Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ricky Walter Denton Redefines "Habitual"

Tuscumbia's Ricky Walter Denton has just been sentenced to prison...again. Denton's career stretches back to the mid-1980s, and by the time he was arrested for drug trafficking in 1997, this perennial bad boy had convictions for six prior felonies, including burglary, promoting prison contraband, and leaving the scene of an accident...as well as two major drug convictions. Colbert County District Attorney Gary Alverson initially sought to have Denton tried as a habitual offender for the trafficking operation he conducted both from his home and a locker at the Dungeon Gym.

However, Denton agreed to a plea deal of 15 years, and was a free man again by 2001, when he was again arrested for drug trafficking. By 2004, Denton was 38 years old and wanted for fleeing a forgery charge. Back in prison by 2006, Denton began a long list of suits against government agencies including the Drug Task Force and the Colbert County Sheriff. By 2009, Denton was yet again free and took part in a robbery of a Ford City bank.

It was during the investigation of Denton for that crime that his involvement in a major tax fraud scheme was discovered. His partner in crime, Joann Smith Choat, will serve 12 months in Federal prison while Denton has been sentenced to 70 months. Ricky Walter Denton is still serving his state sentence for armed robbery. How long before he again returns to the free world? No matter how long, it seems as if incarceration has failed to teach this Tuscumbia terror the error of his ways.


The Franklin County grand jury met earlier today. A list of indictments should be forthcoming shortly, and at that time we will know what charges will be brought against the killer(s) of David Martin Andrasik.

One of the accused, Elijah Graham, has been asking for support on Facebook. Fortunately, if he and/or his father are indicted, it will take more than well wishes on a social networking site to spare them punishment for this heinous crime.

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  1. What a joke!!! Elijah asking for prayers for his Father, a cold blooded murderer, seriously!!! I would like to know if he had God in his life when he took the life of an innocient man, who DID NOTHING TO THEM, NOTHING. Yet, he felt all powerful against an unarmed man, and chose to shoot him in the heart...This has to be one of the sickest reports of murder I've heard in a long time. The Graham family seems to all be exactly the same...out to hurt innocient people, no matter what it takes to make them feel in control of another human's life, since they obviously have no control of their own lives. It's more than time to start taking these cold-blooded, lying murderers off the street, and put them in jail, where they can never hurt another person, or family. When this case if overwith, both Grahams are indicted...there are a few questions, that I would like to bring forward, but until then, I chose to keep my mouth shut...maybe a private e-mail inquiring into some serious issues with this whole case. I think some certain individuals have some explaining to do. God Bless David M. Andrasik, from all accounts a wonderful loving, Christian man, Father, husband, brother, son, uncle and on and on. It's terribly sad, that such a gifted and loved man would have his life cut so short buy the hands of a sick mentally deranged person(s) and this murderer walking free as though he did nothing wrong! Can someone say why they weren't arrested the night of this horrific murder? Please, someone explain that!!! To David's loving family...find peace in Christ and he will help you through this. Know your son is in heaven and protected from the evil that obviously exists. Let there be justice for David Andrasik!!!!