the Lord and is not here to defend anything said against him. Herschel Graham shot and killed David and he and God are the only 2 who truly knows what happened. I will not DEFEND this murder in any way. Graham had options if he were truly threatened he could have simply wounded David without killing him. He has to live with his actions the rest of his life. The very best thing that anyone can do regarding this is to pray God's Perfect Will be done. Pray for the victim's family.

  6. People can drudge up pasts on either side and BTW we ALL have pasts...but the FACT is that Graham shot Andrasik over a verbal dispute and ANDRASIK WAS UNARMED...argue that in will lose...there is NEVER a reason to shoot and kill someone unarmed..if you are THAT threatened why were the police NOT called before the shooting, if there was time for eye witnesses to stand an watch it WASNT serious enough to kill someone or take the law into your hands..if Graham is found not guilty what is the point to have police for situations like this? Andrasik NEVER should have been killed..NEVER... He had a wife and kids. Graham has an older son that he got to watch grow up and he took that away from Andrasik and deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his days for it cause even jail time is far more MERCY than he gave Andrasik...

  7. And for the Graham fans who support this murder and that is what it is MURDER ..YOUR TAX DOLLARS are having to support this widow and children thru SS..that is tragic and sad..

  8. Have either Herschel or his son made any attempt to go to the Andrasik family in remorse? The above photo of Andrasik just brings sad the wife and those children must be because of this reckless,careless action. It is truly sad to think they had just had a new baby and then this happens. Herschel Graham deserves NO LESS than manslaughter for this. He needs to be removed from society and placed under a jail cell for what he has done to this family. This is just beyond tragic!

  9. IN the Hunt case...Tony was LEAVING the property and was unarmed. He also had his son in the front seat of the truck. This man checked his grandson out of school without permission and this is what started the arguement.And this was just the first of many that had happened.

  10. Mr. Andrasik had made two attempts to leave the Graham property.

    As for Hunt, he struck Mr. Keeton, something David did not do to Graham. The permission was nebulous. Mr. Keeton did not check his grandson out; it was the last day of school which ended early. His granddaugter went home with her usual ride, some four hours before Hunt arrived on Keeton's property.

    We're not attempting to try Keeton a second time; we wish only to make comparisons in the two cases.

  11. the times that Andrasik left was he antagonized back into the yard/dispute with Graham, I also heard he went across street in an attempt to get help after Graham's son had ran over his foot? Is this true? I just don't get why neither are in jail? I also noticed that ALL reports done on this news wise always plastered Andrasik's name but never the man who shot David? Why is that? Was there EVER a call to the cops before Andrasik was shot? How many eye witnessed this and DID NOTHING?

  12. What is truly sad is that no matter what is done to Graham during this grand jury and hopefully trial...the criminal's punishment doesn't bring the victim back to their loved ones. Lots of rumors about Graham's son striking Andrasik with his that heresay or fact? If so then why isn't the son having charges brought against him? I don't understand why nobody was arrested to begin can Graham even claim self defense when Andrasik wasn't armed? From what I have heard it was nothing more than loud argueing that Andrasik never touched anyone???

  13. since the grand jury is meeting this week on Andrasik's murder who is being brought? is it just Herschel or both him and his son being indicted?

  14. is there anything new to report on the Andrasik shooting?

  15. I don't know neither of the guys. If you fear for your safety from someone that comes onto your land, should you not have the right to protect yourself and your family? I have known of circumstances a cop shooting an unarmed person simply because it appeared the victim was reaching for something. It's just a sad situation for both sides of these families.

  16. @ druidx

    You have to have 'reason' to fear.
    An unarmed man, engaged in a VERBAL argument, is not 'reason'.

    As for a cop shooting an unarmed person; there still has to be something other than just reaching for something.
    i.e. Officer tells him to put his hands up, or don‘t move, and the victim doesn't comply.
    It all depends on the situation.
    The TRAINED officer has to go with his instincts.

    As for the similarities, there are a few:

    They were UNARMED men, engaged in a verbal argument.

    One walks away, the other tries to, but for some reason, is antagonized back.

    Both were shot to end an ARGUMENT!

    Castle doctrine is for protection....not to 'settle' things.
    There are still guidelines, and criteria that have to be met before shooting.
    The guidelines may vary from state to state.

    I'm pretty sure it's stated, it's against the law to antagonize or taunt someone to a place to shoot them. That would be MURDER!

    I know they can say they were protecting their property...the truck. I've read David hit it?

    Why did he hit it? Anger? or to let the driver know: 'HEY, I'M HERE AND YOU'RE ABOUT TO BACK OVER ME!' Or 'YOU DROVE OVER MY FOOT!'

    May H. Graham get the maximum sentence, serve every second of it!

    R.I.P. David

    1. Thank you so much for the support of David!

    2. Thank you for your support of David getting the Justice He deserves.. We love you David.. Rest in Peace!